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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sen'jin-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Shmiggles GøreSen'jin-US2181Not updated
2Flóki May the RNG be With YouSen'jin-US2071Not updated
3Viluvian Thats what she saidSen'jin-US2048Not updated
4Tiiny May the RNG be With YouSen'jin-US2030Not updated
5Xtop GøreSen'jin-US2024Not updated
6Snakersham dont inspect meSen'jin-US1940Not updated
7Pktomato This is easySen'jin-US1936Not updated
8Mizutoki This is easySen'jin-US1929Not updated
9Whisphalia This is easySen'jin-US1927Not updated
9Vandersexen ReformedSen'jin-US1927Not updated
11Lillani May the RNG be With YouSen'jin-US1926Not updated
12Mhael Easy ModeSen'jin-US1916Not updated
13Phanthym Paragon Of PvPSen'jin-US1903Not updated
14Lycco Kings ReachSen'jin-US1883Not updated
15Nein This is easySen'jin-US1877Not updated
16Pkdruidica This is easySen'jin-US1876Not updated
17Jdmundead  Sen'jin-US1863Not updated
18Illrage Godz of WarSen'jin-US1860Not updated
19Sallara EliteHordesSen'jin-US1859Not updated
20Splosive dont inspect meSen'jin-US1843Not updated
21Cynnapse Big CritsSen'jin-US1830Not updated
22Bareye This is easySen'jin-US1827Not updated
23Dovienya PvPremiumSen'jin-US1823Not updated
24Aruvir This is easySen'jin-US1803Not updated
25Bucher ReformedSen'jin-US1799Not updated
26Katdar Tiny RaidersSen'jin-US1793Not updated
27Eschewan This is easySen'jin-US1785Not updated
28Kinkyjrjr Low Cash CowboysSen'jin-US1779Not updated
29Probz PvPremiumSen'jin-US1766Not updated
30Rump This is easySen'jin-US1761Not updated
31Zackman This is easySen'jin-US1757Not updated
32Blîtzkrieg PvPremiumSen'jin-US1742Not updated
33Oldguybad ReclamationSen'jin-US1741Not updated
34Trojanò This is easySen'jin-US1738Not updated
35Liltard ReclamationSen'jin-US1737Not updated
36Omgwtfhacks PvPremiumSen'jin-US1710Not updated
37Sellitto Big CritsSen'jin-US1708Not updated
38Lendros This is easySen'jin-US1696Not updated
39Lilhordekage CrescitaSen'jin-US1659Not updated
40Apøllyøn PrimeSen'jin-US1650Not updated
41Kanrêthad  Sen'jin-US1626Not updated
42Ghohlem PvPremiumSen'jin-US1621Not updated
43Baowylde  Sen'jin-US1604Not updated
44Trollatorium  Sen'jin-US1575Not updated
45Howleh This is easySen'jin-US1573Not updated
46Thrallin Low Cash CowboysSen'jin-US1555Not updated
47Drunkàsaurus ZombieSen'jin-US1532Not updated
48Konar Thats what she saidSen'jin-US1530Not updated
49Summerleaf This is easySen'jin-US1526Not updated
50Burstadin PvPremiumSen'jin-US1521Not updated
51Frostaayy  Sen'jin-US1509Not updated
52Kinkymonk Low Cash CowboysSen'jin-US1505Not updated
53Bantok This is easySen'jin-US1474Not updated
54Ragnis Galaxy News RadioSen'jin-US1470Not updated
55Jasslen Tiny RaidersSen'jin-US1420Not updated
56Domer Lil CritsSen'jin-US1373Not updated
57Trolawlawl Lil CritsSen'jin-US1338Not updated
58Zoglar This is easySen'jin-US1337Not updated
59Zebodi Paragon Of PvPSen'jin-US1149Not updated
60Roflplox This is easySen'jin-US1148Not updated
61Slicendice dont inspect meSen'jin-US1147Not updated
62Amyroloff This is easySen'jin-US1145Not updated
62Dêathhunter Tiny RaidersSen'jin-US1145Not updated
64Munshado This is easySen'jin-US1143Not updated
65Amyilela  Sen'jin-US960Not updated
66Jézus Last AttemptSen'jin-US959Not updated
67Swiftgank Horde to TearsSen'jin-US957Not updated
68Dandogg Goon RepublicSen'jin-US768Not updated
68Zombiejesuz ReformedSen'jin-US768Not updated
68Delrage Imminent FailureSen'jin-US768Not updated
68Druib Horde to TearsSen'jin-US768Not updated
72Unhöly Department of DefenseSen'jin-US767Not updated
72Pyrexia Name TakenSen'jin-US767Not updated
74Karunè Minus FifteenSen'jin-US576Not updated
74Kurleeandmo Invalid TargétSen'jin-US576Not updated
74Destinymoon PrimeSen'jin-US576Not updated
74Metamatt Midnights CallSen'jin-US576Not updated
74Kinkydruidii Low Cash CowboysSen'jin-US576Not updated
74Seekeroflife Guardian of the Old OnesSen'jin-US576Not updated
74Toç ReclamationSen'jin-US576Not updated
74Monkfasa Lil CritsSen'jin-US576Not updated
74Seezar This is easySen'jin-US576Not updated
83Lathalien This is easySen'jin-US384Not updated
83Kurses This is easySen'jin-US384Not updated
83Smokedyou Night Crushers ClanSen'jin-US384Not updated
83Laddog For ScienceSen'jin-US384Not updated
83Doweasta Daytime RaidersSen'jin-US384Not updated
83Gakio Immortal UprisingSen'jin-US384Not updated
83Yorticus Low Cash CowboysSen'jin-US384Not updated
83Someshta PvPremiumSen'jin-US384Not updated
83Yiimmy CrescitaSen'jin-US384Not updated
83Hulksmashz Unholy Orcs Of HellSen'jin-US384Not updated
83Dòm  Sen'jin-US384Not updated
83Yenza Horde to TearsSen'jin-US384Not updated
83Drannosh The Shattered HordeSen'jin-US384Not updated
83Valileanna DHaran EmpireSen'jin-US384Not updated
83Lisseth took the red pillSen'jin-US384Not updated
83Elclawyobutt Horde to TearsSen'jin-US384Not updated
83Alduïn CrescitaSen'jin-US384Not updated
100Akitaa Council of the UnspokenSen'jin-US192Not updated

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