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Spinebreaker-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Roflðotz  Spinebreaker-EU2010
2Kunogh Fuzzy TentaclesSpinebreaker-EU1933
3Dies Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU1902
4Rekno  Spinebreaker-EU1843Not updated
5Veryalive The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU1829
6Welok The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU1818
7Xaamaa The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU1794
8Itsjustme VooDoo ZoBoRSpinebreaker-EU1783Not updated
9Gato The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU1779
10Megeman The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU1751
11Darkyu The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU1717
12Exem HomageSpinebreaker-EU1714
13Xoper The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU1679
14Løl HomageSpinebreaker-EU1667
15Lindorf HomageSpinebreaker-EU1663
16Krsta North LegionSpinebreaker-EU1637Not updated
17Forefather The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU1629
18Amene HomageSpinebreaker-EU1600
19Xunters The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU1580
20Floorwack Final DestinationSpinebreaker-EU1544Not updated
21Nékrós The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU1433
22Deathcreed The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU1286
23Colthas The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU1148
24Titali VooDoo ZoBoRSpinebreaker-EU1147
25Milfus HomageSpinebreaker-EU1146
26Asharalyn  Spinebreaker-EU1141Not updated
27Fèar LaldSpinebreaker-EU959
28Elríc The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU958
29Hjui Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU957
30Streamtrag The Rare HuntersSpinebreaker-EU768Not updated
30Isapektas  Spinebreaker-EU768Not updated
30Astri Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU768
30Insaniac LaldSpinebreaker-EU768Not updated
34Haero ShowtimeSpinebreaker-EU576Not updated
34Ellasia  Spinebreaker-EU576
34Nicòl The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU576
37Akiria LaldSpinebreaker-EU384
37Nathi The Shadow CouncilSpinebreaker-EU384
37Bloodyhitboy  Spinebreaker-EU384Not updated
37Tankndspank The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU384
37Implosion AzotSpinebreaker-EU384
37Robinhoed The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU384
43Maswin Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU192
43Vallia FlakaciSpinebreaker-EU192
43Bisti Lost GuardsSpinebreaker-EU192
43Bloodshammy GreenpeaceSpinebreaker-EU192Not updated
43Roccosiffred The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU192
43Magicblade The Rare HuntersSpinebreaker-EU192
43Pogpar savagesSpinebreaker-EU192Not updated
43Blacklela Lost GuardsSpinebreaker-EU192
43Sarahh The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU192
43Coolpaladk  Spinebreaker-EU192
43Bicuri ShowtimeSpinebreaker-EU192Not updated
43Brootje Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU192
43Trekne HomageSpinebreaker-EU192
43Revolutionz The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU192
57Lajle Lost GuardsSpinebreaker-EU0
57Dassilva Twilight SlayersSpinebreaker-EU0
57Ghabee Future meSpinebreaker-EU0Not updated
57Droodiy LaldSpinebreaker-EU0Not updated
57Yuhi RejectedSpinebreaker-EU0
57Aazavorn Twilight SlayersSpinebreaker-EU0
57Baislen GreenpeaceSpinebreaker-EU0Not updated
57Buffadin HomageSpinebreaker-EU0
57Nitrius World EclipseSpinebreaker-EU0
57Albix The DenSpinebreaker-EU0
57Kandemir Why so SeriousSpinebreaker-EU0
57Dagnabbit RejectedSpinebreaker-EU0Not updated
57Teazer HomageSpinebreaker-EU0
57Sarcophegus The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU0
57Burnedsoul Not quite MVPSpinebreaker-EU0Not updated
57Dianà S Z P A N O W N I ASpinebreaker-EU0Not updated
57Sazs We WaitSpinebreaker-EU0
57Bloodpioner GreenpeaceSpinebreaker-EU0Not updated
57Leggolaz Twilight SlayersSpinebreaker-EU0
57Llohrt  Spinebreaker-EU0
57Cibor RisenSpinebreaker-EU0Not updated
57Ganesa Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU0
57Hro Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU0
57Poeplip  Spinebreaker-EU0
57Mushon LaldSpinebreaker-EU0Not updated
57Hladni The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU0
57Bigles Why so SeriousSpinebreaker-EU0Not updated
57Krenon VooDoo ZoBoRSpinebreaker-EU0
57Yujiro Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU0
57Isotonik SuperNaturalSpinebreaker-EU0Not updated
57Pwnforhonor Not quite MVPSpinebreaker-EU0Not updated
57Ramajanul VooDoo ZoBoRSpinebreaker-EU0
57Triebig HomageSpinebreaker-EU0
57Rapan All StarzSpinebreaker-EU0
57Commadore RejectedSpinebreaker-EU0
57ßonez Revenge of the FallenSpinebreaker-EU0
57Ninjaswif Horde RaiderzSpinebreaker-EU0
57Lyshotern Highwind LegacySpinebreaker-EU0Not updated
57Misshated Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU0
57Aramiz GreenpeaceSpinebreaker-EU0Not updated
57Belestra HomageSpinebreaker-EU0
57Dratava Not quite MVPSpinebreaker-EU0Not updated
57Kathe LaldSpinebreaker-EU0Not updated
57Angelicauno HomageSpinebreaker-EU0

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