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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Shadow Council-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Soolsfanxox And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US2246Not updated
2Kintok BlissShadow Council-US2219Not updated
2Gripnsip And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US2219Not updated
4Arbo And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US2208Not updated
5Koalafanx And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US2204Not updated
6Aesthetics And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US2196Not updated
7Orihijme my back hurtsShadow Council-US2189Not updated
8Zanthus Digital AddictionShadow Council-US2170Not updated
9Palehoof Full DisclosureShadow Council-US2167Not updated
10Keanis BlissShadow Council-US2155Not updated
11Epidemic Jungle FeverShadow Council-US2147Not updated
12Drewid Jungle FeverShadow Council-US2136Not updated
13Crazybone Full DisclosureShadow Council-US2133Not updated
14Derfy And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US2129Not updated
15Soolsie And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US2109Not updated
16Vasektimy And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US2099Not updated
17Lucror And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US2098Not updated
18Wholyness my back hurtsShadow Council-US2090Not updated
19Koalayumyum And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US2085Not updated
20Snidalap my back hurtsShadow Council-US2077Not updated
21Doctoren Jungle FeverShadow Council-US2073Not updated
22Coolmike And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US2072Not updated
23Castoor Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US2065Not updated
24Arumat And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US2058Not updated
25Kungfuish Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US2055Not updated
26Brenno KaizenShadow Council-US2046Not updated
27Castx Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US2026Not updated
28Xynfull KaizenShadow Council-US2017Not updated
29Leonídas Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US2008Not updated
30Koalafoofoo And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US2002Not updated
31Soolee Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US2000Not updated
32Polmrok And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1984Not updated
33Hotsause Twisted NerveShadow Council-US1943Not updated
34Koalakisses And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1942Not updated
35Koalabi And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1933Not updated
36Koalayummies And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1893Not updated
37Herpet And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1870Not updated
38Palebrew Full DisclosureShadow Council-US1853Not updated
39Anàrch Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US1847Not updated
40Rolañd Twisted NerveShadow Council-US1840Not updated
41Drutard And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1838Not updated
42Albidum SykShadow Council-US1805Not updated
43Kibishi my back hurtsShadow Council-US1803Not updated
44Koalafluffy And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1802Not updated
45Ortalbem KaizenShadow Council-US1790Not updated
46Sools And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1775Not updated
47Ethella KaizenShadow Council-US1763Not updated
48Saqqarà KaizenShadow Council-US1751Not updated
49Jutic KaizenShadow Council-US1743Not updated
50Miyuki And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1742Not updated
51Riotvirus KaizenShadow Council-US1739Not updated
52Greenivy KaizenShadow Council-US1728Not updated
53Lextoro GenericShadow Council-US1724Not updated
54Fanuir The Relief SocietyShadow Council-US1683Not updated
55Jhess Fights In The ShadeShadow Council-US1680Not updated
56Meowwmeow And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1676Not updated
57Elpadre SolaceShadow Council-US1669Not updated
58Changealot AtlasShadow Council-US1666Not updated
59Janjapi Royal BloodShadow Council-US1656Not updated
60Merlinii Royal BloodShadow Council-US1655Not updated
61Peghalol Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US1567Not updated
62Arragone Royal BloodShadow Council-US1546Not updated
63Temujin Twilight ChapterShadow Council-US1541Not updated
64Khareese Twilight ChapterShadow Council-US1531Not updated
65Trappedin And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1530Not updated
66Grathord And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1525Not updated
67Yahell Sapphire SinnersShadow Council-US1519Not updated
68Cheddars SykShadow Council-US1507Not updated
69Waldor And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1496Not updated
70Mormekil Safe WordShadow Council-US1439Not updated
71Kintokk Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US1419Not updated
72Yes Digital AddictionShadow Council-US1335Not updated
72Vellindndvia For the ShiniesShadow Council-US1335Not updated
74Bëeyatch ResurrectionShadow Council-US1334Not updated
75Talì Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US1324Not updated
76Mînkus SolaceShadow Council-US1268Not updated
77Solveige And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1152Not updated
78Bammboozle And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1151Not updated
78Oliviawilde Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US1151Not updated
78Xynnless KaizenShadow Council-US1151Not updated
81Oxis The Immortal LeagueShadow Council-US1148Not updated
82Doterup ResurrectionShadow Council-US1147Not updated
82Massived And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1147Not updated
84Pràka Titans JudgmentShadow Council-US1145Not updated
85Grumarmot SykShadow Council-US1144Not updated
86Titowi Twilight ChapterShadow Council-US1143Not updated
87Superdrol And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1142Not updated
88Izel Digital AddictionShadow Council-US1138Not updated
89Briandre GenericShadow Council-US1137Not updated
90Trappedout And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US960Not updated
90Pineapplez And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US960Not updated
90Dands Twisted NerveShadow Council-US960Not updated
90Akhtu Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US960Not updated
90Sararis Patronus de FortunaShadow Council-US960Not updated
90Squìrtle And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US960Not updated
96Memnøn Titans JudgmentShadow Council-US958Not updated
96Blend And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US958Not updated
98Woundup SykShadow Council-US957Not updated
98Bearbait And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US957Not updated
98Grippi Titans JudgmentShadow Council-US957Not updated

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