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Shattered Hand-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Felic No RegretsShattered Hand-EU2395
2Shamée TwistedShattered Hand-EU2265
3Emnm TwistedShattered Hand-EU2218
4Tibiis TwistedShattered Hand-EU2176
5Gördøn Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU2173
6Jinnxy TwistedShattered Hand-EU2157
7Enzyte TwistedShattered Hand-EU2150
8Jinnx TwistedShattered Hand-EU2143
9Moostafire Time OutShattered Hand-EU2107
10Gordonyo Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU2103
11Hazardous SPELShattered Hand-EU2089
12Kahvipannu KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU2087
13Hakspoks Gangsta GuildShattered Hand-EU2073
13Switchrune Order Of The HammerShattered Hand-EU2073
15Longlyorc LADEN GANGShattered Hand-EU2061
16Cravers VictusShattered Hand-EU2058
17Airlock TwistedShattered Hand-EU2049
18Excalibar dios sovereigntyShattered Hand-EU2034
18Newanglol dios sovereigntyShattered Hand-EU2034
18Zuckerhasi dios sovereigntyShattered Hand-EU2034
21Lucdorothée EAST DRAGON HORNORShattered Hand-EU2033
22Nyxxz TwistedShattered Hand-EU2016
23Drakthull SwiftnessShattered Hand-EU2008
24Munkee Gangsta GuildShattered Hand-EU2000
25Xíayu United AnarchyShattered Hand-EU1989Not updated
26Chowyunfat Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1982
26Fengwei TwistedShattered Hand-EU1982
28Jinnxio TwistedShattered Hand-EU1979
29Boozz TwistedShattered Hand-EU1973
29Traumfänger dios sovereigntyShattered Hand-EU1973
31Wickone FallacyShattered Hand-EU1972
32Jinijinixien PlutonenShattered Hand-EU1971
33Jexs TwistedShattered Hand-EU1960
34Monsterkris BATTERYShattered Hand-EU1957
35Tako Valhalla awaitsShattered Hand-EU1954
36Cälypso Raccoon Kill SquadShattered Hand-EU1952
37Wezzán TwistedShattered Hand-EU1947
38Unclezhong dios sovereigntyShattered Hand-EU1933
39Trollosson TwistedShattered Hand-EU1931
40Monkstersson TwistedShattered Hand-EU1929
41Jinero E V OShattered Hand-EU1926
42Edrén SPELShattered Hand-EU1925
42Sathrago Mickeys PlayhouseShattered Hand-EU1925
44Raflor TwistedShattered Hand-EU1924
45Warmkitty No RegretsShattered Hand-EU1921Not updated
46Jezza VictusShattered Hand-EU1919
47Freezebunny Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1918
48Nabz TwistedShattered Hand-EU1917
48Peepooh TwistedShattered Hand-EU1917
50Whitewings Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1916
51Warlockl Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1914
52Headreaper Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1912
52Nizara Sons of DurotarShattered Hand-EU1912
54Kershuk KorpiklaaniShattered Hand-EU1901
54Eruza Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1901
56Mirajen M O M OShattered Hand-EU1900
57Kabujimo Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1894
58Ærren VictusShattered Hand-EU1892
59Leukippos  Shattered Hand-EU1890Not updated
60Anxity Ancient NationShattered Hand-EU1887
60Saurug KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU1887
62Coldlight Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1884Not updated
63Abbye M O M OShattered Hand-EU1883Not updated
64Arskaberger TwistedShattered Hand-EU1879
64Ddazhuzhu Rich Second GenerationShattered Hand-EU1879
66Gorothh KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU1878
67Míthras FLIPPINGJAOShattered Hand-EU1876
67Lovelymc Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1876
69Psychosweet Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1875
70Thirad ViciousShattered Hand-EU1874Not updated
70Enzytex  Shattered Hand-EU1874Not updated
72Madcøw TwistedShattered Hand-EU1872
73Bushimeizi TMDShattered Hand-EU1870
73Fuzzubunny Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1870
75Harul TwistedShattered Hand-EU1866
76Dekayu RaptumShattered Hand-EU1864
77Lucdoro dios sovereigntyShattered Hand-EU1859
78Azornik PlutonenShattered Hand-EU1857
79Ðeáth Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1855
80Conrue No RegretsShattered Hand-EU1853
81Stareatmyeye Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1851
82Usainbolts Happy EndingsShattered Hand-EU1848
83Bergrisstt TwistedShattered Hand-EU1847
84Tagá The Council of DeathShattered Hand-EU1846Not updated
85Euzi FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU1843
85Wézzan IndefiniteShattered Hand-EU1843
87Rukawa Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1841
88Minkén TwistedShattered Hand-EU1840Not updated
88Markilius  Shattered Hand-EU1840
90Rozerz  Shattered Hand-EU1839
91Frafra TerrorbladeShattered Hand-EU1838
91Drappy VeteransShattered Hand-EU1838
93Hontard TwistedShattered Hand-EU1837
94Fraggleqt Battle BaconsShattered Hand-EU1835
95Jezzaa THE MIDNIGHT MAFFIAShattered Hand-EU1829
96Mauruder Geek unitShattered Hand-EU1828
96Healtk GraoulliShattered Hand-EU1828
98Anisha M O M OShattered Hand-EU1824
99Blackchen TerrorbladeShattered Hand-EU1821
100Cazador Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU1820

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