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Stormreaver-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Gorukqt WHATEVS IM OVER ITStormreaver-US2213
2Lolumadbros a little too RaphStormreaver-US2195
3Rukzor WHATEVS IM OVER ITStormreaver-US2121
4Goruk slay poose get moniStormreaver-US2050
5Xydin WHATEVS IM OVER ITStormreaver-US2001
6Ðiseased Nocturnal EmissionStormreaver-US2000
7Shoegum  Stormreaver-US1982
8Ðemøn Nocturnal EmissionStormreaver-US1981
9Wrektitralph BoostersStormreaver-US1957
10Rogvor TAKE NOTESStormreaver-US1955
11Djaay The Art of WarStormreaver-US1951
11Trikory The Art of WarStormreaver-US1951
13Kittynip WHATEVS IM OVER ITStormreaver-US1934
14Rugs The Art of WarStormreaver-US1932
15Shield The Art of WarStormreaver-US1926
15Deadlyrots Wiping As IntêndêdStormreaver-US1926
17Killaboo Push It To The LimitStormreaver-US1925
18Enr  Stormreaver-US1921
19Srirachá The Art of WarStormreaver-US1918
20Gilthanis Nocturnal EmissionStormreaver-US1912
21Merrik The Art of WarStormreaver-US1908
22Sinthix BoostersStormreaver-US1905
23Låmp TAKE NOTESStormreaver-US1902
24Gairhan The Art of WarStormreaver-US1894
25Daborgin Ghost DivisionStormreaver-US1891
26Silentdemisé TrembleStormreaver-US1886
27Mingua TAKE NOTESStormreaver-US1884
28Mattreh Nocturnal EmissionStormreaver-US1883
29Nefreyu TAKE NOTESStormreaver-US1882
30Crashingfist TrembleStormreaver-US1880
31Restrodruidd TAKE NOTESStormreaver-US1860
31Sehrdeutsch The Art of WarStormreaver-US1860
33Epmd Nocturnal EmissionStormreaver-US1859
34Smokinsour TAKE NOTESStormreaver-US1851
34Vaerd ModernStormreaver-US1851
36Hagwarrior AnomalyStormreaver-US1844
37Elementwolf The Art of WarStormreaver-US1841
37Shøøtêrs Nocturnal EmissionStormreaver-US1841
39Humbów The Art of WarStormreaver-US1839
40Elzara Killing KindnessStormreaver-US1837
41Marvelz BoostersStormreaver-US1832
42Daborgon Ghost DivisionStormreaver-US1826
43Corpsemile  Stormreaver-US1821
44Hunterbro Nocturnal EmissionStormreaver-US1820
45Humbow  Stormreaver-US1819
46Deutschen Remorse is for the DeadStormreaver-US1818
47Kate Nocturnal EmissionStormreaver-US1813
47Fearbro Nocturnal EmissionStormreaver-US1813
49Ohpea The Art of WarStormreaver-US1812
50Necrotickid  Stormreaver-US1810
51Størmrâge Nocturnal EmissionStormreaver-US1809
52Tupacshakoor Killing KindnessStormreaver-US1802
53Badam Killing KindnessStormreaver-US1800
54Pandamoneous BaddiesStormreaver-US1798
55Xplode The Art of WarStormreaver-US1797
56Auberron Killing KindnessStormreaver-US1793
57Sñøw Nocturnal EmissionStormreaver-US1789Not updated
58Iever The Art of WarStormreaver-US1785
59Defknightt Horde CountryStormreaver-US1784
60Astronomic  Stormreaver-US1782
61Newshoes KYARY PAMYU PAMYUStormreaver-US1777
62Clearlycdn Nocturnal EmissionStormreaver-US1776
63Rekomstopami Out of LineStormreaver-US1775
63Keemo Nocturnal EmissionStormreaver-US1775
65Nikkaswag WHATEVS IM OVER ITStormreaver-US1774
66Simonsayzsit The Art of WarStormreaver-US1772
67Mysterfancy PrestigeStormreaver-US1771
67Rriéc The Art of WarStormreaver-US1771
69Tankpwn  Stormreaver-US1770Not updated
70Tongpoo The Art of WarStormreaver-US1769
71Shifthàppèns  Stormreaver-US1768
72Hotsalsa The Art of WarStormreaver-US1767
72Lustnow Thirsty for BloodStormreaver-US1767Not updated
74Disclexia The Art of WarStormreaver-US1766
75Crucifyx Fear ItselfStormreaver-US1762
75Fazbirtlok Nocturnal EmissionStormreaver-US1762
77Xuen The Art of WarStormreaver-US1760
77Swagglicious  Stormreaver-US1760Not updated
79Vazzav The Art of WarStormreaver-US1759
79Procc TrembleStormreaver-US1759
79Báttlescars TrembleStormreaver-US1759
82Vespine Nocturnal EmissionStormreaver-US1757
82Isodus  Stormreaver-US1757Not updated
84Lumny PurgeStormreaver-US1756
85Backphat Nocturnal EmissionStormreaver-US1753
86Polapandemic  Stormreaver-US1752
87Keytch PrestigeStormreaver-US1751
88Relikar  Stormreaver-US1749
89Achillesv Ghost DivisionStormreaver-US1747
89Newsocks KYARY PAMYU PAMYUStormreaver-US1747
91Yazia SCHOOL GIRLSStormreaver-US1746
92Tongpo The Art of WarStormreaver-US1744
93Mlsery  Stormreaver-US1742
93Quazzi Killing KindnessStormreaver-US1742
95Iamsue Easily OverlookedStormreaver-US1740Not updated
95Limpspoon The Art of WarStormreaver-US1740
95Magicpepper KYARY PAMYU PAMYUStormreaver-US1740
98Äo The Art of WarStormreaver-US1739
99Paininthe The Art of WarStormreaver-US1737
99Orbwalk Nocturnal EmissionStormreaver-US1737

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