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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormrage-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Xryafae World EatersStormrage-EU2304Not updated
2Valrim ShivaStormrage-EU2200Not updated
3Bonquíquí At Least We Got StablesStormrage-EU2120Not updated
4Swishy At Least We Got StablesStormrage-EU2089Not updated
5Garthix At Least We Got StablesStormrage-EU2086Not updated
6Dafu  Stormrage-EU2080Not updated
7Equalbalance  Stormrage-EU2077Not updated
8Jockin At Least We Got StablesStormrage-EU2053Not updated
9Morbazon At Least We Got StablesStormrage-EU2048Not updated
10Dameedna  Stormrage-EU2036Not updated
11Sheday AvalerionStormrage-EU2019Not updated
12Azkrik Crits n GigglesStormrage-EU2006Not updated
13Ozzayel IllustriousStormrage-EU1951Not updated
14Ragecraze Crits n GigglesStormrage-EU1948Not updated
15Germagon Angel Lords of DraenorStormrage-EU1938Not updated
16Sfir BehemothStormrage-EU1930Not updated
17Yahtzee At Least We Got StablesStormrage-EU1926Not updated
18Drezzy AuroraStormrage-EU1902Not updated
19Catza IllustriousStormrage-EU1893Not updated
20Dreadlost Crits n GigglesStormrage-EU1887Not updated
21Himura ShivaStormrage-EU1877Not updated
22Meryana AscensionStormrage-EU1872Not updated
23Borinis Crits n GigglesStormrage-EU1868Not updated
24Schwrcho Dawn of the GatherìngStormrage-EU1866Not updated
25Bronzebottom At Least We Got StablesStormrage-EU1860Not updated
26Leethe BehemothStormrage-EU1845Not updated
27Záine ShivaStormrage-EU1844Not updated
28Blinkfast HydaelynStormrage-EU1841Not updated
29Noldorimbor AvalerionStormrage-EU1838Not updated
29Fiorja BehemothStormrage-EU1838Not updated
31Smegdead AuroraStormrage-EU1831Not updated
32Iamsorry SolsticeStormrage-EU1830Not updated
33Âcr SerenStormrage-EU1827Not updated
34Batteriez Middle EastStormrage-EU1819Not updated
35Unbéarable  Stormrage-EU1814Not updated
36Nirali Zemsta KrecikaStormrage-EU1813Not updated
37Darkweave The Coniunctis ViribusStormrage-EU1802Not updated
38Slyforka MercilessStormrage-EU1798Not updated
38Juburi The Coniunctis ViribusStormrage-EU1798Not updated
40Starfury MercilessStormrage-EU1797Not updated
41Shamuru The Coniunctis ViribusStormrage-EU1796Not updated
42Oppernokker Heroes of the MoonlightStormrage-EU1791Not updated
43Guttermouth Lazy PeonsStormrage-EU1788Not updated
44Chare  Stormrage-EU1786Not updated
45Créo MercilessStormrage-EU1784Not updated
46Zeedd The BrotherhoodStormrage-EU1766Not updated
47Newundead Lads on TourStormrage-EU1764Not updated
48Killergmanh Wings of AuroraStormrage-EU1756Not updated
49Noxicat MercilessStormrage-EU1750Not updated
50Falcojugger The Coniunctis ViribusStormrage-EU1748Not updated
51Tuber ShivaStormrage-EU1747Not updated
51Pending At Least We Got StablesStormrage-EU1747Not updated
53Lillfot BehemothStormrage-EU1744Not updated
54Kretenko Dawn of the GatherìngStormrage-EU1720Not updated
55Veerme The Coniunctis ViribusStormrage-EU1712Not updated
56Raí The BrotherhoodStormrage-EU1708Not updated
57Deerme The Coniunctis ViribusStormrage-EU1706Not updated
58Slysorcer MercilessStormrage-EU1703Not updated
59Ozinaq AvalerionStormrage-EU1702Not updated
59Qatharyhna DamnationStormrage-EU1702Not updated
61Benafflôck Low LandersStormrage-EU1697Not updated
62Smokeknight ShivaStormrage-EU1695Not updated
62Shkifsbunkin Evil DeadStormrage-EU1695Not updated
64Firefhij  Stormrage-EU1676Not updated
65Pinkydvs ProbitasStormrage-EU1666Not updated
66Mokha Middle EastStormrage-EU1648Not updated
67Insanit SilencedStormrage-EU1646Not updated
68Peracles ShivaStormrage-EU1637Not updated
69Yonik ShivaStormrage-EU1630Not updated
70Nestral At Least We Got StablesStormrage-EU1617Not updated
71Tsering ShivaStormrage-EU1614Not updated
72Tatamata Dawn of the GatherìngStormrage-EU1609Not updated
73Matsimoto Evil DeadStormrage-EU1595Not updated
74Hellgast Dawn of the GatherìngStormrage-EU1594Not updated
75Brotherbrew Premade PvP PartyStormrage-EU1582Not updated
76Voodoowoman The Coniunctis ViribusStormrage-EU1580Not updated
77Charedru Dawn of the GatherìngStormrage-EU1579Not updated
78Weyayepet At Least We Got StablesStormrage-EU1509Not updated
79Soulsurge ShivaStormrage-EU1500Not updated
80Sethay ShivaStormrage-EU1499Not updated
81Duckwar AmicusStormrage-EU1496Not updated
81Fartsonfire Pottytraining IncStormrage-EU1496Not updated
83Skymare Middle EastStormrage-EU1494Not updated
83Restoration MercilessStormrage-EU1494Not updated
85Grobokop MercilessStormrage-EU1491Not updated
86Ripfrost Crits n GigglesStormrage-EU1485Not updated
87Mílky Crits n GigglesStormrage-EU1476Not updated
88Lhani Dark LightStormrage-EU1472Not updated
89Bellesmee ShivaStormrage-EU1447Not updated
90Vinador At Least We Got StablesStormrage-EU1342Not updated
91Jefer Middle EastStormrage-EU1335Not updated
92Shagreth ShivaStormrage-EU1309Not updated
93Marlx STORM RAIDERStormrage-EU1151Not updated
94Xv Middle EastStormrage-EU1150Not updated
95Tubtufah ShivaStormrage-EU1139Not updated
96Deicidé Zero SanityStormrage-EU960Not updated
97Slyshot MercilessStormrage-EU959Not updated
97Räin  Stormrage-EU959Not updated
99Cozsham Crits n GigglesStormrage-EU958Not updated
99Kalesnor The Coniunctis ViribusStormrage-EU958Not updated

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