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Ravencrest-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Jxmz eHEROESRavencrest-EU2583
2Ruínz eHEROESRavencrest-EU2581
3Ruinz eHEROESRavencrest-EU2579
4Wâllirikz eHEROESRavencrest-EU2566
5Demidar R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2563
6Natubobqt eHEROESRavencrest-EU2559
7Rizzy eHEROESRavencrest-EU2549
8Nófakelol TEGNO DOGESTEPRavencrest-EU2537
9Vegar eHEROESRavencrest-EU2529
10Imbajohnx R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2524
10Maxtreutler eHEROESRavencrest-EU2524
12Dotlove R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2521
13Bousiify SCRUBCLUBRavencrest-EU2520
14Shakter R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2516
14Worgennerd  Ravencrest-EU2516
16Bigblackkwok disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2513
17Swacky eHEROESRavencrest-EU2512
17Wínkay disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2512
19Dèmidar R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2509
20Jahmarotko disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2504
21Killonz eHEROESRavencrest-EU2498
21Maxelix SCRUBCLUBRavencrest-EU2498
21Panzerhenk R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2498
24Luritix R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2496
25Bøby  Ravencrest-EU2494
25Thúya eHEROESRavencrest-EU2494
27Wafflexo eHEROESRavencrest-EU2490
28Swépriest eHEROESRavencrest-EU2486
29ßigßoyßuklau disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2485
30Tjompidar  Ravencrest-EU2483
31Jzmx eHEROESRavencrest-EU2482
32Owlgodx R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2478
33Nøfakelol RLoARavencrest-EU2477
34Pànzerhenk R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2476
35Capzloockx R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2468
36Wooted disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2464
37Getbentt disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2463
38Saggyvagx eHEROESRavencrest-EU2458Not updated
39Shadowfurya KIllinG RampagERavencrest-EU2454
40Winkäaäaäaäy disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2452
41Runedruíd eHEROESRavencrest-EU2451
42Bloodripping eHEROESRavencrest-EU2450
43Swåck eHEROESRavencrest-EU2447
44Alisonbrie eHEROESRavencrest-EU2443
45Capzloock R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2440
45Juicefister eHEROESRavencrest-EU2440
45Hoggtwo eHEROESRavencrest-EU2440
48Ellipsìs R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2438
49Brodqt R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2434
50Imbajohnlol disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2433
51Bloodpooper disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2431
52Candylòl RLoARavencrest-EU2427
52Sivax disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2427
54Vildè eHEROESRavencrest-EU2424
54Smitéy R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2424
54Çonstantx R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2424
57Gazelleform disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2423
58Vindolee R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2417
59Cplmill eHEROESRavencrest-EU2416
60Mýríza  Ravencrest-EU2413
61Chickenboy disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2411
62Djdotlove R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2409
62Winkaaääaääy disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2409
64Lazerchicken eHEROESRavencrest-EU2406
65Michaelltnt disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2405
66Lanaðelreÿ disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2403
66Makcie R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2403
68Sòlo Winter is ComingRavencrest-EU2402
69Thaigirljk  Ravencrest-EU2401
70Dethlord eHEROESRavencrest-EU2400
70Vess  Ravencrest-EU2400
72Pertlnatz TEAM SpArtaZRavencrest-EU2399
73Terrorzt  Ravencrest-EU2398
74Fugyeah EvocatiRavencrest-EU2397
75Syrez  Ravencrest-EU2394Not updated
76Mííxz eHEROESRavencrest-EU2391
76Alería R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2391
78Ubbà eHEROESRavencrest-EU2388
79Brodski R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2387
80Ðanfield R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2386
81Swackstar eHEROESRavencrest-EU2385
82Lanadelreÿ  Ravencrest-EU2384
83Haeos Winter is ComingRavencrest-EU2383
84Earthmothér SugarGlazed PnisRavencrest-EU2374
85Vindz eHEROESRavencrest-EU2371
86Lemonx eHEROESRavencrest-EU2368
86Fhskja disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2368
88Ekø eHEROESRavencrest-EU2367
89Nalrakingz Winter is ComingRavencrest-EU2366
89Drbicepsx R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2366
91Zýria R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2365
92Milakuniz SCRUBCLUBRavencrest-EU2364Not updated
92Wónká Elitist JerksRavencrest-EU2364
92Winkay disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2364
95Cortezblue  Ravencrest-EU2361
96Dreodoom eHEROESRavencrest-EU2354
97Timberz R E F L E XRavencrest-EU2347Not updated
98Slimpojke disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2344
98Venmarotko disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2344
100Celebrations Winter is ComingRavencrest-EU2343

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