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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Shadowmoon-TW Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1君莫笑妾莫哭 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW2337Not updated
2Amlsy 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW2088Not updated
3Ivane MontuShadowmoon-TW2028Not updated
4Ginunaga AchieVementSShadowmoon-TW1975Not updated
5時任麻希 元氣家族Shadowmoon-TW1972Not updated
6伊亞瑟夫 黎明曙光Shadowmoon-TW1885Not updated
7打臉會會長 AimerShadowmoon-TW1855Not updated
8蒼月夜隱 Warm nestShadowmoon-TW1846Not updated
9牧款而來 Blue Ocean StrategyShadowmoon-TW1839Not updated
10殤玥舞 雷遍暗影Shadowmoon-TW1836Not updated
11小土仔 聖譽Shadowmoon-TW1834Not updated
11款冬 聰明伶俐好公會Shadowmoon-TW1834Not updated
13醉舞樓蘭 轉動命運之輪Shadowmoon-TW1824Not updated
14跑魂只是偶然 夢想的起點Shadowmoon-TW1816Not updated
15古滋古  Shadowmoon-TW1811Not updated
15一小靚寧一 夏目友人帳Shadowmoon-TW1811Not updated
17一元帥一 夏目友人帳Shadowmoon-TW1809Not updated
18若薇亞 Smile and silenceShadowmoon-TW1807Not updated
19Therra 真情國度Shadowmoon-TW1806Not updated
19夜玥楓痕 風雨天下 日月無光Shadowmoon-TW1806Not updated
21香草麥茶 聰明伶俐好公會Shadowmoon-TW1801Not updated
22不趴 伊斯特Shadowmoon-TW1793Not updated
23金馬 羅馬假日影迷俱樂部Shadowmoon-TW1789Not updated
24獵物在哪 Blue Ocean StrategyShadowmoon-TW1788Not updated
25瑀芯蔚 聰明伶俐好公會Shadowmoon-TW1776Not updated
26零度魅兒 聰明伶俐好公會Shadowmoon-TW1770Not updated
27均樺 皇家龍騎士Shadowmoon-TW1759Not updated
28冰糖燉燕窩 四個甜蜜寶貝Shadowmoon-TW1752Not updated
29Nonnie Last ExileShadowmoon-TW1745Not updated
30一留心一  Shadowmoon-TW1743Not updated
31萬年卡奴 四個甜蜜寶貝Shadowmoon-TW1742Not updated
32卡洛夫 聰明伶俐好公會Shadowmoon-TW1740Not updated
33手下無情 夏目友人帳Shadowmoon-TW1733Not updated
34Melu 奧米利斯草莓園Shadowmoon-TW1726Not updated
35淡如止水 BvBeJShadowmoon-TW1725Not updated
36艾芙蘿黛忒 雷遍暗影Shadowmoon-TW1724Not updated
37楓葉霖 雷遍暗影Shadowmoon-TW1722Not updated
38聖安之女 EighteemShadowmoon-TW1721Not updated
39暗月阿蕾克托 夢想的起點Shadowmoon-TW1712Not updated
40秀斗魔導師 四個甜蜜寶貝Shadowmoon-TW1711Not updated
41神鬼卡奴 皇家龍騎士Shadowmoon-TW1707Not updated
42莫里斯雷烤盃 Smile and silenceShadowmoon-TW1706Not updated
43天天惡補 轉動命運之輪Shadowmoon-TW1701Not updated
44Sskyop 雪雪女王的邪惡會所Shadowmoon-TW1700Not updated
45珠緹龐  Shadowmoon-TW1698Not updated
46酷戰神 七王國的榮耀Shadowmoon-TW1696Not updated
46Obba Smile and silenceShadowmoon-TW1696Not updated
48空空的 AchieVementSShadowmoon-TW1694Not updated
49Holisy 四個甜蜜寶貝Shadowmoon-TW1688Not updated
49敏感先生 四個甜蜜寶貝Shadowmoon-TW1688Not updated
51追憶之鼠 向日葵Shadowmoon-TW1686Not updated
51暗月愛因斯坦 夢想的起點Shadowmoon-TW1686Not updated
53劻仔 Eternal DisillusionmentShadowmoon-TW1683Not updated
54鬼凡芯 雪雪女王的邪惡會所Shadowmoon-TW1681Not updated
55鴻基 後壁厝Shadowmoon-TW1679Not updated
55艾德斯塔克  Shadowmoon-TW1679Not updated
57一丫密斯一  Shadowmoon-TW1678Not updated
58羽小賊 珞羽小甸Shadowmoon-TW1675Not updated
59真暗言術 Quiet summerShadowmoon-TW1673Not updated
60寶利達逼 傳奇Shadowmoon-TW1668Not updated
61風之羅剎 七王國的榮耀Shadowmoon-TW1666Not updated
62補乂兒  Shadowmoon-TW1661Not updated
63Azerostar 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW1660Not updated
64Engelmann The oceanShadowmoon-TW1659Not updated
65一小紅莓一  Shadowmoon-TW1656Not updated
66阿芙蘿黛特 四個甜蜜寶貝Shadowmoon-TW1655Not updated
67蒼羽之首 聰明伶俐好公會Shadowmoon-TW1654Not updated
68大坤 後壁厝Shadowmoon-TW1652Not updated
68花紙鳶 風雨天下 日月無光Shadowmoon-TW1652Not updated
70塵封再起 魔幻琉璃Shadowmoon-TW1648Not updated
71風之騎士  Shadowmoon-TW1647Not updated
72闇月弒神 AchieVementSShadowmoon-TW1645Not updated
72風之無限大 夜之海Shadowmoon-TW1645Not updated
74南風烈焰 黎明曙光Shadowmoon-TW1644Not updated
75若雨葳 傳奇Shadowmoon-TW1643Not updated
76卡奴奇緣 四個甜蜜寶貝Shadowmoon-TW1637Not updated
76可愛小蓓蓓 七王國的榮耀Shadowmoon-TW1637Not updated
78飛燕絕麗 元氣家族Shadowmoon-TW1632Not updated
78咕嚕喵 老爺快點夫人會看見Shadowmoon-TW1632Not updated
80一龍嘯一 雪雪女王的邪惡會所Shadowmoon-TW1629Not updated
81獵人騎士 聰明伶俐好公會Shadowmoon-TW1628Not updated
82Aberserk Quiet summerShadowmoon-TW1626Not updated
83卡比歐拉妮 雪雪女王的邪惡會所Shadowmoon-TW1623Not updated
84Fry pinnacleShadowmoon-TW1621Not updated
85戮厲鏡 七王國的榮耀Shadowmoon-TW1619Not updated
85楠寶豬豬  Shadowmoon-TW1619Not updated
87微光雨  Shadowmoon-TW1616Not updated
88武裝鬥神 雪雪女王的邪惡會所Shadowmoon-TW1613Not updated
89火龍的咆哮 Emerald DreamShadowmoon-TW1612Not updated
90紅色回憶  Shadowmoon-TW1611Not updated
91阿賓哥哥 魔幻琉璃Shadowmoon-TW1610Not updated
91百花錯拳 魔幻琉璃Shadowmoon-TW1610Not updated
93Besthuntertw 七王國的榮耀Shadowmoon-TW1608Not updated
93十天羽十 珞羽小甸Shadowmoon-TW1608Not updated
95筱娟 四個甜蜜寶貝Shadowmoon-TW1604Not updated
96雪舞夜 魔幻琉璃Shadowmoon-TW1599Not updated
97Oneoone Smile of AngelShadowmoon-TW1598Not updated
98哀滴  Shadowmoon-TW1593Not updated
99井上律子 傳奇Shadowmoon-TW1592Not updated
99冰小法 黎明曙光Shadowmoon-TW1592Not updated

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