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Sen'jin-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Totemknight Mistakes Were MadeSen'jin-US2063
2Vladriel Pick em UpSen'jin-US2036
3Abacinate PvPremiumSen'jin-US1988
4Shockz Space MonkiesSen'jin-US1962
5Mallakith Thats what she saidSen'jin-US1960
6Purehunter This is easySen'jin-US1957
7Airabellâ This is easySen'jin-US1951
8Starkk Nemesis DxSen'jin-US1950
8Ñuked PvPremiumSen'jin-US1950
10Tinyfail Space MonkiesSen'jin-US1948
11Vandersexen ReformedSen'jin-US1942
12Gnômercy Space MonkiesSen'jin-US1939
13Pktomato This is easySen'jin-US1936
14Mh  Sen'jin-US1935
15Dairus Mistakes Were MadeSen'jin-US1931
15Jearom PvPremiumSen'jin-US1931
17Tiiny Space MonkiesSen'jin-US1928
18Flóki Space MonkiesSen'jin-US1927
19Lillani This is easySen'jin-US1926
20Mhael Easy ModeSen'jin-US1916
21Tinygubblbum Space MonkiesSen'jin-US1913
22Kátarina Mistakes Were MadeSen'jin-US1910
23Phanthym Paragon Of PvPSen'jin-US1903
24Healacious This is easySen'jin-US1899
25Whisphalia This is easySen'jin-US1897
26Soosexxyforu This is easySen'jin-US1892
27Fleshthief Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US1891
28Nagrom ShadowfireSen'jin-US1889
29Wuhungwaylow Space MonkiesSen'jin-US1880
30Nein This is easySen'jin-US1877
30Soulplex PvPremiumSen'jin-US1877
32Pkdruidica This is easySen'jin-US1876
33Vienuolis Stronger than AllSen'jin-US1870
34Cuddlebubble Mistakes Were MadeSen'jin-US1869
35Precisiön PrestigeSen'jin-US1866
36Nomnomnomm Mistakes Were MadeSen'jin-US1865Not updated
37Noirdesmort ZhentarimSen'jin-US1864
38Beefing Minus FifteenSen'jin-US1863
39Tactice This is easySen'jin-US1862Not updated
40Neâr This is easySen'jin-US1860
41Willfêral Space MonkiesSen'jin-US1858
41Jinbei Pick em UpSen'jin-US1858
43Splosive Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US1853
44Kyosen Nemesis DxSen'jin-US1847
44Mallkitzedek SummuSSen'jin-US1847
46Spiderfiend  Sen'jin-US1842
47Mcgruck Cult of the Dead CowSen'jin-US1840
48Assamael SummuSSen'jin-US1835
49Sugarcube BHTSen'jin-US1834
50Lãgerthã First BloodSen'jin-US1831
51Lightrocker Mistakes Were MadeSen'jin-US1830
52Bareye Round TableSen'jin-US1827
53Izzu Pick em UpSen'jin-US1825
54Diablô Nemesis DxSen'jin-US1823
54Dovienya PvPremiumSen'jin-US1823
56Katdar dragons of knightsSen'jin-US1817
56Pkapple This is easySen'jin-US1817
58Juggernog Space MonkiesSen'jin-US1816
59Cuddlezz PvPremiumSen'jin-US1814
60Jdmundead PvPremiumSen'jin-US1811
60Critzfordayz PvPremiumSen'jin-US1811
62Drgnwarior Heroes of SerenitySen'jin-US1808
63Mërçéÿ Halo of WinterSen'jin-US1807
63Leelfe Ethereal MafiaSen'jin-US1807
65Valdez Challenge AcceptedSen'jin-US1806
66Jezzbelle PvPremiumSen'jin-US1805
67Aruvir This is easySen'jin-US1803
67Austus For HonorSen'jin-US1803
69Bucher ReformedSen'jin-US1799
70Amatoria RequìemSen'jin-US1788
71Eschewan Minus FifteenSen'jin-US1785
72Brutalady PvPremiumSen'jin-US1784
73Regorian This is easySen'jin-US1773
74Clubbie PhantomSen'jin-US1770
75Probz PvPremiumSen'jin-US1766
76Kailas Pick em UpSen'jin-US1762
77Rump Thats what she saidSen'jin-US1761
78Rufata Pick em UpSen'jin-US1758
79Zackman This is easySen'jin-US1757
80Dobbs  Sen'jin-US1752
81Cimply Pick em UpSen'jin-US1751
82Gryain Pick em UpSen'jin-US1748
83Megadiamond Low Cash CowboysSen'jin-US1746
84Blîtzkrieg PvPremiumSen'jin-US1742
85Oldguybad Immortal UprisingSen'jin-US1741
86Holycrash Nemesis DxSen'jin-US1738
86Trojanò This is easySen'jin-US1738
88Liltard Immortal UprisingSen'jin-US1737
89Cýnder This is easySen'jin-US1736
90Dissapate PvPremiumSen'jin-US1733
90Shirõ First BloodSen'jin-US1733
92Shortloin PvPremiumSen'jin-US1723
93Eternalitch Paragon Of PvPSen'jin-US1714
93Warsauce Cult of the Dead CowSen'jin-US1714
95Infinus Nemesis DxSen'jin-US1711
96Omgwtfhacks PvPremiumSen'jin-US1710
97Sellitto Big CritsSen'jin-US1708
98Druiddroid Low Cash CowboysSen'jin-US1706
99Lendros This is easySen'jin-US1703
100Dems  Sen'jin-US1701

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