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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ravencrest-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Saggÿ eHEROESRavencrest-EU2749Not updated
2Swacky eHEROESRavencrest-EU2725Not updated
3Getbentt  Ravencrest-EU2713Not updated
4Worgennerd  Ravencrest-EU2695Not updated
5Wínkay disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2661Not updated
6Wâllirikz Group TherapyRavencrest-EU2654Not updated
7Ekò  Ravencrest-EU2648Not updated
8Ruinz eHEROESRavencrest-EU2646Not updated
9Swackstar eHEROESRavencrest-EU2631Not updated
10Slimkid  Ravencrest-EU2620Not updated
11Bloodripping  Ravencrest-EU2604Not updated
12Pànzerhenk eHEROESRavencrest-EU2593Not updated
13Daggrz one and doneRavencrest-EU2584Not updated
14Jxmz eHEROESRavencrest-EU2583Not updated
15Zequa  Ravencrest-EU2572Not updated
16Waffleye Winter is ComingRavencrest-EU2570Not updated
17Maxelix  Ravencrest-EU2566Not updated
18Rizzy eHEROESRavencrest-EU2564Not updated
19Natubobqt eHEROESRavencrest-EU2559Not updated
20Wafflexo eHEROESRavencrest-EU2552Not updated
21Chickenboy disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2548Not updated
22Runedruíd eHEROESRavencrest-EU2545Not updated
23Loreleix Project SlothRavencrest-EU2540Not updated
24Krassz one and doneRavencrest-EU2538Not updated
25ßrodqt one and doneRavencrest-EU2537Not updated
26Solarbing one and doneRavencrest-EU2534Not updated
27Vegar eHEROESRavencrest-EU2529Not updated
27Lazerchicken Project SlothRavencrest-EU2529Not updated
29Maxtreutler eHEROESRavencrest-EU2528Not updated
30Ellipsìs one and doneRavencrest-EU2524Not updated
30Swåcky eHEROESRavencrest-EU2524Not updated
32Sarins JynxRavencrest-EU2521Not updated
32Dotlove one and doneRavencrest-EU2521Not updated
34Antisnake OmnicideRavencrest-EU2519Not updated
35Swäcky eHEROESRavencrest-EU2518Not updated
36Getoutmicar disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2517Not updated
37Baverfan yaspresentsRavencrest-EU2516Not updated
37Venmarotko Project SlothRavencrest-EU2516Not updated
39Jzmx eHEROESRavencrest-EU2513Not updated
40Anananas disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2512Not updated
40Wooted  Ravencrest-EU2512Not updated
42Lemonx eHEROESRavencrest-EU2510Not updated
43Imbajohnlol one and doneRavencrest-EU2508Not updated
43Smiteyqt one and doneRavencrest-EU2508Not updated
45Inequality Project RecapRavencrest-EU2507Not updated
46Lymmel eXampleRavencrest-EU2504Not updated
46Sateel Damage ControlRavencrest-EU2504Not updated
48Elizatwo one and doneRavencrest-EU2502Not updated
49Sevre Shut Up And CryRavencrest-EU2500Not updated
49Nófakelol one and doneRavencrest-EU2500Not updated
51Luritix one and doneRavencrest-EU2496Not updated
52Alerio DawnstarRavencrest-EU2495Not updated
53Phoría Project RecapRavencrest-EU2494Not updated
54Winkaaääaäay disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2490Not updated
55Dethlord eHEROESRavencrest-EU2489Not updated
56Smitéy OmnicideRavencrest-EU2487Not updated
56Cuilean HelionRavencrest-EU2487Not updated
58Thunderz eHEROESRavencrest-EU2485Not updated
59Winkaaääaay  Ravencrest-EU2481Not updated
59Inequalìty Project RecapRavencrest-EU2481Not updated
61Yaroslav eHEROESRavencrest-EU2480Not updated
61Capzloockx one and doneRavencrest-EU2480Not updated
63Tauridu HelionRavencrest-EU2477Not updated
64Shakter one and doneRavencrest-EU2476Not updated
64Winkäaäaäaäy  Ravencrest-EU2476Not updated
66Auoun HelionRavencrest-EU2475Not updated
67Ariex one and doneRavencrest-EU2474Not updated
67Capzloock eXampleRavencrest-EU2474Not updated
69Makcie one and doneRavencrest-EU2473Not updated
70Ðjtrax eHEROESRavencrest-EU2472Not updated
70Ariéz Project RecapRavencrest-EU2472Not updated
72Michaelltnt one and doneRavencrest-EU2471Not updated
72Mííxz eHEROESRavencrest-EU2471Not updated
74Ðjtraxtwo eHEROESRavencrest-EU2470Not updated
75Sivax disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2466Not updated
75Danfield one and doneRavencrest-EU2466Not updated
75Noblocktko one and doneRavencrest-EU2466Not updated
78Swepalaxo  Ravencrest-EU2465Not updated
79Vildè eHEROESRavencrest-EU2464Not updated
80Biffyson eHEROESRavencrest-EU2463Not updated
81Zenivior Project RecapRavencrest-EU2461Not updated
82Brodski one and doneRavencrest-EU2459Not updated
83Radicalysham Project RecapRavencrest-EU2457Not updated
84Vindolee one and doneRavencrest-EU2454Not updated
85Dreodoom eHEROESRavencrest-EU2453Not updated
86Winkaaääaääy disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2450Not updated
86Winkeeééeeéé disrespect u disconnectRavencrest-EU2450Not updated
88Vildé eHEROESRavencrest-EU2441Not updated
89Hoggtwo  Ravencrest-EU2440Not updated
90Àsuna eHEROESRavencrest-EU2437Not updated
91Vess  Ravencrest-EU2435Not updated
92Dreoras eHEROESRavencrest-EU2427Not updated
93Vindz eHEROESRavencrest-EU2425Not updated
94Brodqt one and doneRavencrest-EU2423Not updated
95Magikarpxo one and doneRavencrest-EU2420Not updated
96Runelock eHEROESRavencrest-EU2416Not updated
97Vomitcommand eHEROESRavencrest-EU2413Not updated
97Puljin eHEROESRavencrest-EU2413Not updated
99Morkkisjr one and doneRavencrest-EU2412Not updated
100Vrataski  Ravencrest-EU2408Not updated

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