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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Stormreaver-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Insane EbriusStormreaver-EU2488
2Camerondíaz OR RIOTStormreaver-EU2428
3ßrucewayne OR RIOTStormreaver-EU2315
4Izoyo OR RIOTStormreaver-EU2289
5Taikamylly OR RIOTStormreaver-EU2284
6Arêx OR RIOTStormreaver-EU2281
7Jothul AftermathStormreaver-EU2280Not updated
8Iceicebby OR RIOTStormreaver-EU2232
9Gängster MajorityStormreaver-EU2216
10Undiez Arctic VikingsStormreaver-EU2207Not updated
11Kenjuheel  Stormreaver-EU2198Not updated
12Naturprowler hey im amateurStormreaver-EU2189
13Superpannu Still DeepStormreaver-EU2173Not updated
14Browler Rize Of The FenixStormreaver-EU2170
15Knutlak Still DeepStormreaver-EU2165
16Cryptìk OR RIOTStormreaver-EU2163
17Märgä Still DeepStormreaver-EU2161
18Eskodas Still DeepStormreaver-EU2156
19Tuusimuusi Still DeepStormreaver-EU2155
20Gäisi Still DeepStormreaver-EU2145Not updated
21Khid Still DeepStormreaver-EU2142Not updated
22Arèx OR RIOTStormreaver-EU2135
23Khidd Still DeepStormreaver-EU2134
23Buumy Still DeepStormreaver-EU2134
25Corgie SynergiaStormreaver-EU2133Not updated
26Saakohiilaa Still DeepStormreaver-EU2130
27Nahmiss Still DeepStormreaver-EU2129
28Chilvary Still DeepStormreaver-EU2126
28Nosferatü  Stormreaver-EU2126Not updated
30Xaltsy Still DeepStormreaver-EU2125Not updated
31Rättis Still DeepStormreaver-EU2114
32Amarioz SynergiaStormreaver-EU2113Not updated
33Boomkìng The Inner CircleStormreaver-EU2110
34Ustate  Stormreaver-EU2108Not updated
35Yufi Still DeepStormreaver-EU2107
36Lateyo SynergiaStormreaver-EU2102
37Thefighter MoonstormStormreaver-EU2099Not updated
38Pandsu Still DeepStormreaver-EU2096
39Öliö Still DeepStormreaver-EU2095Not updated
40Papunen Still DeepStormreaver-EU2094
41Retreat EbriusStormreaver-EU2093
42Nipponi SynergiaStormreaver-EU2092Not updated
43Slayerz Still DeepStormreaver-EU2089
44Clóudx OR RIOTStormreaver-EU2088Not updated
44Ronttuz SynergiaStormreaver-EU2088
46Slayery Still DeepStormreaver-EU2086
47Pinos Still DeepStormreaver-EU2085
48Krid Still DeepStormreaver-EU2082
49Slerbali EbriusStormreaver-EU2080Not updated
50Herja Still DeepStormreaver-EU2078
51Pastard Still DeepStormreaver-EU2074Not updated
52Astee OR RIOTStormreaver-EU2071Not updated
53Dorag SynergiaStormreaver-EU2065Not updated
54Durec SynergiaStormreaver-EU2064Not updated
55Krwlng hey im amateurStormreaver-EU2062
56Shammpion Still DeepStormreaver-EU2059Not updated
56Kopidahuu OR RIOTStormreaver-EU2059
56Svetlaana Still DeepStormreaver-EU2059
59Crm hey im amateurStormreaver-EU2056Not updated
60Outolíntu OR RIOTStormreaver-EU2055
60Kýz SynergiaStormreaver-EU2055
62Halfkill hey im amateurStormreaver-EU2052
63Mograh OR RIOTStormreaver-EU2050
64Jps Kuolemattomat RebornStormreaver-EU2046Not updated
65Itrom hey im amateurStormreaver-EU2044
65Laivapoliisi MajorityStormreaver-EU2044
67Hornimasa OR RIOTStormreaver-EU2042
68Hugex hey im amateurStormreaver-EU2041
69Nawali MajorityStormreaver-EU2040
70Dardue hey im amateurStormreaver-EU2039Not updated
71Batlhilz SynergiaStormreaver-EU2037
71Ainoe hey im amateurStormreaver-EU2037
73Jeikki hey im amateurStormreaver-EU2036
74Línkie Still DeepStormreaver-EU2035
74Heimopeikko hey im amateurStormreaver-EU2035Not updated
74Yepcyl hey im amateurStormreaver-EU2035
77Ancient PVP SUX WHENS NAXXRAMASStormreaver-EU2034Not updated
77Wamario SynergiaStormreaver-EU2034Not updated
77Warlökki SynergiaStormreaver-EU2034
80Vakava SynergiaStormreaver-EU2033Not updated
81Kyzi EliittiStormreaver-EU2032Not updated
82Jonnttu MajorityStormreaver-EU2031
83Akinaattori Still DeepStormreaver-EU2030
84Munimiokuula  Stormreaver-EU2029
85Helmipöllö MajorityStormreaver-EU2028
85Reivno EbriusStormreaver-EU2028
87Buzja hey im amateurStormreaver-EU2027
87Nellý  Stormreaver-EU2027Not updated
89Paatu MajorityStormreaver-EU2026
90Fadiel MajorityStormreaver-EU2019Not updated
91Druispers SynergiaStormreaver-EU2017
92Theem SynergiaStormreaver-EU2015
92Peff The Art of TormentStormreaver-EU2015Not updated
92Sleba EbriusStormreaver-EU2015
95Tukez Still DeepStormreaver-EU2014Not updated
96Lumiyo  Stormreaver-EU2011Not updated
96Lelyo DOTXStormreaver-EU2011
98Hillovíiva OR RIOTStormreaver-EU2010Not updated
98Knetluk Still DeepStormreaver-EU2010
100Gälis Still DeepStormreaver-EU2006

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