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Stormreaver-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Gorukqt  Stormreaver-US2512
2Rukzor Push It To The LimitStormreaver-US2457
3Xydin WHATEVS IM OVER ITStormreaver-US2456
4Killaboo Push It To The LimitStormreaver-US2301
5Piccolo TrembleStormreaver-US2300
6Moøse Leave Humanity BehindStormreaver-US2275
7Hagbear AnomalyStormreaver-US2249
8Deadlyrots Push It To The LimitStormreaver-US2248
9Ltz Leave Humanity BehindStormreaver-US2236
10Corpsemile Push It To The LimitStormreaver-US2232
11Wrektitralph BoostersStormreaver-US2168Not updated
12Srirachá Push It To The LimitStormreaver-US2161
13Styrka PrometheanStormreaver-US2138
14Bloodfaíth Fear ItselfStormreaver-US2129
15Sungrazer Pacis NexStormreaver-US2127
16Bomoh TrembleStormreaver-US2126
16Pandamoneous Push It To The LimitStormreaver-US2126
18Omalley TenXStormreaver-US2117
19Chrononaut The Art of WarStormreaver-US2106
20Mingua  Stormreaver-US2100
21ßläzer TrembleStormreaver-US2098
21Expiredfood Come Honor BackStormreaver-US2098
23Zebex IndicudStormreaver-US2096
24Mathrick TenXStormreaver-US2095
25Rogvor TrembleStormreaver-US2093
25Switchmage TenXStormreaver-US2093
25Sehrdeutsch Nocturnal EmissionStormreaver-US2093
28Ballababyjr Push It To The LimitStormreaver-US2091
29Pizznboots LAStormreaver-US2089
30Imwetarded Come Honor BackStormreaver-US2088
31Blurx ComeHonorFaceStormreaver-US2082
32Ohpea Push It To The LimitStormreaver-US2075
33Galacttus TrembleStormreaver-US2069
34Wraeth IndicudStormreaver-US2064
34Ohpzlatakid Ràndom Acts of ViolenceStormreaver-US2064
36Eggsaisle  Stormreaver-US2062
37Mageobsessed Come Honor BackStormreaver-US2060
38Shoegum The Art of WarStormreaver-US2056
39Hagwarrior AnomalyStormreaver-US2053
39Deadlyheal TrembleStormreaver-US2053
41Sizzorok  Stormreaver-US2051
42Dirtygirll Bound For FailureStormreaver-US2050
42Corpsemiles Push It To The LimitStormreaver-US2050
44Elementwolf  Stormreaver-US2048
45Obscurè Come Honor BackStormreaver-US2047
46Teshru TrembleStormreaver-US2045
46Lshmsfoaidmt  Stormreaver-US2045
48Silentdemisé TrembleStormreaver-US2043
49Sin Party SharkStormreaver-US2042
49Skullfrost Ràndom Acts of ViolenceStormreaver-US2042
51Furytractor Ràndom Acts of ViolenceStormreaver-US2040
51Evamendez Push It To The LimitStormreaver-US2040
53Fancyflow IndicudStormreaver-US2039
54Chukpandoris Ghost DivisionStormreaver-US2038
55Nussman  Stormreaver-US2037
56Procc TrembleStormreaver-US2036
57Admiratio  Stormreaver-US2034
58Treefîty IndicudStormreaver-US2033
59Humbów Push It To The LimitStormreaver-US2032
60Sält TenXStormreaver-US2031
60Gerie TrembleStormreaver-US2031
62Restrodruidd TrembleStormreaver-US2029
63Blitzkrieg BlitzkriegStormreaver-US2028
64Abndk  Stormreaver-US2024
65Konkachilla  Stormreaver-US2023
66Darvik Knights of Inner LightStormreaver-US2021
66Imnuts Push It To The LimitStormreaver-US2021
68Brokenarms  Stormreaver-US2020
69Trikory  Stormreaver-US2017
70Dìsemble IndicudStormreaver-US2016
71Hotsalsa Push It To The LimitStormreaver-US2015
71Shield The Art of WarStormreaver-US2015
71Elpis IndicudStormreaver-US2015
74Mistyhealah Ràndom Acts of ViolenceStormreaver-US2014
74Klatz Rank OneStormreaver-US2014
76Drivebyheals North StormStormreaver-US2012
77Woshy IndicudStormreaver-US2011
78Gripndots IndicudStormreaver-US2009
78Necrotickid  Stormreaver-US2009
78Azodred Come Honor BackStormreaver-US2009
81Daswar TrembleStormreaver-US2007
82Frozenashes Come Honor BackStormreaver-US2005
83Slavetaker Ràndom Acts of ViolenceStormreaver-US2004
83Cklols Mythical HeroesStormreaver-US2004
85Spellguy  Stormreaver-US2003
85Buildabear  Stormreaver-US2003
87Pandaranmonk SalaciousStormreaver-US2002
88Instashunda IndicudStormreaver-US2001
89Arcticentity TrembleStormreaver-US1999
90Kate CanadaStormreaver-US1997
91Suprememagi Mythical HeroesStormreaver-US1996
92Reeverb TrembleStormreaver-US1994
92Ligator Pacis NexStormreaver-US1994
92Andreline Ghost DivisionStormreaver-US1994
95Juggernauut The Art of WarStormreaver-US1993
96Darkxangle TrembleStormreaver-US1991
97Shrewmzqt TrembleStormreaver-US1990
97Carolinaqt The Art of WarStormreaver-US1990Not updated
99Chicken CryptocracyStormreaver-US1987
100Valero IndicudStormreaver-US1986

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