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Stormreaver-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Xydin Part Time ModelsStormreaver-US2572
2Gorukqt  Stormreaver-US2520
3Góruk Part Time ModelsStormreaver-US2508
4Rukzor CanadaStormreaver-US2482
5Mèrch Wrath of VengeanceStormreaver-US2400
6Procc S P A R T AStormreaver-US2376
7Kate CanadaStormreaver-US2358
8Killaboo Push It To The LimitStormreaver-US2319
9Piccolo Push It To The LimitStormreaver-US2298
10Vorpíl Wrath of VengeanceStormreaver-US2292
11Deadlyrots FORGET WOMEN GET RATINGStormreaver-US2266
12Hagbear AnomalyStormreaver-US2258
13Daborgon Ghost DivisionStormreaver-US2246
14Ltz Leave Humanity BehindStormreaver-US2236
15Corpsemile  Stormreaver-US2232Not updated
16Ballababyjr Push It To The LimitStormreaver-US2219
17Mistyhealah Ghost DivisionStormreaver-US2211
18Xplode S P A R T AStormreaver-US2209
19Mistmebro CanadaStormreaver-US2204
19Brèèzy Push It To The LimitStormreaver-US2204
21Jadoni Peachy KeenStormreaver-US2190
22Idotsheep PrometheanStormreaver-US2180
23Wraethz TribuneStormreaver-US2172
24Shadowordhag AnomalyStormreaver-US2161
25Daborgin Ghost DivisionStormreaver-US2159
26Konkachilla IndicudStormreaver-US2158
26Albolock PrecisionStormreaver-US2158
28Frewb REPRISALStormreaver-US2147
29Havokist TrembleStormreaver-US2146
30Whothatguy Fatal DecisionStormreaver-US2145
31Hotmeatballs Tighter Than Your GirlStormreaver-US2139
32Styrka PrometheanStormreaver-US2138
33Sizzorok FORGET WOMEN GET RATINGStormreaver-US2136
33Hagwarrior AnomalyStormreaver-US2136
35Fuzzywuzze TempestStormreaver-US2135
36Charredd  Stormreaver-US2133
37Shadhoz Knights of Inner LightStormreaver-US2129
38Bloodfaíth Fear ItselfStormreaver-US2124
39Doingitright Bound For FailureStormreaver-US2123
40Ðiminish REPRISALStormreaver-US2121
40Furytractor Ràndom Acts of ViolenceStormreaver-US2121
42Srirachá Push It To The LimitStormreaver-US2119Not updated
43Nyless Bound For FailureStormreaver-US2117
44Yeswei TrembleStormreaver-US2116
45Rehzy Swole PatrolStormreaver-US2115
45Popemasterx FORGET WOMEN GET RATINGStormreaver-US2115
47Nathanielx  Stormreaver-US2111
48Swagforsure  Stormreaver-US2110
49Eggsaisle NextLevel GamingStormreaver-US2106
50Lavi Bound For FailureStormreaver-US2103
51Shadohz Knights of Inner LightStormreaver-US2101
52Expiredfood Come Honor BackStormreaver-US2100
53Mickiminaj Bubble PopStormreaver-US2096
54Mathrick TenXStormreaver-US2095
55Shockrew TrembleStormreaver-US2094
56Rogvor TrembleStormreaver-US2093
56Chuckbarkley Men With PartyStormreaver-US2093
56Sehrdeutsch Nocturnal EmissionStormreaver-US2093Not updated
56Lemontea FORGET WOMEN GET RATINGStormreaver-US2093
60Oxiaoya Bound For FailureStormreaver-US2091
61Chukpandoris Ghost DivisionStormreaver-US2090
62Pizznboots LAStormreaver-US2089Not updated
63Imwetarded Come Honor BackStormreaver-US2088
64Gerie  Stormreaver-US2084
65Sungrazer TempestStormreaver-US2082
66Afanasi Bound For FailureStormreaver-US2081
67Meleedps Ghost DivisionStormreaver-US2079
68Mingua  Stormreaver-US2078Not updated
69Shifthapnz Part Time ModelsStormreaver-US2077
69Darvik Knights of Inner LightStormreaver-US2077
69Kinkykat Dead On ArrivalStormreaver-US2077
69Matree S P A R T AStormreaver-US2077
73Alkazaarr Reavers llIStormreaver-US2074
74Bomoh Nightmares PersonifiedStormreaver-US2072
75Switchmage  Stormreaver-US2071
76Woshy NextLevel GamingStormreaver-US2068
76Vegân ProvocationStormreaver-US2068
78Dysemble IndicudStormreaver-US2066
78Blurx TpyoStormreaver-US2066
80Ohpea Push It To The LimitStormreaver-US2065Not updated
81Wraeth IndicudStormreaver-US2064
81Gripndots IndicudStormreaver-US2064
81Ohpzlatakid Ràndom Acts of ViolenceStormreaver-US2064
84Mageobsessed NextLevel GamingStormreaver-US2063
85Chubadenolya PandaXpressStormreaver-US2062
85Pandamoneous BaddiesStormreaver-US2062
85Kourmom  Stormreaver-US2062
88Fancyflow  Stormreaver-US2061
89Carolinaqt TrembleStormreaver-US2059
90Nervous TrembleStormreaver-US2058
91Shoegum TrembleStormreaver-US2056
92Chrononaut The Art of WarStormreaver-US2055
93Qtamrawr MistakenStormreaver-US2054
93Leets TrembleStormreaver-US2054
95Deadlyheal Section HateStormreaver-US2053
96Freákymage PrecisionStormreaver-US2052
97Amedindwe TrembleStormreaver-US2051
98Corpsemiles  Stormreaver-US2050Not updated
98Fuubs REPRISALStormreaver-US2050
98Kîrîx Ganksters Pair of DiceStormreaver-US2050

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