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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sargeras-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Mikenutts United HordeSargeras-US2545Not updated
2Ranklock RankSargeras-US2502Not updated
3Faptastik Defiant GamingSargeras-US2485Not updated
4Ranklols RankSargeras-US2443Not updated
5Snackingx  Sargeras-US2431Not updated
6Puffymuffinn Defiant GamingSargeras-US2416Not updated
7Janixy nV UsSargeras-US2413Not updated
8Arcticmonk nV UsSargeras-US2406Not updated
9Goalie Yolo to GladSargeras-US2401Not updated
9Slow OmnicideSargeras-US2401Not updated
9Fathomtwo Seriously CasualSargeras-US2401Not updated
9Snuggleme Realm LastSargeras-US2401Not updated
13Medyth Defiant GamingSargeras-US2397Not updated
14Sharkpiglet Yolo to GladSargeras-US2386Not updated
15Wienerflayx  Sargeras-US2385Not updated
16Saintifix Defiant GamingSargeras-US2376Not updated
17Flyhígh nV UsSargeras-US2374Not updated
18Ksham MidwinterSargeras-US2353Not updated
19Roundthree Get Well SoonSargeras-US2350Not updated
20Dripz I Cant StopSargeras-US2338Not updated
21Yeryeryeryer  Sargeras-US2327Not updated
22Stùmpy Nothing PersonalSargeras-US2326Not updated
23Dink HatSargeras-US2325Not updated
24Starfail Nothing PersonalSargeras-US2321Not updated
25Imdtf Vs The UniverseSargeras-US2319Not updated
26Bonnorr HatSargeras-US2315Not updated
27Klemx smokin blunts in trafficSargeras-US2314Not updated
27Shòóter Bear Retirement HomeSargeras-US2314Not updated
29Odhuin Yolo to GladSargeras-US2303Not updated
30Cööliö Yolo to GladSargeras-US2300Not updated
31Barnicalboy  Sargeras-US2296Not updated
32Gréasygirl yoSargeras-US2294Not updated
33Phaithx u mirrin our swag bruhSargeras-US2290Not updated
34Mermaidmanx smokin blunts in trafficSargeras-US2289Not updated
35Bubury nV UsSargeras-US2288Not updated
36Sadar Casually SeriousSargeras-US2284Not updated
36Tochi Yolo to GladSargeras-US2284Not updated
38Scumkingx  Sargeras-US2281Not updated
39Bbytouchme Yolo to GladSargeras-US2271Not updated
39Captnkrunchw Yolo to GladSargeras-US2271Not updated
41Tymillia Victoria Vel NexSargeras-US2263Not updated
42Virtuez nV UsSargeras-US2258Not updated
43Bigpapä PvP UnlimitedSargeras-US2255Not updated
44Yòshì The Family BusinessSargeras-US2254Not updated
45Kittyrawrz Defiant GamingSargeras-US2253Not updated
45Dapperdan Victoria Vel NexSargeras-US2253Not updated
45Evolucia Realm LastSargeras-US2253Not updated
48Admos Wrong GraveyardSargeras-US2248Not updated
49Mickhael Wrong GraveyardSargeras-US2247Not updated
50Idotsheep Defiant GamingSargeras-US2243Not updated
51Badoxx Yolo to GladSargeras-US2242Not updated
52Holyhealsz Wrong GraveyardSargeras-US2241Not updated
53Zeroman Semper FidelisSargeras-US2238Not updated
53Swapedsdruid Wrong GraveyardSargeras-US2238Not updated
53ßlür Hidden ChaosSargeras-US2238Not updated
56Walkingdream Wrong GraveyardSargeras-US2236Not updated
57Cryptic V A N Q U I S HSargeras-US2235Not updated
58Parâdøx Wrong GraveyardSargeras-US2234Not updated
58Theholypally PvP UnlimitedSargeras-US2234Not updated
60Brunolenoir CastlevaniaSargeras-US2231Not updated
61Texasoutlaw  Sargeras-US2230Not updated
62Berzerka Wrong GraveyardSargeras-US2229Not updated
63Sadoxx Yolo to GladSargeras-US2228Not updated
64Funb It was LagSargeras-US2227Not updated
65Dwop Wrong GraveyardSargeras-US2225Not updated
66Lukechiio Yolo to GladSargeras-US2224Not updated
66Innoçent PvP UnlimitedSargeras-US2224Not updated
68Savannahqt I Cant StopSargeras-US2223Not updated
69Nightmarezx  Sargeras-US2222Not updated
69Pinkcrayola Nerd Bashing TimeSargeras-US2222Not updated
71Øø Wrong GraveyardSargeras-US2219Not updated
72Cuddlesxo  Sargeras-US2218Not updated
72Iliketurtls  Sargeras-US2218Not updated
72Paladinà  Sargeras-US2218Not updated
72Smhblizz Yolo to GladSargeras-US2218Not updated
76Ed V A N Q U I S HSargeras-US2214Not updated
77Totesman stay calmSargeras-US2211Not updated
78Dznutts Wrong GraveyardSargeras-US2210Not updated
78Downpoor Bot to GladSargeras-US2210Not updated
80Muffinsqt Yolo to GladSargeras-US2209Not updated
81Vérsacex  Sargeras-US2208Not updated
81Aleiss stay calmSargeras-US2208Not updated
83Thebestdruid OmnicideSargeras-US2207Not updated
84Thetrooth Victoria Vel NexSargeras-US2205Not updated
84Vhella  Sargeras-US2205Not updated
84Jimycorn to the shadowrealm u ratSargeras-US2205Not updated
87Bainê Yolo to GladSargeras-US2204Not updated
88Spírit  Sargeras-US2203Not updated
88Sweepa Hired GunzSargeras-US2203Not updated
88Carrter Seriously CasualSargeras-US2203Not updated
91Kcorb  Sargeras-US2201Not updated
91Honeybdger Wrong GraveyardSargeras-US2201Not updated
93Naiilah Yolo to GladSargeras-US2200Not updated
93Scyl HatSargeras-US2200Not updated
95Adoxx Yolo to GladSargeras-US2199Not updated
96Rockï Yolo to GladSargeras-US2198Not updated
96Elmart Yolo to GladSargeras-US2198Not updated
96Unoshottedqt smokin blunts in trafficSargeras-US2198Not updated
99Seancody  Sargeras-US2197Not updated
100Noobitis Yolo to GladSargeras-US2193Not updated

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