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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Saurfang-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Swizzay Dark PhoenixSaurfang-US2493Not updated
2Robdragon OminousSaurfang-US2311Not updated
3Selmer OminousSaurfang-US2222Not updated
4Synthex SiegeSaurfang-US2183Not updated
4Reporting North KoreaSaurfang-US2183Not updated
6Enf  Saurfang-US2177Not updated
7Turbotastic doodles house and coSaurfang-US2168Not updated
8Evovlol OminousSaurfang-US2141Not updated
9Pez  Saurfang-US2136Not updated
10Luminate doodles house and coSaurfang-US2131Not updated
11Lashak Big Natural CritsSaurfang-US2119Not updated
12Scrubdragon OminousSaurfang-US2109Not updated
13Rootznleavez ResilientSaurfang-US2101Not updated
14Traintheblue doodles house and coSaurfang-US2094Not updated
15Tashak Big Natural CritsSaurfang-US2083Not updated
16Lanfier CrypticSaurfang-US2071Not updated
17Midgee SHAOLIN MONKSSaurfang-US2057Not updated
18Dicarla ÉpticSaurfang-US2051Not updated
19Muffins doodles house and coSaurfang-US2050Not updated
20Juiced OminousSaurfang-US2049Not updated
21Constantine SiegeSaurfang-US2042Not updated
22Rollingano Big Natural CritsSaurfang-US2038Not updated
23Delvex AjantisSaurfang-US2032Not updated
24Kneesocks AjantisSaurfang-US2030Not updated
25Jilliene AjantisSaurfang-US2029Not updated
25Kàsài  Saurfang-US2029Not updated
27Locustt OminousSaurfang-US2027Not updated
28Slamcura AjantisSaurfang-US2025Not updated
29Tokrahz doodles house and coSaurfang-US2022Not updated
30Kaix AjantisSaurfang-US2013Not updated
31Crumbs NoctemSaurfang-US2010Not updated
32Reghal AjantisSaurfang-US2008Not updated
33Jianjunn BatibotSaurfang-US2007Not updated
33Dark Big Natural CritsSaurfang-US2007Not updated
35Marsz AjantisSaurfang-US1991Not updated
36Popcorncook OminousSaurfang-US1987Not updated
37Rumblehoof AjantisSaurfang-US1982Not updated
38Luxy FrostwolvesSaurfang-US1961Not updated
39Prieststylez  Saurfang-US1953Not updated
40Forlorn Guild in ProgressSaurfang-US1947Not updated
41Lorlin Dark CompanySaurfang-US1940Not updated
42Sacris CrypticSaurfang-US1928Not updated
43Nubstep OminousSaurfang-US1926Not updated
44Zandoramus CrypticSaurfang-US1925Not updated
45Talindjelic HolyNovaSaurfang-US1918Not updated
46Vindictìve Dark PhoenixSaurfang-US1908Not updated
47Silklol AjantisSaurfang-US1907Not updated
48Arashìkage SiegeSaurfang-US1897Not updated
48Axis Out of the AshesSaurfang-US1897Not updated
50Lolla CrypticSaurfang-US1888Not updated
51Orphenx Elegant DestructionSaurfang-US1877Not updated
52Kiljare EnigmaSaurfang-US1865Not updated
53Dreicos Laetus DomusSaurfang-US1864Not updated
53Winterr SpiflicatedSaurfang-US1864Not updated
55Redsiren DisneySaurfang-US1862Not updated
56Supernaturâl Elegant DestructionSaurfang-US1861Not updated
57Manlybear OminousSaurfang-US1840Not updated
58Pikaçhu Elegant DestructionSaurfang-US1835Not updated
59Cinder In Another CastleSaurfang-US1830Not updated
60Potshotz SHADOW PARADOXSaurfang-US1828Not updated
61Luthixx EnigmaSaurfang-US1826Not updated
62Nudnud Elegant DestructionSaurfang-US1822Not updated
63Esparanza PersephoneSaurfang-US1820Not updated
64Missileman NÖCTURNALSaurfang-US1794Not updated
65Alogagain CollusionSaurfang-US1793Not updated
66Auxis CrypticSaurfang-US1779Not updated
67Senpaii Carpe JugulumSaurfang-US1776Not updated
68Bleedingx OminousSaurfang-US1774Not updated
69Iilillililii TastierSaurfang-US1764Not updated
69Blightfiend House of Gold and BonesSaurfang-US1764Not updated
71Járjárblinks SiegeSaurfang-US1759Not updated
72Shasa Carpe JugulumSaurfang-US1750Not updated
73Emiletta Obsidian KnightsSaurfang-US1748Not updated
74Sixtyfourbit AjantisSaurfang-US1744Not updated
75Rraar ResilientSaurfang-US1734Not updated
76Sixofnine Carpe JugulumSaurfang-US1733Not updated
77Butchdog Twisted LoyaltySaurfang-US1728Not updated
78Garlar Elegant DestructionSaurfang-US1718Not updated
78Mømø BatibotSaurfang-US1718Not updated
80Zamqt Big Natural CritsSaurfang-US1705Not updated
81Noterb PhalanxSaurfang-US1704Not updated
82Enfhardclass  Saurfang-US1697Not updated
83Máximus SiegeSaurfang-US1682Not updated
84Bishizznit NoctemSaurfang-US1674Not updated
85Goldenlocust OminousSaurfang-US1671Not updated
86Obzolo EnigmaSaurfang-US1665Not updated
87Navimie FrostwolvesSaurfang-US1661Not updated
88Darrkfel The Hordes RevengeSaurfang-US1652Not updated
89Tanilindor Naughty CornerSaurfang-US1643Not updated
89Sparrowzaz NoctemSaurfang-US1643Not updated
91Wrathsin NÖCTURNALSaurfang-US1640Not updated
92Ivl CrusadesSaurfang-US1637Not updated
93Kaishuoyw Naughty CornerSaurfang-US1617Not updated
94Nowareten CrypticSaurfang-US1607Not updated
95Sakuth Eye of the StormSaurfang-US1594Not updated
96Metallìcus Twisted LoyaltySaurfang-US1593Not updated
97Ruê  Saurfang-US1590Not updated
98Gelily Noble EmpireSaurfang-US1563Not updated
99Sopheus Knights of ChatalotSaurfang-US1541Not updated
100Choptimus Not Enough SkillSaurfang-US1532Not updated

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