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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Scilla-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Cptspago The French ConnectionScilla-US2069Not updated
2Shaamoo We Wipe On TrashScilla-US2066Not updated
3Pikachü The French ConnectionScilla-US2035Not updated
4Ifrita The French ConnectionScilla-US2024Not updated
4Mílkmaiden The French ConnectionScilla-US2024Not updated
6Artard The French ConnectionScilla-US2022Not updated
7Skrimir The French ConnectionScilla-US1974Not updated
8Vulgoretroll The French ConnectionScilla-US1969Not updated
9Pródïgy The French ConnectionScilla-US1929Not updated
10Demonifrita The French ConnectionScilla-US1914Not updated
11Flindo  Scilla-US1911Not updated
12Jinkee Red ArmyScilla-US1877Not updated
13Unlockable The Red SealScilla-US1867Not updated
14Ilordshadow  Scilla-US1837Not updated
15Ifrite The French ConnectionScilla-US1828Not updated
16Farramone Critical MassScilla-US1814Not updated
17Minato The French ConnectionScilla-US1812Not updated
18Angina Fat kids lag IRLScilla-US1808Not updated
19Missjuly AnihcEvolScilla-US1789Not updated
20Whitewídow The French ConnectionScilla-US1786Not updated
21Damagedexp The French ConnectionScilla-US1770Not updated
22Evilspørg Immortal SoulScilla-US1764Not updated
23Oyyk Immortal SoulScilla-US1762Not updated
23Xiy Immortal SoulScilla-US1762Not updated
25Deathkîng Immortal SoulScilla-US1755Not updated
26Shamakîng Immortal SoulScilla-US1741Not updated
27Wellofsouls We Wipe On TrashScilla-US1716Not updated
28Øverðeað Immortal SoulScilla-US1709Not updated
29Limbobo The French ConnectionScilla-US1670Not updated
30Thostus The French ConnectionScilla-US1649Not updated
31Ibubbleforu We Wipe On TrashScilla-US1648Not updated
32Andareal The French ConnectionScilla-US1638Not updated
33Oykke Immortal SoulScilla-US1625Not updated
34Slinkeril  Scilla-US1601Not updated
35Yangxiaolong We Wipe On TrashScilla-US1568Not updated
36Nolando We Wipe On TrashScilla-US1564Not updated
37Tyrriel NOT SUQY PPLsScilla-US1529Not updated
37Essysham Upward MobilityScilla-US1529Not updated
39Popeofscilla The French ConnectionScilla-US1526Not updated
40Sardonicus Critical MassScilla-US1514Not updated
41Perotesa The French ConnectionScilla-US1503Not updated
42Hamasa Critical MassScilla-US1482Not updated
43Paynekiller Critical MassScilla-US1473Not updated
44Zartex Critical MassScilla-US1472Not updated
44Livetokill Critical MassScilla-US1472Not updated
46Spinebreaker Critical MassScilla-US1451Not updated
47Fingle Critical MassScilla-US1448Not updated
48Storme Critical MassScilla-US1440Not updated
49Khrucible Critical MassScilla-US1419Not updated
50Everstill Critical MassScilla-US1418Not updated
51Jimbowie Critical MassScilla-US1409Not updated
52Attilah Critical MassScilla-US1408Not updated
53Kelrik Critical MassScilla-US1405Not updated
54Abiah Critical MassScilla-US1396Not updated
54Salanara Critical MassScilla-US1396Not updated
56Meshue Critical MassScilla-US1390Not updated
57Waltwhite Critical MassScilla-US1377Not updated
58Whiskeybent Critical MassScilla-US1366Not updated
59Riddex Critical MassScilla-US1335Not updated
60Infuzed Immortal SoulScilla-US1334Not updated
61Hellswinter The art of pvpScilla-US1330Not updated
62Ðrom Immortal SoulScilla-US1329Not updated
63Shizzaam Critical MassScilla-US1298Not updated
64Biggyy  Scilla-US1273Not updated
65Obamaswoman Critical MassScilla-US1215Not updated
66Moonspoon We Wipe On TrashScilla-US1149Not updated
66Twobras Critical MassScilla-US1149Not updated
68Thantore The French ConnectionScilla-US1147Not updated
69Takenobull Critical MassScilla-US1139Not updated
70Bjamin Critical MassScilla-US1128Not updated
71Bionare We Wipe On TrashScilla-US959Not updated
71Oykk Immortal SoulScilla-US959Not updated
71Vøltðïe Immortal SoulScilla-US959Not updated
71Slyvaina  Scilla-US959Not updated
75Chubacca The French ConnectionScilla-US957Not updated
76Jacorius Critical MassScilla-US955Not updated
77Chilax Critical MassScilla-US768Not updated
77Killeroddy We Wipe On TrashScilla-US768Not updated
77Nietzschii We Wipe On TrashScilla-US768Not updated
77Clese Super Smashed BrothersScilla-US768Not updated
77Oneshotinc The French ConnectionScilla-US768Not updated
77Maxlab Immortal SoulScilla-US768Not updated
83Wolfcat Critical MassScilla-US767Not updated
83Bennymac Critical MassScilla-US767Not updated
83Beetee We Wipe On TrashScilla-US767Not updated
83Resolute Critical MassScilla-US767Not updated
83Tn The art of pvpScilla-US767Not updated
88Orcsmash Fat kids lag IRLScilla-US766Not updated
89Pantspopped Critical MassScilla-US576Not updated
89Dirtypeajoky We Wipe On TrashScilla-US576Not updated
89Justicë The French ConnectionScilla-US576Not updated
89Nez Socially SelectiveScilla-US576Not updated
89Woodixy Immortal SoulScilla-US576Not updated
89Noemi Critical MassScilla-US576Not updated
89Albinoe Critical MassScilla-US576Not updated
89Ðoxy Immortal SoulScilla-US576Not updated
89Iheeal The Red SealScilla-US576Not updated
98Beastzmaster Critical MassScilla-US384Not updated
98Visceron We Wipe On TrashScilla-US384Not updated
98Fafabout The French ConnectionScilla-US384Not updated

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