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Silver Hand-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Gobshugewang The War CouncilSilver Hand-US2009
2Swagswagswag  Silver Hand-US1993Not updated
3Ziy The MulishaSilver Hand-US1719Not updated
4Deadrage The MulishaSilver Hand-US1679Not updated
5Titänia From the AshesSilver Hand-US1662Not updated
6Jocko Main Tank DownSilver Hand-US1656
7Swaggar The MulishaSilver Hand-US1655Not updated
8Stars The MulishaSilver Hand-US1585Not updated
9Tooßað The MulishaSilver Hand-US1544Not updated
10Koyfish The MulishaSilver Hand-US1496Not updated
11Magicheals  Silver Hand-US1471
12Hallebruinja Preemptive RetributionSilver Hand-US1452
13Sumyoungguy Main Tank DownSilver Hand-US1432
14Dubsacks ExterminatusSilver Hand-US1422
15Astralist RelentlessSilver Hand-US1415
16Shallow The MulishaSilver Hand-US1408Not updated
17Disarmed ExterminatusSilver Hand-US1356
18Trudge Cloud Nine AnonymousSilver Hand-US1334Not updated
19Strayker The War CouncilSilver Hand-US1319Not updated
20Mihos Nu TirSilver Hand-US1279
21Backsyde The MulishaSilver Hand-US1147Not updated
22Cuby The MulishaSilver Hand-US1142
23Äcidrëign The MulishaSilver Hand-US955Not updated
24Weakness Once AgainSilver Hand-US952
25Makrogg TitanCorpseSilver Hand-US946
26Icycoldmilk  Silver Hand-US768Not updated
26Shampowah The MulishaSilver Hand-US768Not updated
28Tärgosh  Silver Hand-US767Not updated
28Jeffbieye The MulishaSilver Hand-US767Not updated
28Ambazeki Shades of DecaySilver Hand-US767Not updated
31Mudgob lion heartSilver Hand-US766Not updated
32Winterishere Nu TirSilver Hand-US765
33Straiker The War CouncilSilver Hand-US576
33Nookevassa The MulishaSilver Hand-US576
33Dæfiled ExterminatusSilver Hand-US576Not updated
33Khargosh  Silver Hand-US576Not updated
33Bløod The MulishaSilver Hand-US576Not updated
33Tooßadd The MulishaSilver Hand-US576Not updated
33Artemius ExodusSilver Hand-US576
33Colphon The MulishaSilver Hand-US576
33Lëo The MulishaSilver Hand-US576
33Rigomortes The MulishaSilver Hand-US576Not updated
43Krommholtz  Silver Hand-US384Not updated
43Ignarius The MulishaSilver Hand-US384Not updated
43Ribz The MulishaSilver Hand-US384Not updated
43Stumang LegendSilver Hand-US384
43Uprooted Soldiers of HellSilver Hand-US384Not updated
43Subzëro The MulishaSilver Hand-US384Not updated
43Iizabo The MulishaSilver Hand-US384
43Graveripper The MulishaSilver Hand-US384
43Sumyungho The MulishaSilver Hand-US384
43Thundrmuffin  Silver Hand-US384Not updated
53Nechahira Land RaidersSilver Hand-US381
54Malkayne The MulishaSilver Hand-US192Not updated
54Ragden The MulishaSilver Hand-US192Not updated
54Sinje The MulishaSilver Hand-US192Not updated
54Lightnin The Hordes DemiseSilver Hand-US192
54Tooßad The MulishaSilver Hand-US192Not updated
54Mulgrum The MulishaSilver Hand-US192Not updated
54Arynh The MulishaSilver Hand-US192Not updated
54Budriley Scarlet WarriorsSilver Hand-US192
54Lightnon Phoenix MoonSilver Hand-US192
54Hippystomp ExodusSilver Hand-US192
54Adoxx RelentlessSilver Hand-US192Not updated
54Skyê The MulishaSilver Hand-US192Not updated
54Moocipher The MulishaSilver Hand-US192Not updated
54Bubblebee The MulishaSilver Hand-US192Not updated
54Asoi ConstellationSilver Hand-US192
69Gunn The War CouncilSilver Hand-US0Not updated
69Mozartian RelentlessSilver Hand-US0
69Waldir BloodboundSilver Hand-US0Not updated
69Lukia The ValiantSilver Hand-US0
69Pugsy Knights of the MarianasSilver Hand-US0
69Rakkir Nu TirSilver Hand-US0
69Thrallusson Pact of WarSilver Hand-US0
69Zoma Main Tank DownSilver Hand-US0
69Mudgrizzly Head Hunters IncSilver Hand-US0
69Arcinon Pact of WarSilver Hand-US0Not updated
69Friskeh RelentlessSilver Hand-US0
69Carnall Conclave of ShadowsSilver Hand-US0Not updated
69Angeleca Alliance GuardSilver Hand-US0
69Verwuster Razors EdgeSilver Hand-US0Not updated
69Murathe The War CouncilSilver Hand-US0
69Joneleth The War CouncilSilver Hand-US0Not updated
69Hellzeth BloodboundSilver Hand-US0Not updated
69Burns Caelestis TemplaresSilver Hand-US0
69Zagrid ExodusSilver Hand-US0
69Drayko The MulishaSilver Hand-US0Not updated
69Coryrzon  Silver Hand-US0Not updated
69Floorboard RelentlessSilver Hand-US0
69Cynthiapain GlitteratiSilver Hand-US0
69Starlear BlameRollSilver Hand-US0
69Danielena Red CrusadeSilver Hand-US0
69Otheuym Pact of WarSilver Hand-US0Not updated
69Tayjor Nu TirSilver Hand-US0
69Thaed Preemptive RetributionSilver Hand-US0
69Tellurian Pact of WarSilver Hand-US0Not updated
69Phideauxe IridescentSilver Hand-US0
69Caulfield The War CouncilSilver Hand-US0
69Sigma The ValiantSilver Hand-US0

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