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Scilla-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Sinàpse The French ConnectionScilla-US1706
2Pródïgy The French ConnectionScilla-US1698
3Matofox The French ConnectionScilla-US1694
4Speghettios The Scrub ConnectionScilla-US1691
5Skrimir The Scrub ConnectionScilla-US1677
6Nanico  Scilla-US1674Not updated
7Limbobo  Scilla-US1670
8Scoobaasteve The French ConnectionScilla-US1658
9Pikachü The French ConnectionScilla-US1654
10Ifrita The French ConnectionScilla-US1645
11Mílkmaiden The French ConnectionScilla-US1638
12Damagedexp The French ConnectionScilla-US1632Not updated
13Chainreactor The French ConnectionScilla-US1631
14Shaamoo We Wipe On TrashScilla-US1621
15Wellofsouls We Wipe On TrashScilla-US1616
16Anitasmoke The French ConnectionScilla-US1614
17Artard The Scrub ConnectionScilla-US1613
18Twobearz We Wipe On TrashScilla-US1602
19Slinkeril HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US1601
20Çråzý The French ConnectionScilla-US1599
21Thostus The Scrub ConnectionScilla-US1582
22Tumoria We Wipe On TrashScilla-US1564
23Whitewídow The French ConnectionScilla-US1559
24Stabmihard Critical MassScilla-US1544
25Hillishago  Scilla-US1539Not updated
26Truedeath HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US1534
27Tyrriel NOT SUQY PPLsScilla-US1529Not updated
28Ðiesel The French ConnectionScilla-US1525
29Ifrite The French ConnectionScilla-US1504
30Draugr Critical MassScilla-US1496
31Yangxiaolong We Wipe On TrashScilla-US1469
32Highbeams HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US1462
33Maviada The French ConnectionScilla-US1457
33Andareal The French ConnectionScilla-US1457
35Demonifrita The French ConnectionScilla-US1442
36Jadien Obsidian WarlordsScilla-US1420Not updated
37Lemmiwinkx Critical MassScilla-US1351
38Mjolnirr Critical MassScilla-US1341
39Bonescrolls HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US1324
39Ibubbleforu We Wipe On TrashScilla-US1324
41Sapphique Critical MassScilla-US1316Not updated
42Jagaen Obsidian WarlordsScilla-US1306Not updated
43Afghancush NOT SUQY PPLsScilla-US1303
44Curst Critical MassScilla-US1301
45Ilordshadow  Scilla-US1298Not updated
46Waltwhite Critical MassScilla-US1283
47Zartex Critical MassScilla-US1277
48Rynir Critical MassScilla-US1271
49Biggyy  Scilla-US1264Not updated
50Everstill Critical MassScilla-US1263
51Fingle Critical MassScilla-US1248
52Paynekiller Critical MassScilla-US1213
53Livetokill Critical MassScilla-US1198
54Raulton Critical MassScilla-US1141
55Wetfloors Critical MassScilla-US1126
56Abiah Critical MassScilla-US1120
57Sepame Critical MassScilla-US1106
58Chubacca The Scrub ConnectionScilla-US957
58Belladawn The French ConnectionScilla-US957
58Stevearoo The French ConnectionScilla-US957
61Snugsterr Anulo Kaldaka AvunaScilla-US954
62Sardonicus Critical MassScilla-US944
63Riddex Critical MassScilla-US943
64Kelrik Critical MassScilla-US942
65Stanke The French ConnectionScilla-US767
66Skullysaurus Critical MassScilla-US766
68Dalanrage The art of pvpScilla-US764
68Thumper  Scilla-US764
68Slambino Critical MassScilla-US764
71Farramone Critical MassScilla-US763
72Kurst Critical MassScilla-US762
73Skullyily Critical MassScilla-US576
73Katertots The French ConnectionScilla-US576
73Dusti  Scilla-US576
73Justicë The Scrub ConnectionScilla-US576
73Hong The French ConnectionScilla-US576
73Noemi Critical MassScilla-US576
73Tidez The French ConnectionScilla-US576
80Khrucible Critical MassScilla-US574
80Storme Critical MassScilla-US574
80Spinebreaker Critical MassScilla-US574
80Ghîllîe Critical MassScilla-US574
80Attilah Critical MassScilla-US574
85Thantore The French ConnectionScilla-US384
85Pantspopped Critical MassScilla-US384
85Perotesa The French ConnectionScilla-US384
85Clementine The French ConnectionScilla-US384
85Wolfcat Critical MassScilla-US384Not updated
85Chilax Critical MassScilla-US384
85Bennymac Critical MassScilla-US384
85Aeros  Scilla-US384
85Jimbowie Critical MassScilla-US384
85Moonspoon We Wipe On TrashScilla-US384
85Scubbasteve The French ConnectionScilla-US384
85Nez We Wipe On TrashScilla-US384
85Twistrate Critical MassScilla-US384
85Radric Critical MassScilla-US384
100Surtum Critical MassScilla-US383

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