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Silver Hand-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Gobshugewang The War CouncilSilver Hand-US2196
2Swaggar The MulishaSilver Hand-US2027
3Stars The MulishaSilver Hand-US2022
4Someonelse The MulishaSilver Hand-US1960
5Prorion Hilarity EnsuesSilver Hand-US1911Not updated
6Backsyde The MulishaSilver Hand-US1899
7Hallebruinja Preemptive RetributionSilver Hand-US1893
8Cuby The MulishaSilver Hand-US1887
9Subzëro The MulishaSilver Hand-US1884
10Äcidrëign The MulishaSilver Hand-US1849
11Saberclaws Dawn of the DragonsSilver Hand-US1847
12Koyfish The MulishaSilver Hand-US1844
12Disarmed ExterminatusSilver Hand-US1844
14Jocko Main Tank DownSilver Hand-US1842
15Liquïd The War CouncilSilver Hand-US1841
16Alisonjo Dawn of the DragonsSilver Hand-US1836
17Shallow The MulishaSilver Hand-US1804
18Astralist RelentlessSilver Hand-US1802
19Pumpshe  Silver Hand-US1800
20Dubsacks ExterminatusSilver Hand-US1781
21Trongoon ExterminatusSilver Hand-US1767
22Tempesst Dawn of the DragonsSilver Hand-US1733
23Deadrage The MulishaSilver Hand-US1730
24Ziy The MulishaSilver Hand-US1728
25Lennx  Silver Hand-US1725
26Zhumaa Dawn of the DragonsSilver Hand-US1716
27Sumyoungguy Main Tank DownSilver Hand-US1712
28Jeffbieye The MulishaSilver Hand-US1705
29Mobbin  Silver Hand-US1702
30Nightravyn Dawn of the DragonsSilver Hand-US1699
31Kunnkka Mystic AbyssSilver Hand-US1689
32Magicheals  Silver Hand-US1687
33Weakness Once AgainSilver Hand-US1669
34Bravehearted Dawn of the DragonsSilver Hand-US1658
35Rendell The MulishaSilver Hand-US1651
36Dentik The Ironsong TribeSilver Hand-US1626
37Makrogg TitanCorpseSilver Hand-US1589
38Calinelor ExterminatusSilver Hand-US1574
39Ravynsclaw Dawn of the DragonsSilver Hand-US1530
40Traintronic Mystic AbyssSilver Hand-US1512
41Mythdalas Immortal syndicateSilver Hand-US1427
42Hawkryder Brothers of DestructionSilver Hand-US1332
43Nookevassa The MulishaSilver Hand-US1331
44Bløod The MulishaSilver Hand-US1328
45Straiker The War CouncilSilver Hand-US1327
45Sumyungho The MulishaSilver Hand-US1327
47Tooßad The MulishaSilver Hand-US1326
48Mihos Nu TirSilver Hand-US1279
49Grozzie The MulishaSilver Hand-US1149
49Reanan Handle ItSilver Hand-US1149
51Yoma The War CouncilSilver Hand-US1148
51Erevain Dawn of the DragonsSilver Hand-US1148
53Shampowah The MulishaSilver Hand-US1145
54Chocolatemlk The MulishaSilver Hand-US959
55Xaiegen Once AgainSilver Hand-US958
55Sammiam Main Tank DownSilver Hand-US958
55Amdiranifani Deaths EmbraceSilver Hand-US958
58Luunira RelentlessSilver Hand-US957
59Wargames Deaths EmbraceSilver Hand-US950
60Duadil Twilight RisingSilver Hand-US774
61Malkayne The MulishaSilver Hand-US768
61Junhoong ExodusSilver Hand-US768
61Conversion  Silver Hand-US768
61Skyê The MulishaSilver Hand-US768
61Drevil The ShaftSilver Hand-US768
61Allonzz Mystic AbyssSilver Hand-US768
67Titänia Hordian CrusadersSilver Hand-US767
67Tshol Silver DaggersSilver Hand-US767
69Ragden The MulishaSilver Hand-US576
69Effietrinket Deaths EmbraceSilver Hand-US576
69Uprooted Soldiers of HellSilver Hand-US576
69Spaghëtti The MulishaSilver Hand-US576
69Holyswag  Silver Hand-US576Not updated
69Tooßadd The MulishaSilver Hand-US576
69Colphon The MulishaSilver Hand-US576
69Romdru ExodusSilver Hand-US576
69Iizabo The MulishaSilver Hand-US576
69Saintly The MulishaSilver Hand-US576
69Graveripper The MulishaSilver Hand-US576
69Torock The MulishaSilver Hand-US576
69Rigomortes The MulishaSilver Hand-US576
69Bubblebee The MulishaSilver Hand-US576
69Eezma TorrentSilver Hand-US576
84Bhambhoo The War CouncilSilver Hand-US575
85Decorpse The MulishaSilver Hand-US384
85Burchzilla Dragon LordSilver Hand-US384
85Yeabro The MulishaSilver Hand-US384
85Stumang LegendSilver Hand-US384
85Drellon Forever FriendsSilver Hand-US384
85Ribz The MulishaSilver Hand-US384
85Ôptic DarkwraithSilver Hand-US384
85Jaroben Deaths EmbraceSilver Hand-US384
85Monket The MulishaSilver Hand-US384
85Naryko Once AgainSilver Hand-US384Not updated
85Budriley Rebellious AngelsSilver Hand-US384
85Elleanda ConstellationSilver Hand-US384
85Stwix The MulishaSilver Hand-US384
85Boost ExterminatusSilver Hand-US384
85Akihiro Mystic AbyssSilver Hand-US384
85Zhyiak DarkwraithSilver Hand-US384

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