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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Ravenholdt-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Åcrawez Release SpiritRavenholdt-US2489
2Zugar Release SpiritRavenholdt-US2411
3Kaspirz  Ravenholdt-US2369
4Occolt Release SpiritRavenholdt-US2345
5Revolutionz Release SpiritRavenholdt-US2313
6Blazde Legion of the HordeRavenholdt-US2134Not updated
7Missnoticed Sneaky Bunny Death SquadRavenholdt-US2113
8Cownado DeathWyndsRavenholdt-US2068Not updated
9Syrblood Release SpiritRavenholdt-US2062
10Koltz Release SpiritRavenholdt-US2061
11Cymoras DreadnaughtRavenholdt-US2058Not updated
12Jacê Cheat SheetRavenholdt-US2040
13Death Cheat SheetRavenholdt-US2037Not updated
14Madshatter  Ravenholdt-US2005Not updated
15Vitál Cheat SheetRavenholdt-US2003Not updated
16Krellick The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US1997
16Slingshotz Anarchy RisingRavenholdt-US1997Not updated
18Kytai The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US1978
19Oolaki The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US1976
20Ioi The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US1975
20Guthwulf The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US1975
22Cayreth The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US1974
22Heinz The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US1974Not updated
22Hegel The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US1974
22Sidhe The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US1974
26Rondo Sneaky Bunny Death SquadRavenholdt-US1973Not updated
26Taius The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US1973
28Rondie Sneaky Bunny Death SquadRavenholdt-US1962Not updated
29Darkshadows Legion of the HordeRavenholdt-US1955
29Bech The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US1955
31Zombiedk Cheat SheetRavenholdt-US1952Not updated
32Apocrypha Cheat SheetRavenholdt-US1949Not updated
33Rhabdo Sneaky Bunny Death SquadRavenholdt-US1946
34Cheater Cheat SheetRavenholdt-US1938Not updated
35Chimeriss Cheat SheetRavenholdt-US1934Not updated
36Nexior The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US1932
37Flippen Cheat SheetRavenholdt-US1930Not updated
38Psyfur Cheat SheetRavenholdt-US1921Not updated
39Ventblaze  Ravenholdt-US1920
39Harleyjames Cheat SheetRavenholdt-US1920Not updated
41Mcwarlock No FearRavenholdt-US1913
42Axlbundy Cheat SheetRavenholdt-US1911Not updated
43Quickkening Cheat SheetRavenholdt-US1910Not updated
44Rheine Cheat SheetRavenholdt-US1909Not updated
45Kanani Group TwoRavenholdt-US1907Not updated
46Pandachomp Group TwoRavenholdt-US1905Not updated
47Silentbow Fallen HeroesRavenholdt-US1904Not updated
48Galrauch Cheat SheetRavenholdt-US1900
49Húntsman Cheat SheetRavenholdt-US1899Not updated
50Blinkfloyd Group TwoRavenholdt-US1897Not updated
51Saturn Fallen HeroesRavenholdt-US1890Not updated
52Tariy Dark DragonsRavenholdt-US1884
53Suull NephilimRavenholdt-US1883Not updated
54Deadsauce Infamous OutlawsRavenholdt-US1880Not updated
55Qqdestructor Cheat SheetRavenholdt-US1879Not updated
56Ferráh Legion of the HordeRavenholdt-US1874Not updated
57Meepins Anarchy RisingRavenholdt-US1865Not updated
58Jacyl The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US1862Not updated
59Solarbeam Sneaky Bunny Death SquadRavenholdt-US1859Not updated
60Zenwrath HostileRavenholdt-US1854Not updated
61Bleedz DreadnaughtRavenholdt-US1849
62Las NephilimRavenholdt-US1848Not updated
62Brutalkilla Fortified UnityRavenholdt-US1848Not updated
64Defib DepricatedRavenholdt-US1847Not updated
65Asmindissa The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US1833
66Azgalor Dark CoreRavenholdt-US1832
66Dinosaurrawr Revenge Of The HordeRavenholdt-US1832
68Darkfizzix Sneaky Bunny Death SquadRavenholdt-US1831
69Guiles DreadnaughtRavenholdt-US1829Not updated
69Quezt  Ravenholdt-US1829Not updated
71Cmlol Fallen HeroesRavenholdt-US1826Not updated
72Nemain The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US1822
73Dariyus The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US1820
74Krulzaj HostileRavenholdt-US1815Not updated
75Darkmfour  Ravenholdt-US1811Not updated
76Rorrek Twilight EmpireRavenholdt-US1806Not updated
77Evevian T X SRavenholdt-US1805Not updated
78Keign Sneaky Bunny Death SquadRavenholdt-US1804Not updated
79Spot  Ravenholdt-US1803Not updated
80Cyanether  Ravenholdt-US1801Not updated
81Stenorak Dark DragonsRavenholdt-US1800
82Ravendor Cheat SheetRavenholdt-US1799Not updated
83Berserkdoom Legion of the HordeRavenholdt-US1793Not updated
84Foucault The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US1786
84Fib Cheat SheetRavenholdt-US1786Not updated
84Gothicrose PandemicRavenholdt-US1786
87Darkwarrior Legion of the HordeRavenholdt-US1785Not updated
88Morefien Ascendant Of WarRavenholdt-US1775Not updated
89Pacchi  Ravenholdt-US1760Not updated
90Freakybonez Revenge Of The HordeRavenholdt-US1736
91Kodähbear Sneaky Bunny Death SquadRavenholdt-US1723Not updated
92Chap DepricatedRavenholdt-US1720
93Deya The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US1708
93Jiub Sneaky Bunny Death SquadRavenholdt-US1708Not updated
95Sharlea  Ravenholdt-US1704Not updated
96Organika Dark DragonsRavenholdt-US1694
97Ginnhh  Ravenholdt-US1693Not updated
98Dollarbill Cheat SheetRavenholdt-US1692Not updated
99Hunpawnlee DreadnaughtRavenholdt-US1690Not updated
100Spoonmân HostileRavenholdt-US1673Not updated

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