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Scilla-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Insanek The French ConnectionScilla-US1933
2Slashgrin The French ConnectionScilla-US1924
3Madcity The French ConnectionScilla-US1923
5Alderdice The French ConnectionScilla-US1905
6Twobearz The French ConnectionScilla-US1904
7Xaphan The French ConnectionScilla-US1898
8Belladawn The French ConnectionScilla-US1861
9Mílkmaiden The French ConnectionScilla-US1842
10Pikachü The French ConnectionScilla-US1839
11Ilordshadow  Scilla-US1837
12Ifrite The French ConnectionScilla-US1828
13Ifrita The French ConnectionScilla-US1823
14Minato The French ConnectionScilla-US1812
15Shádowknight Knights BrigadeScilla-US1809
16Mordakei  Scilla-US1808
17Matofox The French ConnectionScilla-US1806
18Sinàpse The French ConnectionScilla-US1800Not updated
18Milkmans The French ConnectionScilla-US1800
20Çråzý The French ConnectionScilla-US1791
20Scoobaasteve The French ConnectionScilla-US1791
22Anipious Upward MobilityScilla-US1789
23Hopé Knights BrigadeScilla-US1788
24Xtraz The French ConnectionScilla-US1776
25Anitasmoke The French ConnectionScilla-US1775
26Jinkee Red ArmyScilla-US1769
27Stevearoo The French ConnectionScilla-US1767
28Insanekz The French ConnectionScilla-US1764
29Romolus  Scilla-US1756
30Shaamoo We Wipe On TrashScilla-US1738
30Draugr Critical MassScilla-US1738
33Whitewídow The French ConnectionScilla-US1702
34Scubbasteve The French ConnectionScilla-US1699
35Pródïgy The French ConnectionScilla-US1698
36Wellofsouls We Wipe On TrashScilla-US1689
37Skrimir The Scrub ConnectionScilla-US1677
38Hong The French ConnectionScilla-US1675Not updated
39Limbobo The Scrub ConnectionScilla-US1670Not updated
40Chainreactor The French ConnectionScilla-US1657Not updated
41Highbeams HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US1651Not updated
42Thostus The Scrub ConnectionScilla-US1649Not updated
43Ibubbleforu We Wipe On TrashScilla-US1648
44Damagedexp The French ConnectionScilla-US1632
45Dusti  Scilla-US1615Not updated
46Artard The Scrub ConnectionScilla-US1613
47Mjolnirr  Scilla-US1612
48Slinkeril HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US1601
49Aeros We Wipe On TrashScilla-US1598
50Raulton Critical MassScilla-US1586
51Garix  Scilla-US1585
51Demonifrita The French ConnectionScilla-US1585
53Dânté Knights BrigadeScilla-US1580
54Slambino Critical MassScilla-US1543
55Yangxiaolong We Wipe On TrashScilla-US1538
56Andareal The French ConnectionScilla-US1536
57Truedeath HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US1534
58Essysham Upward MobilityScilla-US1529
59Ðiesel The French ConnectionScilla-US1525
60Sardonicus Critical MassScilla-US1514
61Kelrik Critical MassScilla-US1506
62Regime  Scilla-US1500
63Rynir Critical MassScilla-US1498
64Hamasa Critical MassScilla-US1482
64Souljah Critical MassScilla-US1482
66Paynekiller Critical MassScilla-US1473
67Zartex Critical MassScilla-US1472
67Livetokill Critical MassScilla-US1472
69Spinebreaker Critical MassScilla-US1451
70Scratchnsnif Critical MassScilla-US1450
71Fingle Critical MassScilla-US1448
72Storme Critical MassScilla-US1440
73Pyreena Critical MassScilla-US1436
74Farramone Critical MassScilla-US1432
75Skullyily Critical MassScilla-US1430Not updated
76Kenkong Critical MassScilla-US1423
77Khrucible Critical MassScilla-US1419
78Everstill Critical MassScilla-US1418
79Sepame Critical MassScilla-US1414
80Attilah Critical MassScilla-US1413
81Waltwhite Critical MassScilla-US1409
82Jimbowie Critical MassScilla-US1403
83Salanara Critical MassScilla-US1392
84Meshue Critical MassScilla-US1390
85Abiah Critical MassScilla-US1386
86Curst Critical MassScilla-US1384
87Lemmiwinkx Critical MassScilla-US1380
88Riddex Critical MassScilla-US1366
88Whiskeybent Critical MassScilla-US1366
90Flindo The French ConnectionScilla-US1335
91Vulgoretroll The French ConnectionScilla-US1329
92Bonescrolls HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US1324Not updated
93Essytwo  Scilla-US1322
94Afghancush NOT SUQY PPLsScilla-US1303Not updated
95Obamaswoman Critical MassScilla-US1219
96Thantore The French ConnectionScilla-US1147
96Votto HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US1147Not updated
96Twistrate Critical MassScilla-US1147
99Mechafox The French ConnectionScilla-US1146
100Takenobull Critical MassScilla-US1139

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