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Shadow Council-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Hamsti Digital AddictionShadow Council-US2265
2Epidemic Jungle FeverShadow Council-US2088
3Gripnsip And My Lame FriendsShadow Council-US2042
4Keanis BlissShadow Council-US2033
5Drewid Jungle FeverShadow Council-US2025
6Totesmagoats And My Lame FriendsShadow Council-US2022
7Doctoren Jungle FeverShadow Council-US2015
8Leonídas Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US2008
9Soolsie And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US2003
10Arumat And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1990
11Koalayumyum And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1987
12Polmrok And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1984
13Arbo And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1979
14Crazybone Knights TemplârShadow Council-US1969
15Zanthus And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1960
16Nalik  Shadow Council-US1936
17Orbweaver Safe WordShadow Council-US1915
18Soollee And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1907
19Kungfuish Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US1899
20Koalayummies And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1893
21Holice Ancient RepublicShadow Council-US1892
22Argamius Black OmenShadow Council-US1869
22Zelithian Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US1869
24Coolmike And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1858
25Heavyhealer And My Lame FriendsShadow Council-US1849
26Anàrch Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US1847
27Aèrodynamics Virtus AeternumShadow Council-US1841
28Drutard And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1838
29Koalafanxox And My Lame FriendsShadow Council-US1835
30Derfy And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1833
31Mint And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1818
32Koalabi And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1815
33Xynfull KaizenShadow Council-US1813
34Kibishi my back hurtsShadow Council-US1811
35Rolañd Twisted NerveShadow Council-US1801
36Darsnuu And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1798
37Elloco SolaceShadow Council-US1797
38Sel Deja VuShadow Council-US1794
39Ortalbem KaizenShadow Council-US1790
40Allcaps Twisted NerveShadow Council-US1789
41Lazywonko League of OceaniaShadow Council-US1786
42Giefu EnigmaShadow Council-US1783
43Xyanide KaizenShadow Council-US1782
44Ellcasador SolaceShadow Council-US1781
45Bassgesus EnigmaShadow Council-US1775Not updated
45Elltoro SolaceShadow Council-US1775
47Ethella KaizenShadow Council-US1763
48Crosïs Jungle FeverShadow Council-US1759Not updated
49Saqqarà KaizenShadow Council-US1751
50Thwump KaizenShadow Council-US1750
50Riotvirus KaizenShadow Council-US1750
52Glacks Southern Water TribeShadow Council-US1748
52Hodgepodgen Southern Water TribeShadow Council-US1748
54Koalafrosty And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1747
55Jutic KaizenShadow Council-US1743
56Miyuki And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1742
57Southern Ancient RepublicShadow Council-US1737
57Herpet And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1737
59Soolee Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US1736
60Sools And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1733
61Greenivy KaizenShadow Council-US1728
62Iggby KaizenShadow Council-US1723
63Staìl KaizenShadow Council-US1721
64Aesthetics And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1712
65Ogaboogie Mum Caught Me GankenShadow Council-US1697
66Koalafoofoo And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1694
67Koalakisses And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1690
68Edalene Virtus AeternumShadow Council-US1683
69Jhess Fights In The ShadeShadow Council-US1680
70Crapmostank Southern Water TribeShadow Council-US1678
71Stinkky Jungle FeverShadow Council-US1671
72Elpadre SolaceShadow Council-US1669
73Ellgitano SolaceShadow Council-US1662
74Koalafluffy And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1651
75Talfur And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1644
76Taked And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1641
76Meowwmeow And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1641
78Animalface Southern Water TribeShadow Council-US1634Not updated
79Jackaroo Imperial RegulatorsShadow Council-US1599Not updated
80Ragingbear And My Lame FriendsShadow Council-US1591
81Peghalol Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US1567
82Sarinthial Imperial RegulatorsShadow Council-US1560
83Nelinar EnigmaShadow Council-US1552Not updated
84Vampsterdam Southern Water TribeShadow Council-US1546Not updated
85Temujin Imperial RegulatorsShadow Council-US1541
86Khareese Twilight ChapterShadow Council-US1531
87Aguuk Southern Water TribeShadow Council-US1530
88Scatterout  Shadow Council-US1528
89Vasektimy And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1525
90Cheddars SykShadow Council-US1507
91Palebrew Full DisclosureShadow Council-US1504
92Waldor And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1496
93Shapeshïfter EnigmaShadow Council-US1488Not updated
94Speakeasy Southern Water TribeShadow Council-US1472Not updated
95Mormekil Safe WordShadow Council-US1439
96Kintokk Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US1419
97Køan ResurrectionShadow Council-US1412
98Grathord And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1341
99Vellindndvia For the ShiniesShadow Council-US1335
100Lextoro GenericShadow Council-US1325

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