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Stormrage-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Båïné Sleep DeprivedStormrage-US2320
2Pizznboots  Stormrage-US2315
3Shamarick Broken EnglishStormrage-US2310
4Warluckz WreckedStormrage-US2278
5Zeremist DivideStormrage-US2260
6Carnífex Heroes of ValhallaStormrage-US2253
7Scumtractorx Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US2244
8Ghosteyez Heroes of ValhallaStormrage-US2242
9Kuza Alpha and the OmegaStormrage-US2215
10Pizznbootz  Stormrage-US2199
11Littleballzz Sleep DeprivedStormrage-US2191
11Râff It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2191
13Låmå Has IssuesStormrage-US2189
14Rerolls Heroes of ValhallaStormrage-US2181
15Devastation Guardians of SalvationStormrage-US2177
16Kamage We Pwn HordeStormrage-US2169
17Infection  Stormrage-US2163
18Doinlaundry  Stormrage-US2160Not updated
19Dankrupt Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US2157
20Lebronjãmes  Stormrage-US2154
21Valamas DivideStormrage-US2147
22Exumbroski AWAREStormrage-US2146
23Teckkno  Stormrage-US2145
24Iwontdiee  Stormrage-US2139
25Vaalhart Heroes of ValhallaStormrage-US2134
26Bumwitagun Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US2128
27Noxvalens We Pwn HordeStormrage-US2124
27Whiteysan It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2124
29Catastropha We Pwn HordeStormrage-US2116
30Shortsquirt Sleep DeprivedStormrage-US2114
31Máthers We Pwn HordeStormrage-US2113
32Anasasis The UndauntedStormrage-US2107
33Oranciae Heroes of ValhallaStormrage-US2105
34Littlebush Sleep DeprivedStormrage-US2086
35Meglan Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US2085
35Trickd Heroes of ValhallaStormrage-US2085
37Hiblakl LunaticsStormrage-US2084
38Zodiaq Take Care of BusinessStormrage-US2083
38Jëss HeritageStormrage-US2083
40Hashlady WreckedStormrage-US2082
41Teamsquirt Sleep DeprivedStormrage-US2079
42Fëär Heroes of ValhallaStormrage-US2076
43Lacesso ProgressionStormrage-US2069
44Ghost It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2068
45Crïmson Save the MurlocsStormrage-US2061
46Punîsher Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US2060
47Myrden No CommentStormrage-US2059
48Zeterium The Goon SquadStormrage-US2058
49Wrékéd Angelic ReignStormrage-US2054
50Goosesteppin The Goon SquadStormrage-US2051
50Beeltejuice Sleep DeprivedStormrage-US2051
52Maelvexeth Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US2047
53Teddymilk For The LORDStormrage-US2041
54Rielis Guardians of SalvationStormrage-US2040
54Mobilehealz It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2040
56Pomaster We Pwn HordeStormrage-US2037Not updated
56Kardio D'GentlemenStormrage-US2037
58Briancook FlirtyGirls Fitness ClubStormrage-US2035
59Koreånmob It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2034
59Demeter  Stormrage-US2034
61Toés It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2032
61Poptárts Heroes of ValhallaStormrage-US2032
63Voladea Rage Against The MachineStormrage-US2031
63Spackle Heroes of ValhallaStormrage-US2031
65Cirith OpponentStormrage-US2030
66Badspirits  Stormrage-US2029Not updated
67Kecharah Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US2026
68Wokfoo  Stormrage-US2025
69Teraldian Guardians of SalvationStormrage-US2023
69Tacochalupa  Stormrage-US2023
69Omegawhiteyx It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2023
72Natureswag We Pwn HordeStormrage-US2022
72Bøømbøømpøw It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2022
74Lockicide It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2021
75Canadîan Angels of AzerothStormrage-US2020
75Nyoraì Guardians of SalvationStormrage-US2020
77Blinkpoofpew MelioraStormrage-US2018
77Sga Guardians of SalvationStormrage-US2018
79Ilostabet Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US2016
79Qxi Drunk Over IPStormrage-US2016
81Ferrarifc Iron AllianceStormrage-US2015
82Fleshdk The Goon SquadStormrage-US2014
83Cymatika WreckedStormrage-US2013
83Kohwin Rising TideStormrage-US2013
83Fightmusik The AccusedStormrage-US2013Not updated
86Vesoovius IntuitionStormrage-US2012
87Trapzski main court ballersStormrage-US2010Not updated
87Röne It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2010
89Anubris MelioraStormrage-US2007
89Sba Guardians of SalvationStormrage-US2007
91Kailijah Youve Got to B Kiting MeStormrage-US2005
92Seish The Goon SquadStormrage-US2004
92Juiceboxes For The LORDStormrage-US2004
94Rinseñrepeat Heroes of ValhallaStormrage-US2000Not updated
94Kevdog Guardians of SalvationStormrage-US2000
94Toastíe It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2000
97Defenseles Half Man Half GodStormrage-US1999
98Ilustion Heroes of ValhallaStormrage-US1998
98Avuh This Is My Serious VoiceStormrage-US1998
98Abaddòñ Heroes of ValhallaStormrage-US1998

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