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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Staghelm-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Dreadlockz  Staghelm-US2183Not updated
2Jìâñÿùâñ AZGARStaghelm-US1958Not updated
3Iyaz InfinityStaghelm-US1935Not updated
4Igotfiveonit Fat Kids Lag IRLStaghelm-US1894Not updated
5Mjrn  Staghelm-US1891Not updated
6Ushamama SansDramaStaghelm-US1849Not updated
7Tearsdropz Fat Kids Lag IRLStaghelm-US1818Not updated
8Perkdawg Gnomeland SecurityStaghelm-US1773Not updated
9Attias Shenanigans DeclaredStaghelm-US1769Not updated
10Epicpriest Frozen DoomStaghelm-US1765Not updated
11Swiftmend IgniteStaghelm-US1734Not updated
12Bigshow  Staghelm-US1684Not updated
12Aquaticca Adult SwimStaghelm-US1684Not updated
14Bullzye Shenanigans DeclaredStaghelm-US1665Not updated
15Fatowlbert Southern Alliance TeamStaghelm-US1653Not updated
16Adald Broken pvpnessStaghelm-US1518Not updated
17Madc  Staghelm-US1504Not updated
18Kìllmán  Staghelm-US1329Not updated
19Arivae Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US959Not updated
20Frostrated Has your IPStaghelm-US768Not updated
20Carinancey AZGARStaghelm-US768Not updated
20Defybebossin Frozen DoomStaghelm-US768Not updated
23Rage Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US576Not updated
23Smokeofdeath Uncommon ValorStaghelm-US576Not updated
23Xerocide Has your IPStaghelm-US576Not updated
23Torgaun Southern Alliance TeamStaghelm-US576Not updated
23Mugenjin Uncommon ValorStaghelm-US576Not updated
28Crusnic Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US384Not updated
28Sangûine InfinityStaghelm-US384Not updated
30Gladiâtor Fat Kids Lag IRLStaghelm-US192Not updated
30Frost Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US192Not updated
30Creekstone AZGARStaghelm-US192Not updated
30Fearblade  Staghelm-US192Not updated
30Quaune Rated M For MatureStaghelm-US192Not updated
30Sariia Gnomeland SecurityStaghelm-US192Not updated
30Zacharii Shenanigans DeclaredStaghelm-US192Not updated
30Barnabis Conquerors of AzerothStaghelm-US192Not updated
38Mithar DragonfireStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Garumako Clan PlaidStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Cyphor Rated M For MatureStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Sycosis Shenanigans DeclaredStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Lokoshkan Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Tdurty Insanity IncStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Michikohime Gnomeland SecurityStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Coiin Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Yyor Vanquish RebornStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Rudeez Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Mer Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Kizeox Uncommon ValorStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Pikappaphi Shenanigans DeclaredStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Hyatt Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Dentulmoka Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Pallanén Frozen DoomStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Xetasi Clan PlaidStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Rudyo Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Dravidia Rated M For MatureStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Kikiboo Turtle HerdersStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Jaxdethbrgr Controlled ChaosStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Beerform Shenanigans DeclaredStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Saneinsanity Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Interlude SpiritusStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Xandôn Avid IndoorsmanStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Valdemar Legion Of Doom PMCStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Alteisen Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Bulrat Frozen DoomStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Khazmorgoth Energetic ApathyStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Adrillon Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Aglarfea UnboundStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Bomber Energetic ApathyStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Dancinhomer Charlie Foxtrot CompanyStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Hellbreezy Shenanigans DeclaredStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Geoslayer EvolutionStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Dyonge Storm of LightStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Helixx Shenanigans DeclaredStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Kokiri Energetic ApathyStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Evildave IgniteStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Mystifying Frozen DoomStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Chöwder  Staghelm-US0Not updated
38Lostsoule Angels of AzerothStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Sonoma DMFDStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Deumus Uncommon ValorStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Screwz Frozen DoomStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Kallikan Clan PlaidStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Wilow Uncommon ValorStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Purplewaffle Looney ToonsStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Saarkjard Wicked MindsStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Pádruig Wicked MindsStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Tonour Shenanigans DeclaredStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Branchout Insanity IncStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Huggybäre Frozen DoomStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Thortaur Gods of MythStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Icebankmyslf Knightz Of HonorStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Rudyoz Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Mathwhiz Rated M For MatureStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Akillez Energetic ApathyStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Akëso Shenanigans DeclaredStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Brimbly Uncommon ValorStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Morphstir Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Tk Clan PlaidStaghelm-US0Not updated
38Atomicmom Uncommon ValorStaghelm-US0Not updated

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