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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Rexxar-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Balance  Rexxar-US2425Not updated
2Bloodfold No SkillRexxar-US2254Not updated
3Thatboomkin RedRexxar-US2206Not updated
4Frostisharde No SkillRexxar-US2113Not updated
5Vürdmeister Pure PVPRexxar-US2082Not updated
6Shrine No SkillRexxar-US2064Not updated
7Oleron Inglourious ßasterdsRexxar-US2046Not updated
8Screwballz Inglourious ßasterdsRexxar-US2037Not updated
9Draxion Ashes RebornRexxar-US2033Not updated
10Silage Running with ScizzorsRexxar-US2030Not updated
11Covahz No SkillRexxar-US2024
12Shooner Running with ScizzorsRexxar-US2013Not updated
13Bbanditt The ResilientRexxar-US1997
14Kúma Inglourious ßasterdsRexxar-US1985Not updated
15Jotosalsa Inglourious ßasterdsRexxar-US1981Not updated
16Foys The ResilientRexxar-US1979Not updated
16Dotdotgoosé  Rexxar-US1979Not updated
18Dunford Afk PowernapRexxar-US1976Not updated
19Vesuvius NightbaneRexxar-US1974
19Overhur Pure PVPRexxar-US1974Not updated
21Allupinthere Pure PVPRexxar-US1966Not updated
22Thepriory The ResilientRexxar-US1962Not updated
23Rebukee  Rexxar-US1956Not updated
24Bloodchi RareRexxar-US1936Not updated
25Festeringstd Inglourious ßasterdsRexxar-US1923
25Wooky Running with ScizzorsRexxar-US1923Not updated
27Destrolock The ResilientRexxar-US1921Not updated
28Noided LeverageRexxar-US1917Not updated
29Lickmyarm Pure PVPRexxar-US1912Not updated
30Wargonis VicariousRexxar-US1908
31Warick  Rexxar-US1901Not updated
32Drinsane Attorney At LawRexxar-US1897Not updated
33Blowintrees Pure PVPRexxar-US1893Not updated
34Acé Pure PVPRexxar-US1886Not updated
34Protekenu Pure PVPRexxar-US1886
36Rakgor just bloodlustRexxar-US1885
36Nikegang BaneRexxar-US1885Not updated
38Kharma Sythegore RebornRexxar-US1880Not updated
38Bonzia The ResilientRexxar-US1880Not updated
40Jaszy RebelliousRexxar-US1854
41Stormcoil The ExiledRexxar-US1850
42Acë The Fallen HeroesRexxar-US1848Not updated
43Foy The ResilientRexxar-US1839Not updated
44Anncoulter Game OverRexxar-US1836Not updated
45Cadejos InLovingMemoryRexxar-US1835Not updated
46Cianichop Cabal of The Dark LadyRexxar-US1832Not updated
47Drdanks Titans of AzerothRexxar-US1822Not updated
48Axepwner Darkblood CovenRexxar-US1808Not updated
49Shamboozy  Rexxar-US1793Not updated
50Tomfoolery  Rexxar-US1791Not updated
51Zarkze Running with ScizzorsRexxar-US1789Not updated
52Daftdragòñ The ResilientRexxar-US1788Not updated
53Changedagain Pure PVPRexxar-US1774Not updated
54Voids BaneRexxar-US1773Not updated
55Dáíryquèèn  Rexxar-US1764Not updated
56Maxhealsx Pure PVPRexxar-US1759Not updated
57Minionpool  Rexxar-US1758
58Concussive  Rexxar-US1757Not updated
58Nemisistic Moldy GoldzRexxar-US1757Not updated
60Duliken DeliriumRexxar-US1756Not updated
60Sociopathic Pure PVPRexxar-US1756Not updated
60Causestuff Pure PVPRexxar-US1756Not updated
63Koomgara Distorted PerceptionRexxar-US1735Not updated
64Zeldréz Distorted PerceptionRexxar-US1719Not updated
65Arthmas Pure PVPRexxar-US1711Not updated
66Bullbearcat  Rexxar-US1710Not updated
67Toxicdéath just bloodlustRexxar-US1698
68Conqdemed The ResilientRexxar-US1689Not updated
69Depravedone Distorted PerceptionRexxar-US1686Not updated
70Corosive Distorted PerceptionRexxar-US1681Not updated
71Jaydubbya Titans of AzerothRexxar-US1679Not updated
72Belimaw DeliriumRexxar-US1678Not updated
73Zibrik Distorted PerceptionRexxar-US1677Not updated
74Seared Pure PVPRexxar-US1673Not updated
75Mytosis Pure PVPRexxar-US1669Not updated
76Wides Distorted PerceptionRexxar-US1651Not updated
77Analar  Rexxar-US1646Not updated
77Yepthatguy DeliriumRexxar-US1646
79Fallinone Distorted PerceptionRexxar-US1640Not updated
80Anusious Time Well WastedRexxar-US1637Not updated
81Venasera Pure PVPRexxar-US1636Not updated
82Yummei Cabal of The Dark LadyRexxar-US1633Not updated
83Bloodtust Distorted PerceptionRexxar-US1610Not updated
84Sham The Legions RaidersRexxar-US1587Not updated
85Conquestsham The ResilientRexxar-US1573Not updated
86Evelain  Rexxar-US1544Not updated
87Spookydeath just bloodlustRexxar-US1541
88Lionsheart  Rexxar-US1526
89Boomshooter No SkillRexxar-US1525
90Yomyninja Pure PVPRexxar-US1521Not updated
91Amannas just bloodlustRexxar-US1520
92Radge LeverageRexxar-US1509Not updated
93Daftdragon  Rexxar-US1500Not updated
94Inastytipa The ResilientRexxar-US1499
95Stations Hordeon MinionsRexxar-US1496Not updated
96Tyshifu Dark Fire ValkyriesRexxar-US1489Not updated
97Demaciaa DeliriumRexxar-US1462
98Wôw Alliance MilitiaRexxar-US1337Not updated
99Afflictenu Pure PVPRexxar-US1334Not updated
100Killeryo Hordeon MinionsRexxar-US1330

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