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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ragnaros-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Dynamø Merciless RevengeRagnaros-US2514Not updated
2Byts Merciless RevengeRagnaros-US2503Not updated
3Proxy Merciless RevengeRagnaros-US2498Not updated
4Biomist Merciless RevengeRagnaros-US2433Not updated
5Prøxy PvP trainerRagnaros-US2417Not updated
6Livewire PvP trainerRagnaros-US2410Not updated
7Døtme PvP trainerRagnaros-US2406Not updated
8Prìde PvP trainerRagnaros-US2397Not updated
9Saboshima OwnedCoreRagnaros-US2359Not updated
10Prîde Merciless RevengeRagnaros-US2343Not updated
11Treemorph PvP trainerRagnaros-US2340Not updated
12Randøm TyrannyRagnaros-US2319Not updated
13Raizzah Imperio LätinöRagnaros-US2313Not updated
14Jägér For ThemRagnaros-US2307Not updated
15Oner  Ragnaros-US2303Not updated
16Inmørtál TyrannyRagnaros-US2302Not updated
17Deathmásk ll We Carry on llRagnaros-US2296Not updated
18Amoniaco TyrannyRagnaros-US2293Not updated
18Nickyü TyrannyRagnaros-US2293Not updated
20Cøntraband  Ragnaros-US2292Not updated
21Dracô TyrannyRagnaros-US2283Not updated
22Vitcheztein TyrannyRagnaros-US2277Not updated
23Nouvelle TyrannyRagnaros-US2275Not updated
24Randi TyrannyRagnaros-US2260Not updated
25Spriestchamp PwnographyRagnaros-US2259Not updated
26Snowsicle TyrannyRagnaros-US2251Not updated
27Boomtastic Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US2249Not updated
28Heymen TyrannyRagnaros-US2246Not updated
29Ghaell TyrannyRagnaros-US2244Not updated
30Sketto Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US2236Not updated
31Reddentor We Got TalentRagnaros-US2234Not updated
32Mãtías Fïght ClubRagnaros-US2233Not updated
33 Fïght ClubRagnaros-US2232Not updated
34Azráel Fïght ClubRagnaros-US2231Not updated
34Sigrdrífumál Fïght ClubRagnaros-US2231Not updated
36Arazos For ThemRagnaros-US2230Not updated
37Perraqlia For ThemRagnaros-US2225Not updated
38Skainer MalditosBastardosRagnaros-US2224Not updated
38Lambón Fïght ClubRagnaros-US2224Not updated
40Rødebøy Fïght ClubRagnaros-US2223Not updated
40Contraband TyrannyRagnaros-US2223Not updated
40Locopeligrô For ThemRagnaros-US2223Not updated
43Archtype MalditosBastardosRagnaros-US2219Not updated
43Tanitø Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US2219Not updated
43Deáthmask TyrannyRagnaros-US2219Not updated
43Nhcqt MvP LARagnaros-US2219Not updated
47Sérenéty DdoserRagnaros-US2218Not updated
48Tridogs For ThemRagnaros-US2216Not updated
48Piedmön TyrannyRagnaros-US2216Not updated
48Yösífer TyrannyRagnaros-US2216Not updated
51Amito TyrannyRagnaros-US2213Not updated
52Süb Ghost RegimentRagnaros-US2212Not updated
52Srabills MalditosBastardosRagnaros-US2212Not updated
54Theârcang For ThemRagnaros-US2211Not updated
55Tobiwan CrysisRagnaros-US2210Not updated
56Oqt ll We Carry on llRagnaros-US2209Not updated
56Gömory TyrannyRagnaros-US2209Not updated
56Jesucrista Flag CarryRagnaros-US2209Not updated
59Locopeligró For ThemRagnaros-US2208Not updated
59Paulinna Lets have a kikiRagnaros-US2208Not updated
61Sweetdesire Fïght ClubRagnaros-US2207Not updated
61Sucorbenoth Fïght ClubRagnaros-US2207Not updated
61Vnz Flag CarryRagnaros-US2207Not updated
61Yahír ll We Carry on llRagnaros-US2207Not updated
61Undeadstra TyrannyRagnaros-US2207Not updated
66Boldt Global CooldownRagnaros-US2204Not updated
66Piétro Flag CarryRagnaros-US2204Not updated
66Darkdemo ßlood LineRagnaros-US2204Not updated
66Locopeligro For ThemRagnaros-US2204Not updated
70Iceflows MalditosBastardosRagnaros-US2203Not updated
71Titosi Fïght ClubRagnaros-US2202Not updated
72Dommön TyrannyRagnaros-US2201Not updated
72Hüskar  Ragnaros-US2201Not updated
74Néfazto Imperio LätinöRagnaros-US2199Not updated
75Statics Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US2196Not updated
76Cuernasos OwnedCoreRagnaros-US2192Not updated
77Byte PvP trainerRagnaros-US2190Not updated
77Chinhö Vinculo FerreoRagnaros-US2190Not updated
79Plumitas Dargor the ShadowlordRagnaros-US2188Not updated
80Thelas ll We Carry on llRagnaros-US2187Not updated
80Tnz TyrannyRagnaros-US2187Not updated
82Wolfilicious  Ragnaros-US2186Not updated
83Saboshíma Dispell meRagnaros-US2185Not updated
84Payman MalditosBastardosRagnaros-US2184Not updated
85Rázorh Kaos Latin GamersRagnaros-US2183Not updated
85Psychè  Ragnaros-US2183Not updated
87Embersoul MalditosBastardosRagnaros-US2182Not updated
87Wärmoon TyrannyRagnaros-US2182Not updated
89Reishín Fïght ClubRagnaros-US2181Not updated
90Zhaolín MvP LARagnaros-US2178Not updated
91Fergiee DdoserRagnaros-US2176Not updated
92Ðreadlørd MalditosBastardosRagnaros-US2175Not updated
92Tímidá MvP LARagnaros-US2175Not updated
92Setrox ll We Carry on llRagnaros-US2175Not updated
92Kurapicá ll We Carry on llRagnaros-US2175Not updated
92Gnomä Fïght ClubRagnaros-US2175Not updated
97Raizzuki DdoserRagnaros-US2172Not updated
97Overheler Fïght ClubRagnaros-US2172Not updated
99ßrennan Flag CarryRagnaros-US2171Not updated
99Vesubio Flag CarryRagnaros-US2171Not updated

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