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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Spirestone-TW Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1鍋澆烏龍麵 AllianceSpirestone-TW2333Not updated
2鍋澆鳥龍麵 InsomniaSpirestone-TW2325Not updated
3艾梅格勒 巧手天城Spirestone-TW2282Not updated
4Øhisokaø 奪魂之鐮Spirestone-TW2250Not updated
5雨落耶 MetempsychosisSpirestone-TW2223Not updated
6Enchyi Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW2196Not updated
7Supreme Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW2124Not updated
8煜少 不敗神話Spirestone-TW2102Not updated
9Mosesz MetempsychosisSpirestone-TW2085Not updated
10逆星 Orange parkSpirestone-TW2032Not updated
11叫我孟孟吧 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW2017Not updated
12生命之光 AllianceSpirestone-TW1987Not updated
13小煜 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1963Not updated
14戰士青蛙 AllianceSpirestone-TW1935Not updated
15宙斯乂波塞頓 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1929Not updated
16Maleficent AllianceSpirestone-TW1915Not updated
17靜宜洗澡中 海納百川Spirestone-TW1907Not updated
17扑野仔 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1907Not updated
19初五的呢喃 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1897Not updated
19Ashuan Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW1897Not updated
21以馬內力 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1893Not updated
22慕容復  Spirestone-TW1889Not updated
23清晨去遛貓 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1886Not updated
24依僑 InsomniaSpirestone-TW1882Not updated
25劍龍斬天 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW1876Not updated
26化貓 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1870Not updated
27初十的黃昏 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1866Not updated
28Total 奪魂之鐮Spirestone-TW1865Not updated
29小閔戰士 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1864Not updated
30乂霸氣小毅乂 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1863Not updated
31Naverdie 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1861Not updated
32Zachray Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW1859Not updated
33雪心心 InsomniaSpirestone-TW1857Not updated
34花花綠綠 Orange parkSpirestone-TW1856Not updated
35Simmy MetempsychosisSpirestone-TW1854Not updated
35魚爺 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1854Not updated
35死小心 AllianceSpirestone-TW1854Not updated
38暗之哀殤 InsomniaSpirestone-TW1848Not updated
39Mode  Spirestone-TW1846Not updated
40奇異狗屎 AllianceSpirestone-TW1842Not updated
41乃叔 三秒鐘出即飛Spirestone-TW1840Not updated
42老里 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1837Not updated
43不要打番薯 ArchangelSpirestone-TW1836Not updated
44尾行叫獸 MetempsychosisSpirestone-TW1833Not updated
44港女伍佰 AllianceSpirestone-TW1833Not updated
46華嚴世界 AllianceSpirestone-TW1828Not updated
47大衛韋拿 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1827Not updated
48Loveywhite 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1823Not updated
49大刀牛 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1816Not updated
50乂功夫熊貓乂 MetempsychosisSpirestone-TW1813Not updated
51Huung Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW1811Not updated
51甜香 KGBSpirestone-TW1811Not updated
53信者永生 CHALLENGERSpirestone-TW1805Not updated
54Lovisa 奪魂之鐮Spirestone-TW1798Not updated
55舞小羊 AllianceSpirestone-TW1792Not updated
56Hayateyagami OnceSpirestone-TW1790Not updated
57彭小薰 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1788Not updated
58乃乃 三秒鐘出即飛Spirestone-TW1787Not updated
59佬魚 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1781Not updated
60說書人 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW1777Not updated
61Nighteif OnceSpirestone-TW1767Not updated
62小小真情  Spirestone-TW1763Not updated
63筋肉咩 人在江湖飄 哪能不挨刀Spirestone-TW1760Not updated
64雲吞蝦蛟 InsomniaSpirestone-TW1756Not updated
65美贊神  Spirestone-TW1751Not updated
66穆阿邁爾 Saints Of DevilSpirestone-TW1746Not updated
66百達斐利 Saints Of DevilSpirestone-TW1746Not updated
68貝森朵夫  Spirestone-TW1744Not updated
68Sleepycat 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1744Not updated
68主啊 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1744Not updated
71一冥光一 InsomniaSpirestone-TW1743Not updated
72土豆燒排骨  Spirestone-TW1738Not updated
73陳文 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1734Not updated
74精靈戰之玉 雪月工作室Spirestone-TW1731Not updated
75Victorhsu  Spirestone-TW1730Not updated
76奶奶兒 三秒鐘出即飛Spirestone-TW1728Not updated
77讀書最重要 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1727Not updated
78倉庫番仔 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1725Not updated
79靡露 紫雲裳Spirestone-TW1724Not updated
80克莉希亞 雪月工作室Spirestone-TW1722Not updated
81日月菩提佛 AllianceSpirestone-TW1719Not updated
82延續者巴茲 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1718Not updated
83放電財神 武夫躍馬風雨為鞍Spirestone-TW1712Not updated
84魔盾咩 人在江湖飄 哪能不挨刀Spirestone-TW1706Not updated
85無盡之刃 雪月工作室Spirestone-TW1701Not updated
86嘂判嘂 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1693Not updated
86芽子 雪月工作室Spirestone-TW1693Not updated
88葆貝 雪月工作室Spirestone-TW1692Not updated
89暴力熊依莎貝 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1691Not updated
89Angelay 雪月工作室Spirestone-TW1691Not updated
91乂暗光乂 InsomniaSpirestone-TW1690Not updated
92Fatelie 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1687Not updated
92俏皮寶兒  Spirestone-TW1687Not updated
92封狼居胥 雪月工作室Spirestone-TW1687Not updated
95北丸 OnceSpirestone-TW1685Not updated
96一補手一 MetempsychosisSpirestone-TW1683Not updated
97嘂熾嘂 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1681Not updated
98Absep 不敗神話Spirestone-TW1674Not updated
99大俠流浪漢 零時國度Spirestone-TW1673Not updated
100角力 雪月工作室Spirestone-TW1672Not updated

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