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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Sen'jin-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Shmiggles GøreSen'jin-US2181
2Willfêral May the RNG be With YouSen'jin-US2086Not updated
3Flóki May the RNG be With YouSen'jin-US2071Not updated
4Viluvian Thats what she saidSen'jin-US2048Not updated
5Shockz May the RNG be With YouSen'jin-US2047Not updated
6Neâr May the RNG be With YouSen'jin-US2037Not updated
7Vladriel Pick em UpSen'jin-US2036Not updated
8Tinygubblbum May the RNG be With YouSen'jin-US2031Not updated
9Tiiny May the RNG be With YouSen'jin-US2030Not updated
10Xtop GøreSen'jin-US2024
11Lightrocker This is easySen'jin-US2011Not updated
12Beefing  Sen'jin-US2008Not updated
12Gnômercy May the RNG be With YouSen'jin-US2008Not updated
14Totemknight Mistakes Were MadeSen'jin-US2002Not updated
15Wuhungwaylow May the RNG be With YouSen'jin-US2000Not updated
16Champjones A p e xSen'jin-US1969Not updated
17Abacinate  Sen'jin-US1962
18Purehunter May the RNG be With YouSen'jin-US1957Not updated
19Tinyfail May the RNG be With YouSen'jin-US1948Not updated
20Snakersham dont inspect meSen'jin-US1940Not updated
21Pktomato This is easySen'jin-US1936
22Jearom PvPremiumSen'jin-US1931Not updated
23Mizutoki This is easySen'jin-US1929
24Whisphalia This is easySen'jin-US1927
24Vandersexen ReformedSen'jin-US1927Not updated
26Lillani May the RNG be With YouSen'jin-US1926
27Diablô Nemesis DxSen'jin-US1924
28Dairus PvP RBG ArenaSen'jin-US1919Not updated
29Mhael Easy ModeSen'jin-US1916Not updated
30Kyosen Nemesis DxSen'jin-US1913Not updated
31Phanthym Paragon Of PvPSen'jin-US1903Not updated
32Healacious This is easySen'jin-US1899Not updated
33Lycco Kings ReachSen'jin-US1883
34Nein This is easySen'jin-US1877
35Pkdruidica This is easySen'jin-US1876
36Mërçéÿ Halo of WinterSen'jin-US1874Not updated
37Gnn Paragon Of PvPSen'jin-US1872
38Vienuolis Stronger than AllSen'jin-US1870Not updated
39Noirdesmort ZhentarimSen'jin-US1864Not updated
39Valdez Challenge AcceptedSen'jin-US1864Not updated
41Jdmundead  Sen'jin-US1863Not updated
42Tactice This is easySen'jin-US1862Not updated
43Illrage Godz of WarSen'jin-US1860
44Sallara EliteHordesSen'jin-US1859Not updated
45Mallkitzedek SummuSSen'jin-US1847Not updated
46Splosive dont inspect meSen'jin-US1843Not updated
47Mcgruck Cult of the Dead CowSen'jin-US1840Not updated
48Assamael SummuSSen'jin-US1835Not updated
49Lãgerthã First BloodSen'jin-US1831Not updated
50Cynnapse Big CritsSen'jin-US1830Not updated
51Bareye This is easySen'jin-US1827
52Dovienya PvPremiumSen'jin-US1823
53Pkapple This is easySen'jin-US1817Not updated
54Juggernog May the RNG be With YouSen'jin-US1816Not updated
55Aruvir This is easySen'jin-US1803
56Bucher ReformedSen'jin-US1799Not updated
57Katdar Tiny RaidersSen'jin-US1793Not updated
58Prastinna  Sen'jin-US1789Not updated
59Amatoria RequìemSen'jin-US1788Not updated
60Eschewan This is easySen'jin-US1785Not updated
61Kinkyjrjr Low Cash CowboysSen'jin-US1779Not updated
62Clubbie  Sen'jin-US1770Not updated
63Probz PvPremiumSen'jin-US1766Not updated
64Rump This is easySen'jin-US1761
65Zackman This is easySen'jin-US1757
66Gryain Pick em UpSen'jin-US1748Not updated
67Megadiamond Low Cash CowboysSen'jin-US1746Not updated
68Blîtzkrieg PvPremiumSen'jin-US1742Not updated
69Oldguybad ReclamationSen'jin-US1741
70Trojanò This is easySen'jin-US1738
71Liltard ReclamationSen'jin-US1737
72Shirõ First BloodSen'jin-US1733Not updated
73Chha PvP RBG ArenaSen'jin-US1723Not updated
74Eternalitch Paragon Of PvPSen'jin-US1714Not updated
75Omgwtfhacks PvPremiumSen'jin-US1710Not updated
76Sellitto Big CritsSen'jin-US1708Not updated
77Druiddroid Low Cash CowboysSen'jin-US1706Not updated
78Lendros This is easySen'jin-US1696
79Em Big CritsSen'jin-US1691
80Bdayautopsy  Sen'jin-US1667Not updated
81Lilhordekage CrescitaSen'jin-US1659Not updated
82Linah Council of the UnspokenSen'jin-US1656
83Spanaird Paragon Of PvPSen'jin-US1653Not updated
83Monning  Sen'jin-US1653Not updated
85Apøllyøn PrimeSen'jin-US1650
86Røxanne Big CritsSen'jin-US1646Not updated
87Troncat HelixSen'jin-US1639Not updated
88Kanrêthad  Sen'jin-US1626Not updated
89Spinnahow Big CritsSen'jin-US1625
90Tommo Dark AscensionSen'jin-US1621Not updated
90Papasito Low Cash CowboysSen'jin-US1621Not updated
90Ghohlem PvPremiumSen'jin-US1621Not updated
93Baowylde  Sen'jin-US1604Not updated
94Bearyhalls Low Cash CowboysSen'jin-US1592Not updated
95Smóó Low Cash CowboysSen'jin-US1589Not updated
96Copperpocket Big CritsSen'jin-US1584
97Trollatorium  Sen'jin-US1575Not updated
98Howleh This is easySen'jin-US1573
99Thebódycrab Low Cash CowboysSen'jin-US1567Not updated
100Thrallin Low Cash CowboysSen'jin-US1555

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