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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stonemaul-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Henex SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US2247Not updated
2Kaynos SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US2243Not updated
3Dienasty SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US2216Not updated
4Revlovejoy SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US2215Not updated
5Cøcayne SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US2207Not updated
6Windsong Stands in FireStonemaul-US2205Not updated
7Ezazle SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US2204Not updated
8Selarius SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US2200Not updated
9Livenasty  Stonemaul-US2165Not updated
9Stinglikeb  Stonemaul-US2165Not updated
11Yenex SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US2162Not updated
12Neeplez SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US2156Not updated
13Prawn SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US2153Not updated
14Memorix SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US2136Not updated
15Duski SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US2112Not updated
16Revkilljoy SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US2111Not updated
17Hounddogg SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US2103Not updated
18Cokayne SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US2097Not updated
19Sassar SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US2096Not updated
20Reegh SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US2092Not updated
21Jaqen Faceless MenStonemaul-US2090Not updated
22Traxs SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US2079Not updated
23Glorfindel  Stonemaul-US2062Not updated
24Snow UEStonemaul-US2037Not updated
25Yenaldlooshi The Only Ones LeftStonemaul-US2027Not updated
26Boostr UEStonemaul-US2023Not updated
27Ravenëyes SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US2021Not updated
28Entertainer UEStonemaul-US2018Not updated
29Spintwowin SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US2014Not updated
30Chamuko SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US2007Not updated
31Trevoroxx  Stonemaul-US1994Not updated
32Dranzamewmew UEStonemaul-US1992Not updated
33Guncar Hexgirls PvpersStonemaul-US1990Not updated
34Sinfulangel SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US1989Not updated
35Carve Dulce BellumStonemaul-US1988Not updated
36Malvinius UEStonemaul-US1979Not updated
36Liamneesons UEStonemaul-US1979Not updated
38Frostfragx  Stonemaul-US1960Not updated
39Geopetal UEStonemaul-US1958Not updated
40Daiyama Leet ForceStonemaul-US1951Not updated
41Sothh SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US1946Not updated
42Ðarksìdê Stands in FireStonemaul-US1934Not updated
42Jeuu Ookem In The DookerStonemaul-US1934Not updated
44Trustycube BRB BOWFLEXINGStonemaul-US1933Not updated
45Kokohotmess Souls of CorruptionStonemaul-US1918Not updated
46Krispy Stands in FireStonemaul-US1910Not updated
47Shamoww VarianceStonemaul-US1908Not updated
48Mittromney Souls of CorruptionStonemaul-US1905Not updated
49Electrolyts SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US1904Not updated
50Autonomy UEStonemaul-US1897Not updated
51Timmyxi  Stonemaul-US1887Not updated
52Xethal Souls of CorruptionStonemaul-US1874Not updated
53Impossibrews Stands in FireStonemaul-US1867Not updated
54Helpsteph Almost HeroesStonemaul-US1863Not updated
55Kriel SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US1851Not updated
56Chalaa ArchetypeStonemaul-US1841Not updated
57Frenger  Stonemaul-US1829Not updated
58Putheri Surprise BoneStonemaul-US1809Not updated
59Mattias  Stonemaul-US1808Not updated
60Excused  Stonemaul-US1804Not updated
61Kirraz Beyond RedemptionStonemaul-US1799Not updated
62Wrëcker Beyond RedemptionStonemaul-US1798Not updated
63Ultimatehunt Army of ThrallStonemaul-US1796Not updated
63Zarkio  Stonemaul-US1796Not updated
65Xavez Beyond RedemptionStonemaul-US1795Not updated
65Boogersugar SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US1795Not updated
67Damandread Surprise BoneStonemaul-US1789Not updated
68Zuroo Beyond RedemptionStonemaul-US1777Not updated
69Sorrin Surprise BoneStonemaul-US1775Not updated
70Kokonuts Souls of CorruptionStonemaul-US1770Not updated
71Lëif  Stonemaul-US1768Not updated
72Ijustankedu H TeamStonemaul-US1760Not updated
73Luftkatze Team ReaperStonemaul-US1753Not updated
74Pázuzu InsidiousStonemaul-US1749Not updated
75Vvii  Stonemaul-US1747Not updated
75Planeswalker Beyond RedemptionStonemaul-US1747Not updated
77Soulhaven  Stonemaul-US1745Not updated
78Sánd Blood Bathed BunniesStonemaul-US1743Not updated
79Ninja  Stonemaul-US1729Not updated
80Nerø Phantom LordsStonemaul-US1724Not updated
81Daghue  Stonemaul-US1723Not updated
82Notthismilk VarianceStonemaul-US1720Not updated
83Lochek InsidiousStonemaul-US1717Not updated
84Meggo  Stonemaul-US1715Not updated
84Illimätic OriginStonemaul-US1715Not updated
86Mathemiris Souls of the BanishedStonemaul-US1712Not updated
87Bmállet Ookem In The DookerStonemaul-US1710Not updated
88Meisterbrau Phantom LordsStonemaul-US1708Not updated
89Brokgar  Stonemaul-US1702Not updated
90Punkey UEStonemaul-US1698Not updated
91Revßlöödlust SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US1686Not updated
92Pörthios Leet ForceStonemaul-US1672Not updated
93Avalinda CycloneStonemaul-US1666Not updated
94Joarik SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US1652Not updated
95Tootr UEStonemaul-US1647Not updated
96Majeeshun  Stonemaul-US1643Not updated
96Rautha  Stonemaul-US1643Not updated
98Kowie InsidiousStonemaul-US1634Not updated
99Crimsondeäth OriginStonemaul-US1633Not updated
100Kontroal The Upper RoomStonemaul-US1617Not updated

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