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Shattered Hand-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Felic No RegretsShattered Hand-EU2036
2Tørrø Sons of DurotarShattered Hand-EU1915
3Lucdorothée EAST DRAGON HORNORShattered Hand-EU1863
4Traumfänger dios sovereigntyShattered Hand-EU1856
5Newanglol dios sovereigntyShattered Hand-EU1855
6Zuckerhasi dios sovereigntyShattered Hand-EU1853
7Edrén SPELShattered Hand-EU1845
8Gangnanstyle EAST DRAGON HORNORShattered Hand-EU1832
9Clnlcustard ViciousEmperorShattered Hand-EU1807
10Monkstersson TwistedShattered Hand-EU1800
11Menaah Knights of the CrossShattered Hand-EU1798Not updated
11Enzytex TwistedShattered Hand-EU1798
13Anuszka TwistedShattered Hand-EU1765
14Sweettgirll FokusShattered Hand-EU1762Not updated
15Posthuman TwistedShattered Hand-EU1756Not updated
16Harul TwistedShattered Hand-EU1754
16Bergrisstt TwistedShattered Hand-EU1754
18Jexs TwistedShattered Hand-EU1749
19Saurug KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU1742
20Kärnkráft TwistedShattered Hand-EU1718
20Luciuse RepulsionShattered Hand-EU1718
22Elherman TwistedShattered Hand-EU1715
23Boozz TwistedShattered Hand-EU1714
24Svartxdd Sons of DurotarShattered Hand-EU1712
25Iceroco E V OShattered Hand-EU1710Not updated
26Sjaku Sons of DurotarShattered Hand-EU1706
27Excalibar E V OShattered Hand-EU1694Not updated
27Górthax Sons of DurotarShattered Hand-EU1694Not updated
29Weedofdoom Undisclosed RageShattered Hand-EU1693
30Präppen  Shattered Hand-EU1684Not updated
31Nizara Sons of DurotarShattered Hand-EU1680
32Remilia The Secret CowlevelShattered Hand-EU1677
33Dotyouup The EnquisShattered Hand-EU1676Not updated
34Fäka Sons of DurotarShattered Hand-EU1675
34Renieve Sons of DurotarShattered Hand-EU1675
34Rasforskarn SPELShattered Hand-EU1675Not updated
37Zidraxon Sons of DurotarShattered Hand-EU1668Not updated
38Murica Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU1667Not updated
39Summergaile Sons of DurotarShattered Hand-EU1662
40Archewar GraoulliShattered Hand-EU1661Not updated
41Kershuk KorpiklaaniShattered Hand-EU1637
42Rozerz FIRMAFESTShattered Hand-EU1631Not updated
43Gravekiss E V OShattered Hand-EU1627
44Nayi KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU1623
45Adcarryzc Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1620
46Embraser LocomotionShattered Hand-EU1618
46Bloodakk Crimson Fellas UnitedShattered Hand-EU1618
48Longlyorc LADEN GANGShattered Hand-EU1613
49Srserious  Shattered Hand-EU1611Not updated
50Vain SPELShattered Hand-EU1593
51Jinero dios sovereigntyShattered Hand-EU1588
52Skadooch ViciousEmperorShattered Hand-EU1586
53Gitgud ViciousEmperorShattered Hand-EU1569
54Criuss Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1554
55Cydercc Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1547
56Hurtz ViciousEmperorShattered Hand-EU1545
57Leoombre Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1535
58Amyprincess LiVEShattered Hand-EU1534Not updated
58Esparta Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1534
60Wtfrwedoing Clan GrimmShattered Hand-EU1531
61Mccr LADEN GANGShattered Hand-EU1524Not updated
62Keltsi KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU1518
63Lovelymc Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1513
64Acquazzurrà Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1499
65Tiwindger Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1498
66Armoton  Shattered Hand-EU1496
66Lisälaite KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU1496
66Keggek  Shattered Hand-EU1496
66Xiaobaba Blood VengeanceShattered Hand-EU1496
70Whitewings Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1482
71Ryukooh E V OShattered Hand-EU1479
72Azùla Geek unitShattered Hand-EU1475
73Amelîe ViciousEmperorShattered Hand-EU1468
74Alanlos Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1467
75Gudnite Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1463
76Dizzie TwistedShattered Hand-EU1462
76Zulazim ViciousEmperorShattered Hand-EU1462
78Chowyunfat Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1458
78Ragegrinder BGRSShattered Hand-EU1458
80Valisa Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1455
81Anothèr FAYEShattered Hand-EU1451
82Yoomoo Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1448
83Frozencow ViciousEmperorShattered Hand-EU1447
84Wárlöck dios sovereigntyShattered Hand-EU1443
85Remarkably rawrerShattered Hand-EU1439
86Anisha E V OShattered Hand-EU1436
87Mirajen Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1434
87Vrugoth ViciousEmperorShattered Hand-EU1434
89Gordonyo Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU1426
90Vanille LiVEShattered Hand-EU1425Not updated
91Dingziku Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1404
92Lightam Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1380
92Violeteye Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1380
92Pandaruiya Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1380
95Sprachlos Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1378
96Sharpshoot Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1374
97Lonelymc Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1372
98Xiaolee Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1361
99Lucdoro EAST DRAGON HORNORShattered Hand-EU1337
100Rukawa Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1335

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