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Spirestone-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Windfüry Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US2450
2Superfamous  Spirestone-US2329
3Danaowns Jamaican me crazySpirestone-US2309
4Calikonger  Spirestone-US2278
5Mimmick Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US2277
6Paulydbaby Jamaican me crazySpirestone-US2266
7Reeggin Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US2265
8Pipebomb  Spirestone-US2219
9Sowwyx  Spirestone-US2169
10Superfabulus Jamaican me crazySpirestone-US2164
11Danaownz Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US2152
12Berrman Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US2147
13Arishiki  Spirestone-US2133
13Wipeout Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US2133
13Galanoth Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US2133
16Ninjaheals Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US2129
17Shaderon Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US2115
18Aggnarok AdaptSpirestone-US2096
19Danaction Jamaican me crazySpirestone-US2082
20Zayl Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US2076
21Ramxrage Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US2075
22Honeycôcain Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US2065
23Goblîn QuietSilenceSpirestone-US2063
24Phosis  Spirestone-US2061Not updated
25Luigipuff Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US2055
26Azurepill Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US2053
26Absorblol Sons of DraenorSpirestone-US2053
28Mïsh e x i l eSpirestone-US2049
29Deminar Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US2047
30Càturday t e m p e s tSpirestone-US2045
31Itzjonny  Spirestone-US2043
32Carvina Hyjal Kids Hyjal WivesSpirestone-US2024
33Nápkins  Spirestone-US2020
34Yoloswagqt Sons of DraenorSpirestone-US2019
35Ironnman Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US2018
35Saskae Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US2018
37Skinnyhotted  Spirestone-US2014
38Blazelol Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US2013
39Trustlord Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US2010
40Vokur Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US2004
41Azúla LobsterSpirestone-US1999
42Smootles Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US1998
43Lumiernoir  Spirestone-US1994
44Kavax Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US1990Not updated
45Omgitsjeff The Aggro CragSpirestone-US1989
46Welfaremøm LobsterSpirestone-US1988
47Bluepill  Spirestone-US1987
48Ziltec No TimeSpirestone-US1981
49Elahaym LobsterSpirestone-US1975
50Kimsey AdaptSpirestone-US1971
51Gohonn AdaptSpirestone-US1962
52Succubi LobsterSpirestone-US1960
53Flounce LobsterSpirestone-US1959
54Broshapa LobsterSpirestone-US1955
55Xplicit Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US1952
56Carmalia  Spirestone-US1943
56Ishotya LobsterSpirestone-US1943
58Baddi e x i l eSpirestone-US1933
59Vuldor e x i l eSpirestone-US1931
60Thrackan QuietSilenceSpirestone-US1930
61Dotinfear Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US1926
62Dérpstep LobsterSpirestone-US1921
63Khaotix Keep CalmSpirestone-US1915
64Ralendrian Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US1908
65Healmaster AddictionSpirestone-US1907
66Getacho e x i l eSpirestone-US1905
67Llily KinetikSpirestone-US1902
68Tenthplague QuietSilenceSpirestone-US1900
69Joregwyn National Gank ReserveSpirestone-US1892Not updated
70Spamtana Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US1890
70Persuasive e x i l eSpirestone-US1890
70Engide e x i l eSpirestone-US1890
73Yassy LobsterSpirestone-US1877
74Oldmanmezzy  Spirestone-US1864
75Nappykins  Spirestone-US1860
76Yunø Chrono CrusadeSpirestone-US1847
77Potsicles  Spirestone-US1846
78Lemos Keep CalmSpirestone-US1844
79Diputado The Last Aztec WarriorsSpirestone-US1843
80Elyllon AddictionSpirestone-US1840
81Withoutpaper National Gank ReserveSpirestone-US1839Not updated
82Shakkira Life Love and LootSpirestone-US1838
82Itaco CENTURIONSpirestone-US1838
84Hmong  Spirestone-US1834
85Knückles  Spirestone-US1833
85Battlerabbit  Spirestone-US1833
87Voltarius Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US1832
88Genmasaotome The Last Aztec WarriorsSpirestone-US1826
89Paladiac e x i l eSpirestone-US1823
90Hwoàràng  Spirestone-US1822
91Sierra KinetikSpirestone-US1817
92Cruortus The Aggro CragSpirestone-US1815
93Brsais The Spirestone PunishersSpirestone-US1813
94Heirophant  Spirestone-US1812
95Róók Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US1810
95Yourmum AdaptSpirestone-US1810
97Dhålsim The Aggro CragSpirestone-US1804
98Tylai The Aggro CragSpirestone-US1803
99Brechtt The Aggro CragSpirestone-US1802
100Suewou e x i l eSpirestone-US1796

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