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Shattered Hand-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Swagdaddy EnclaveShattered Hand-US2418Not updated
2Stillmatic ApophasisShattered Hand-US2382Not updated
3Íggyy EnclaveShattered Hand-US2337Not updated
4Muchopówer EnclaveShattered Hand-US2226Not updated
5Onlybusa EnclaveShattered Hand-US2220Not updated
6Validos TyrannyShattered Hand-US2216Not updated
7Derpbaggin EnclaveShattered Hand-US2214Not updated
8Iheals EnclaveShattered Hand-US2207Not updated
8Tne  Shattered Hand-US2207Not updated
10Eref EnclaveShattered Hand-US2206Not updated
11Hardek EnclaveShattered Hand-US2196Not updated
12Kulso Council of MagesShattered Hand-US2185Not updated
13Pewpewboom EnclaveShattered Hand-US2181Not updated
14Paddybruh Stats PleaseShattered Hand-US2173Not updated
15Paddybro  Shattered Hand-US2160Not updated
16Ferox EnclaveShattered Hand-US2137Not updated
17Iix  Shattered Hand-US2133Not updated
18Alce EnclaveShattered Hand-US2112Not updated
19Harrydotah  Shattered Hand-US2111Not updated
20Candelia ApophasisShattered Hand-US2109Not updated
21Plzdntnerfus EnclaveShattered Hand-US2095Not updated
22Dirtbaggin EnclaveShattered Hand-US2089Not updated
23Deathtrendz EnclaveShattered Hand-US2086Not updated
24Teebonk EnclaveShattered Hand-US2063Not updated
25Punîsher TyrannyShattered Hand-US2060Not updated
26Plzdntnerfty EnclaveShattered Hand-US2044Not updated
27Fãtty We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US2042Not updated
28Oroki VindicationShattered Hand-US2031Not updated
29Insolentleet EnclaveShattered Hand-US2011Not updated
29Will Stats PleaseShattered Hand-US2011Not updated
31Ogder Prophets Of DestinyShattered Hand-US1993Not updated
32Merkster EnclaveShattered Hand-US1972Not updated
32Elmonco Sparkle MotionShattered Hand-US1972Not updated
34Osulin Prophets Of DestinyShattered Hand-US1944Not updated
35Discotraxx Rabid Attack SquirrelsShattered Hand-US1936Not updated
36Cottoncandi AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US1899Not updated
37Tartarûs EnclaveShattered Hand-US1898Not updated
38Weedfosale EnclaveShattered Hand-US1887Not updated
39Nomane AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US1877Not updated
40Drewy Stats PleaseShattered Hand-US1876Not updated
41Anvion ApophasisShattered Hand-US1861Not updated
42Aèsir Stats PleaseShattered Hand-US1858Not updated
43Spoopy VindicationShattered Hand-US1848Not updated
44Claudío We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US1847Not updated
45Zerogorn EnclaveShattered Hand-US1841Not updated
46Zeuslord Gods of DestructionShattered Hand-US1826Not updated
47Féar Mystic ProphetsShattered Hand-US1824Not updated
48Kirit EnclaveShattered Hand-US1812Not updated
49Moltensoul Prophets Of DestinyShattered Hand-US1811Not updated
50Thecrowing We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US1806Not updated
50Drelcorg Stats PleaseShattered Hand-US1806Not updated
52Zymag We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US1794Not updated
53Chibrewz ApophasisShattered Hand-US1788Not updated
54Drooden AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US1785Not updated
55Cuddlesdkb We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US1782Not updated
56Yeliana Gods of DestructionShattered Hand-US1775Not updated
57Ahryah We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US1774Not updated
58Ibandage Stats PleaseShattered Hand-US1767Not updated
59Furióus Everybody Gets OneShattered Hand-US1762Not updated
60Kungfukid Stats PleaseShattered Hand-US1760Not updated
60Weeblzwobble TyrannyShattered Hand-US1760Not updated
62Rafaelito Prophets Of DestinyShattered Hand-US1754Not updated
63Xmarkz Gank My Alt Get My MainShattered Hand-US1753Not updated
64Àmbellina We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US1745Not updated
65Psycle We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US1742Not updated
66Sùn Prophets Of DestinyShattered Hand-US1737Not updated
67Zemag We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US1736Not updated
68Luminado Stats PleaseShattered Hand-US1724Not updated
69Alfdkb We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US1721Not updated
70Messup We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US1719Not updated
70Networkhero EnclaveShattered Hand-US1719Not updated
72Eqqus AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US1716Not updated
72Mindblast Gods of DestructionShattered Hand-US1716Not updated
74Chckyrsyx  Shattered Hand-US1712Not updated
74Quacker  Shattered Hand-US1712Not updated
76Rockstarx  Shattered Hand-US1710Not updated
77Sháolyn Stats PleaseShattered Hand-US1706Not updated
78Youlin Prophets Of DestinyShattered Hand-US1701Not updated
79Thorrodin Gods of DestructionShattered Hand-US1700Not updated
80Truchamp We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US1696Not updated
81Kungfunix We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US1693Not updated
82Duhbears VindicationShattered Hand-US1691Not updated
83Nikortwo  Shattered Hand-US1690Not updated
84Playsoon EnclaveShattered Hand-US1682Not updated
85Riproar We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US1675Not updated
86Razmatazz EnclaveShattered Hand-US1674Not updated
87Gangstadawg SOUL SOULJAShattered Hand-US1671Not updated
88Slagthar ApophasisShattered Hand-US1665Not updated
89Utter We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US1660Not updated
89Allmother We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US1660Not updated
91Mitis Stats PleaseShattered Hand-US1650Not updated
92Vulgin Stats PleaseShattered Hand-US1647Not updated
93Còkey EnclaveShattered Hand-US1646Not updated
94Yelia Gods of DestructionShattered Hand-US1631Not updated
95Deathpain We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US1625Not updated
96Jizzelle Sparkle MotionShattered Hand-US1618Not updated
97Deathtoblood We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US1609Not updated
98Maijin We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US1608Not updated
99Hanedra We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US1607Not updated
100Magnatos ApophasisShattered Hand-US1606Not updated

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