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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Shadowmoon-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Nietsrik The Night ShiftShadowmoon-US2211Not updated
2Lilcocoxoxo PwniesShadowmoon-US2203Not updated
3Sôokie Horde To DeathShadowmoon-US2176Not updated
4Tsünami Commanders of ChaosShadowmoon-US2156Not updated
5Chibunny Happy Tree FriendsShadowmoon-US2089Not updated
6Helbunny xoxoShadowmoon-US2079Not updated
7Imagenthat Devils RejectsShadowmoon-US2072Not updated
8Bootyclapper xoxoShadowmoon-US2065Not updated
9Kookookatchu Durotar Bobsled TeamShadowmoon-US2063Not updated
10Creezusx PwniesShadowmoon-US2048Not updated
11Sniffuout DementedShadowmoon-US2047Not updated
12Karmagheden eXistenZShadowmoon-US2040Not updated
13Stärbrïght Happy Tree FriendsShadowmoon-US2029Not updated
14Monosyllabic Maximum ChopShadowmoon-US2021Not updated
15Razekel Durotar Bobsled TeamShadowmoon-US2013Not updated
16Peekehboo Commanders of ChaosShadowmoon-US2002Not updated
17Bomchet Got Ur GoatShadowmoon-US2000Not updated
17Zalwarrior Got Ur GoatShadowmoon-US2000Not updated
17Bexybaby Got Ur GoatShadowmoon-US2000Not updated
17Murimonk Got Ur GoatShadowmoon-US2000Not updated
17Chenjesu Durotar Bobsled TeamShadowmoon-US2000Not updated
22Shilou DementedShadowmoon-US1995Not updated
22Wessymoney Durotar Bobsled TeamShadowmoon-US1995Not updated
22Cheets Durotar Bobsled TeamShadowmoon-US1995Not updated
25Splerks The HorsemenShadowmoon-US1992Not updated
26Ghôstx DementedShadowmoon-US1988Not updated
27Felbunny ReckoningShadowmoon-US1982Not updated
28Bööndocks Durotar Bobsled TeamShadowmoon-US1976Not updated
29Allysminion xoxoShadowmoon-US1972Not updated
30Mastablastaa DementedShadowmoon-US1971Not updated
31Vuulu The HorsemenShadowmoon-US1942Not updated
32Tyräel Commanders of ChaosShadowmoon-US1939Not updated
32Rushurdead Durotar Bobsled TeamShadowmoon-US1939Not updated
34Sylry eXistenZShadowmoon-US1935Not updated
35Hangoverr Durotar Bobsled TeamShadowmoon-US1930Not updated
36Tabenergy EidolonShadowmoon-US1927Not updated
37Savagecat DementedShadowmoon-US1921Not updated
37Ëzy DementedShadowmoon-US1921Not updated
39Shôckazuluu DementedShadowmoon-US1920Not updated
40Pewpewmon AuthorityShadowmoon-US1909Not updated
41Jasonxx RenegádeShadowmoon-US1902Not updated
42Skullcrusher Horde To DeathShadowmoon-US1901Not updated
43Topshelf The HorsemenShadowmoon-US1891Not updated
44Dreadrick SinisterShadowmoon-US1889Not updated
45Outfoxed  Shadowmoon-US1887Not updated
45Metaphor AuthorityShadowmoon-US1887Not updated
47Cadalac Happy Tree FriendsShadowmoon-US1885Not updated
48Lðst SinisterShadowmoon-US1882Not updated
48Rastamon Durotar Bobsled TeamShadowmoon-US1882Not updated
50Iceryn DementedShadowmoon-US1873Not updated
50Datstank RenegádeShadowmoon-US1873Not updated
52Grayv SinisterShadowmoon-US1869Not updated
53Pycckuú New LegionShadowmoon-US1867Not updated
53Ildiko Happy Tree FriendsShadowmoon-US1867Not updated
55Dojoo DojoShadowmoon-US1866Not updated
56Eradicate The HorsemenShadowmoon-US1860Not updated
56Thispriest UnderratedShadowmoon-US1860Not updated
58Stärlïght Happy Tree FriendsShadowmoon-US1859Not updated
58Martyrmage AuthorityShadowmoon-US1859Not updated
60Ekuzo  Shadowmoon-US1857Not updated
61Facëroll Happy Tree FriendsShadowmoon-US1850Not updated
62Kirjath Laughing CoffinShadowmoon-US1849Not updated
62Kretaros AuthorityShadowmoon-US1849Not updated
64Ninjagnar PvP TrainerShadowmoon-US1847Not updated
64Sythikus Laughing CoffinShadowmoon-US1847Not updated
66Exeos GANKyou Come AgainShadowmoon-US1844Not updated
67Soladine RenegádeShadowmoon-US1843Not updated
68Ragefarmer UnderratedShadowmoon-US1842Not updated
69Tictocdots AuthorityShadowmoon-US1840Not updated
70Loups AshesofthePhoenixShadowmoon-US1828Not updated
71Chrondiggity UnreasonableShadowmoon-US1827Not updated
72Shòt Happy Tree FriendsShadowmoon-US1826Not updated
73Arkzend Border ChaosShadowmoon-US1815Not updated
74Zánt AuthorityShadowmoon-US1809Not updated
75Fuyji eXistenZShadowmoon-US1802Not updated
76Whomping RenegádeShadowmoon-US1800Not updated
77Dânte Likwid HyuzuShadowmoon-US1798Not updated
78Itsemilymae UnreasonableShadowmoon-US1796Not updated
79Mortaal Hellscream VanguardShadowmoon-US1792Not updated
80Dankzs RenegádeShadowmoon-US1787Not updated
81Swaug RenegádeShadowmoon-US1784Not updated
82Alenoriaa DementedShadowmoon-US1779Not updated
83Xextremedk Divine InfusionShadowmoon-US1773Not updated
84Alfurael UltimatumShadowmoon-US1770Not updated
85Skadöösh Durotar Bobsled TeamShadowmoon-US1769Not updated
86Treefur AuthorityShadowmoon-US1764Not updated
87Auriannã Happy Tree FriendsShadowmoon-US1757Not updated
88Mulu BrigandsShadowmoon-US1753Not updated
88Druidrox IncarnationShadowmoon-US1753Not updated
90Lollipoppin Hellscream VanguardShadowmoon-US1748Not updated
91Juggernaùt AuthorityShadowmoon-US1743Not updated
91Kashcow AuthorityShadowmoon-US1743Not updated
93Føcused UnreasonableShadowmoon-US1731Not updated
94Voxe  Shadowmoon-US1730Not updated
95Msdash The Night ShiftShadowmoon-US1729Not updated
96Pootypootsie eXistenZShadowmoon-US1726Not updated
97Copops Happy Tree FriendsShadowmoon-US1723Not updated
98Maxcast UnreasonableShadowmoon-US1719Not updated
99Diabetes OblivionShadowmoon-US1716Not updated
100Kinegos The HorsemenShadowmoon-US1714Not updated

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