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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sargeras-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Botis From ScratchSargeras-EU2256Not updated
2Bauzz vs allSargeras-EU2216Not updated
3Cathi BAMAKO SQUADSargeras-EU2203Not updated
4Jüge vs allSargeras-EU2146Not updated
5Fedra Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU2135Not updated
6Moonsway vs allSargeras-EU2122Not updated
7Biocure vs allSargeras-EU2120Not updated
8Britneyyo EmpyriumSargeras-EU2107Not updated
9Stormcry BAMAKO SQUADSargeras-EU2070Not updated
10Banthos BrotherhoodSargeras-EU2068Not updated
11Bloodshot VindictaSargeras-EU2009Not updated
12Saerfos Game Of HuntSargeras-EU2008Not updated
13Ørfen Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU2002Not updated
14Jiinn VindictaSargeras-EU2000Not updated
15Merciqui Game Of HuntSargeras-EU1995Not updated
16Røxor Game Of HuntSargeras-EU1993Not updated
17Nehos Voodoo DollsSargeras-EU1991Not updated
17Myspé  Sargeras-EU1991Not updated
19Byobi Pushed LimitSargeras-EU1990Not updated
20Astrà Le Peuple des BarrensSargeras-EU1983Not updated
21Shainà Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU1978Not updated
22Nazøu Game Of HuntSargeras-EU1974Not updated
23Accelerate Pushed LimitSargeras-EU1971Not updated
24Ukio Pushed LimitSargeras-EU1968Not updated
25Chlamydiose Le Peuple des BarrensSargeras-EU1966Not updated
26Tartÿ LuminescenceSargeras-EU1959Not updated
27Edhën EnhancedSargeras-EU1958Not updated
27Vexo SwissMoneySargeras-EU1958Not updated
29Meløn BrotherhoodSargeras-EU1957Not updated
30Tãytrïs Pull EmploiSargeras-EU1955Not updated
30Fabuss Game Of HuntSargeras-EU1955Not updated
32Keriganes From ScratchSargeras-EU1954Not updated
33Meÿnä vs allSargeras-EU1953Not updated
34Döc UfrogSargeras-EU1945Not updated
35Hyalera Luna WolvesSargeras-EU1935Not updated
36Luun Le Peuple des BarrensSargeras-EU1934Not updated
37Neristhrana Le Peuple des BarrensSargeras-EU1929Not updated
38Haîku vs allSargeras-EU1925Not updated
39Cowkyne EnhancedSargeras-EU1911Not updated
40Darkona Le Peuple des BarrensSargeras-EU1910Not updated
41Lîlïth Voodoo DollsSargeras-EU1906Not updated
42Faabe Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU1902Not updated
43Jrmleouf Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU1900Not updated
44Myska UnLikeSargeras-EU1897Not updated
45Voltagz Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU1891Not updated
46Emilada EnhancedSargeras-EU1886Not updated
47Orfenqtz Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU1884Not updated
48Exodès EnhancedSargeras-EU1877Not updated
48Chinaski Pull EmploiSargeras-EU1877Not updated
50Zom Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU1876Not updated
50Faedra Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU1876Not updated
50Dicron BAMAKO SQUADSargeras-EU1876Not updated
53Khaldrôgo BrotherhoodSargeras-EU1873Not updated
53Lyrahh Le Peuple des BarrensSargeras-EU1873Not updated
55Malékkith EndlessSargeras-EU1871Not updated
56Clasquadje Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU1868Not updated
57Rodd la MeuteSargeras-EU1867Not updated
58Titrap Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU1864Not updated
59Badampingpow Game Of HuntSargeras-EU1861Not updated
60Démorroïde Pushed LimitSargeras-EU1857Not updated
61Mîmo Start OverSargeras-EU1853Not updated
61Trolina NightSargeras-EU1853Not updated
63Maltulius Légion BerserkerSargeras-EU1847Not updated
64Renewedfear Pushed LimitSargeras-EU1839Not updated
65Pravda Pushed LimitSargeras-EU1836Not updated
66Shaolîn Légion BerserkerSargeras-EU1832Not updated
67Renewedearth Pushed LimitSargeras-EU1824Not updated
68Destasia Pushed LimitSargeras-EU1818Not updated
69Destox Game Of HuntSargeras-EU1814Not updated
70Matamune Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU1812Not updated
71Änadis VQSargeras-EU1804Not updated
72Raleig Pushed LimitSargeras-EU1801Not updated
73Bulbon Last ReloadSargeras-EU1800Not updated
74Johnsparthan Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU1794Not updated
75Nookiz Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU1791Not updated
76Koltar BrotherhoodSargeras-EU1780Not updated
77Handkerchief Twisted MindSargeras-EU1778Not updated
78Korchan  Sargeras-EU1776Not updated
79Tuuxx From ScratchSargeras-EU1766Not updated
80Uto From ScratchSargeras-EU1764Not updated
81Gnarkz Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU1763Not updated
81Johnybaize vs allSargeras-EU1763Not updated
83Avarel GladiusSargeras-EU1759Not updated
84Pâtates EmpyriumSargeras-EU1758Not updated
85Invictûs NightSargeras-EU1756Not updated
86Mïchelle BrotherhoodSargeras-EU1749Not updated
87Sombrelüne Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU1746Not updated
87Exødiushaze Ad GloriamSargeras-EU1746Not updated
89Luminis la MeuteSargeras-EU1741Not updated
90Niz Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU1740Not updated
90Threeshoot UfrogSargeras-EU1740Not updated
92Saija BrotherhoodSargeras-EU1736Not updated
93Drlouze Luna WolvesSargeras-EU1732Not updated
94Tsum vs allSargeras-EU1727Not updated
94Anarki BrotherhoodSargeras-EU1727Not updated
96Salvatrucha Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU1724Not updated
97Allbroke Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU1723Not updated
98Tethar Last ReloadSargeras-EU1714Not updated
99Esmæline EnhancedSargeras-EU1711Not updated
100Darkhôle Game Of HuntSargeras-EU1709Not updated

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