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Scarshield Legion-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Tyfuss DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU2091
2Pentagram DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU2073
3Tigridia DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU2032
4Sataniah DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU2003
5Inddiana Faithless RebirthScarshield Legion-EU1991
6Kooghar Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU1962
7Elektroni Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU1950
8Healryclnton Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU1900
9Unholyspawn ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU1864
10Vorenius Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU1862
11Angroph Battle ToadsScarshield Legion-EU1855
12Septinor ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU1848
13Nihiliphim Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU1845
14Floresiensis DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU1841
15Skippy ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU1837
16Shantey DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU1823
17Anthro DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU1822
18Drasil ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU1813
19Ecarlat  Scarshield Legion-EU1812
20Grinkle ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU1809
21Zarad Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU1807
22Pandora ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU1805
23Lactas Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU1802
24Simbaone Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU1786
25Laetoli DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU1775
26Redux ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU1770
27Ronjá Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU1761
28Erahdic ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU1758
29Inzaneahun Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU1701
30Brycara DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU1699
31Nuthriel FerusScarshield Legion-EU1689
32Eugenya Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU1687
33Takhar Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU1653
34Hiono Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU1626
35Robinsonone Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU1606
36Minurva Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU1595
37Brolek Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU1546
38Chillblades Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU1526
39Munin Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU1493
40Traugard Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU1150
41Bargok  Scarshield Legion-EU1148Not updated
42Cudi LATE NIGHT CLUBScarshield Legion-EU1147
43Lifflofflaff  Scarshield Legion-EU960
44Chendra Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU959
45Logit Assault And Recon CorpsScarshield Legion-EU958
46Catchie Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU955
47Taupod Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU768
47Tenten Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU768
47Zhadra Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU768
47Mollyfine DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU768
47Kôrwxy ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU768
52Dahunt  Scarshield Legion-EU576
52Loffelaffe  Scarshield Legion-EU576
52Andrei CircusScarshield Legion-EU576
52Murad Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU576Not updated
52Maddon Faithless RebirthScarshield Legion-EU576
52Burnjin Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU576
52Dots LATE NIGHT CLUBScarshield Legion-EU576
52Jalero Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU576
60Pebbledasher Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU575
61Basco ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU384
61Moordpopje Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU384
61Harhakuva Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU384
61Bcomplex  Scarshield Legion-EU384
61Munkii CircusScarshield Legion-EU384
61Puez  Scarshield Legion-EU384
67Hughy Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU192
67Tryl NietykalniScarshield Legion-EU192
67Shrew DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU192
67Zandra Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU192
67Regor Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU192
67Dyhri Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU192
67Deathskin  Scarshield Legion-EU192Not updated
67Appoletta Cotton eye JoesScarshield Legion-EU192
67Doxx ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU192Not updated
67Jintel Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU192
67Nymia Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU192
67Frostbíte Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU192
67Agril Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU192
67Peanút ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU192Not updated
67Silency Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU192
67Aether Battle ToadsScarshield Legion-EU192
67Sendrin Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU192
67Cruciform DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU192
67Pandaren CircusScarshield Legion-EU192
86Floriana ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU16
87Mirindia DomineScarshield Legion-EU0
87Stripé SphereScarshield Legion-EU0
87Sinnest FerusScarshield Legion-EU0Not updated
87Heeke NietykalniScarshield Legion-EU0
87Greengruff  Scarshield Legion-EU0Not updated
87Nongi  Scarshield Legion-EU0
87Bedezee Battle ToadsScarshield Legion-EU0
87Decipel EmpireScarshield Legion-EU0
87Spyros AltsScarshield Legion-EU0
87Gyrm FerusScarshield Legion-EU0Not updated
87Nuckelavee CircusScarshield Legion-EU0
87Mercia  Scarshield Legion-EU0
87Obsik AftermathScarshield Legion-EU0
87Salmiasvk ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU0

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