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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormrage-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Noseknows vodkaStormrage-US2521Not updated
2Kaldaelar Broken EnglishStormrage-US2405Not updated
3Ritmix vodkaStormrage-US2375Not updated
4Zeremist DivideStormrage-US2372Not updated
5Pizznboots Banana BoysStormrage-US2371Not updated
6Shamarick Broken EnglishStormrage-US2310Not updated
7Kuza Alpha and the OmegaStormrage-US2300Not updated
8Scumtractorx Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US2244Not updated
9Carnífex Heroes of ValhallaStormrage-US2243Not updated
10Ghosteyez Heroes of ValhallaStormrage-US2242Not updated
11Teckkno  Stormrage-US2221Not updated
12Valamas DivideStormrage-US2201Not updated
13Kamage We Pwn HordeStormrage-US2200Not updated
14Pizznbootz I Know Victorias SecretStormrage-US2199Not updated
15Lebronjãmes  Stormrage-US2191Not updated
16Epocstnelis FusionStormrage-US2184Not updated
17Catastropha We Pwn HordeStormrage-US2178Not updated
18Devastation Guardians of SalvationStormrage-US2177Not updated
19Detoxified It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2158Not updated
20Dankrupt Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US2157Not updated
21Crïmson BiasedStormrage-US2149Not updated
22Exumbroski AWAREStormrage-US2146Not updated
23Defenseles Half Man Half GodStormrage-US2133Not updated
24Pollusx Heroes of ValhallaStormrage-US2130Not updated
25Bumwitagun Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US2128Not updated
26Jëss HeritageStormrage-US2117Not updated
26Iwontdiee Deadly AssassinsStormrage-US2117Not updated
28Noxvalens We Pwn HordeStormrage-US2111Not updated
29Fíretruck I Know Victorias SecretStormrage-US2108Not updated
30Ben DominionStormrage-US2106Not updated
31Sharkbaît Before The FallStormrage-US2099Not updated
32Canadîan Angels of AzerothStormrage-US2098Not updated
33Winnfeld  Stormrage-US2090Not updated
34Hashlady WreckedStormrage-US2085Not updated
35Zodiaq PerfectStormrage-US2083Not updated
36Qxi Drunk Over IPStormrage-US2078Not updated
37Fëär Heroes of ValhallaStormrage-US2076Not updated
38Lacesso ProgressionStormrage-US2069Not updated
39Ghost It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2068Not updated
40Kheran DivideStormrage-US2062Not updated
41Tacomaker The Goon SquadStormrage-US2060Not updated
42Blinkpoofpew  Stormrage-US2059Not updated
43Karatechopyo ShøwtimeStormrage-US2057Not updated
44Beeltejuice Sleep DeprivedStormrage-US2051Not updated
45Elahnix We Have CookiesStormrage-US2050Not updated
46Ilostabet Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US2049Not updated
47Tacochalupa Blood OathStormrage-US2041Not updated
48Rielis Guardians of SalvationStormrage-US2040Not updated
48Mobilehealz It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2040Not updated
50Elahni We Have CookiesStormrage-US2038Not updated
51Kardio D'GentlemenStormrage-US2037Not updated
52Vañcha Heroes of ValhallaStormrage-US2035Not updated
53Koreånmob It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2034Not updated
54Forlothelock It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2033Not updated
55Cannible The Sovereign CorruptionStormrage-US2027Not updated
56Kecharah Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US2026Not updated
57Vinson Heroes of ValhallaStormrage-US2022Not updated
57Bøømbøømpøw It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2022Not updated
59Blackberrÿ WarpedStormrage-US2021Not updated
59Leebug VanillaStormrage-US2021Not updated
59Lockicide It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2021Not updated
62Aidzpillow It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2020Not updated
63Sga Guardians of SalvationStormrage-US2018Not updated
63Fleshdk The Goon SquadStormrage-US2018Not updated
65Larkon It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2017Not updated
65Goosesteppin RushStormrage-US2017Not updated
67Hollydakanes FacepalmStormrage-US2015Not updated
68Kohwin Rising TideStormrage-US2013Not updated
69Voxeyp EmpathyStormrage-US2010Not updated
70Stoompyy Orcland RaidersStormrage-US2009Not updated
71Rainswptflwr We Pwn HordeStormrage-US2008Not updated
71Maiem  Stormrage-US2008Not updated
73Dayeramos Wild DogsStormrage-US2007Not updated
73Sba Guardians of SalvationStormrage-US2007Not updated
75Omegawhiteyx It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2006Not updated
76Kailijah It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2005Not updated
77Savory LibertasStormrage-US2003Not updated
78Ninjetsu Midnight MafìaStormrage-US2001Not updated
78Formis It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2001Not updated
80Toastíe It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US2000Not updated
81Ilustion Heroes of ValhallaStormrage-US1998Not updated
81Avuh This Is My Serious VoiceStormrage-US1998Not updated
83Hathok Needs on GreensStormrage-US1994Not updated
84Vengefully Wild DogsStormrage-US1992Not updated
85Smashêd In Other NewsStormrage-US1991Not updated
86Proctick Guardians of SalvationStormrage-US1990Not updated
86Soleeks We Pwn HordeStormrage-US1990Not updated
88Numlock ImpetuousStormrage-US1987Not updated
88Katourena Wild DogsStormrage-US1987Not updated
90Baconlord Tháts Whát She SáidStormrage-US1984Not updated
90Inevitableal Wild DogsStormrage-US1984Not updated
92Yûnalesca The DynastyStormrage-US1983Not updated
93Faithé We Pwn HordeStormrage-US1982Not updated
93Fàtherfeely Blood Runs ColdStormrage-US1982Not updated
95Cajunspice It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US1978Not updated
96Nerji ImproviseStormrage-US1974Not updated
97Alharik It Burns When We PvPStormrage-US1972Not updated
97Venialsin Wild DogsStormrage-US1972Not updated
99Anubris MelioraStormrage-US1970Not updated
99Skíttlès We Pwn HordeStormrage-US1970Not updated

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