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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Quel'dorei-TW Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Matador  Quel'dorei-TW1895Not updated
2花小瑰 雅仕俠風Quel'dorei-TW1869Not updated
3他乃乃滴熊 笑傲風雲Quel'dorei-TW1860Not updated
4孤雲往哪飄 紫雲仙境Quel'dorei-TW1856Not updated
5Plumeria 雅仕俠風Quel'dorei-TW1832Not updated
6啵爺 不正常人類研究中心Quel'dorei-TW1826Not updated
7玄武狂嵐 不正常人類研究中心Quel'dorei-TW1818Not updated
8Aesop 不正常人類研究中心Quel'dorei-TW1814Not updated
9死亡仲裁者 夢空界Quel'dorei-TW1774Not updated
10灰燼之心  Quel'dorei-TW1749Not updated
11Ithuriel 楓林小築Quel'dorei-TW1743Not updated
12Symmetry 楓林小築Quel'dorei-TW1742Not updated
13獨眼熊貓 雅仕俠風Quel'dorei-TW1739Not updated
14諾蔓蒂  Quel'dorei-TW1732Not updated
15Gorillaz  Quel'dorei-TW1727Not updated
16Cobralz 夢空界Quel'dorei-TW1721Not updated
17夏芝雪 雅仕俠風Quel'dorei-TW1717Not updated
18守門員二世 雅仕俠風Quel'dorei-TW1710Not updated
19一威老爺一 夢空界Quel'dorei-TW1707Not updated
20Reneth 楓林小築Quel'dorei-TW1688Not updated
21暴走貓 火大幫Quel'dorei-TW1681Not updated
22小雨狼 無與倫比Quel'dorei-TW1678Not updated
23一狩魂一 夏朵Quel'dorei-TW1673Not updated
24Haniel 楓林小築Quel'dorei-TW1670Not updated
25丹妮 死騎Quel'dorei-TW1669Not updated
26邪惡檸檬派 MOON LIGHTQuel'dorei-TW1668Not updated
27水樽  Quel'dorei-TW1664Not updated
28殘酷月晰  Quel'dorei-TW1660Not updated
29穆法砂 雅仕俠風Quel'dorei-TW1655Not updated
30雨靈 無與倫比Quel'dorei-TW1648Not updated
31十逍遙風十 寸鐵丹心Quel'dorei-TW1644Not updated
32雨很大  Quel'dorei-TW1639Not updated
33Huldra 萍花苑Quel'dorei-TW1634Not updated
34暗夜薇 卡司雷德探險家協會Quel'dorei-TW1630Not updated
35祤兒 夜之神殿Quel'dorei-TW1614Not updated
36魔女戰神  Quel'dorei-TW1610Not updated
37月之影者  Quel'dorei-TW1607Not updated
38一愛愛一 當我們同在一起Quel'dorei-TW1598Not updated
39維納斯女王 春天的故事Quel'dorei-TW1594Not updated
40夜歡 夜之神殿Quel'dorei-TW1589Not updated
40Vaporel  Quel'dorei-TW1589Not updated
42Anamnesis 笑傲風雲Quel'dorei-TW1587Not updated
43Initiald 童話Quel'dorei-TW1577Not updated
44羽惜  Quel'dorei-TW1575Not updated
45伊美亞  Quel'dorei-TW1556Not updated
46愛的多重箭  Quel'dorei-TW1552Not updated
47Cello 眾星株式會社Quel'dorei-TW1550Not updated
47洛因維爾 萍花苑Quel'dorei-TW1550Not updated
49Volin 眾星株式會社Quel'dorei-TW1547Not updated
50Executioner 萍花苑Quel'dorei-TW1546Not updated
51物品回收站 Paradise LostQuel'dorei-TW1532Not updated
52水雲痕 NO MANQuel'dorei-TW1531Not updated
53靈動 夜之神殿Quel'dorei-TW1530Not updated
54雷電 納尼亞Quel'dorei-TW1527Not updated
55紀嫣然 NO MANQuel'dorei-TW1523Not updated
56清晨霧雨 Rock StarQuel'dorei-TW1520Not updated
57妮瑪蒂 火大幫Quel'dorei-TW1519Not updated
58度濫七 寸鐵丹心Quel'dorei-TW1512Not updated
59小蕉 火大幫Quel'dorei-TW1508Not updated
60中華項少龍 NO MANQuel'dorei-TW1483Not updated
61Desperation Rock StarQuel'dorei-TW1479Not updated
61Flandres Justice Never EndsQuel'dorei-TW1479Not updated
63神魔王 趴趴家族Quel'dorei-TW1465Not updated
64山行雲 墨墨Quel'dorei-TW1458Not updated
65遮遮 雅仕俠風Quel'dorei-TW1442Not updated
66三秒俠 夢空界Quel'dorei-TW1440Not updated
67冥亡幻魂 MOON LIGHTQuel'dorei-TW1437Not updated
67賢妻 那年夏天Quel'dorei-TW1437Not updated
69米米露 夢空界Quel'dorei-TW1425Not updated
70吉爾珈美什 童話Quel'dorei-TW1410Not updated
71沉睡綿羊  Quel'dorei-TW1409Not updated
72Morrell 不正常人類研究中心Quel'dorei-TW1332Not updated
73亞斯德 萍花苑Quel'dorei-TW1331Not updated
74一黑色秋月一  Quel'dorei-TW1322Not updated
75聖戰勇士 墨墨Quel'dorei-TW1317Not updated
76莉莎戴爾  Quel'dorei-TW1310Not updated
77小優奈 楓林小築Quel'dorei-TW1243Not updated
78風有些喧囂 童話Quel'dorei-TW1137Not updated
79時崎狂三 Paradise LostQuel'dorei-TW1134Not updated
80蘭瑟洛特 DnDQuel'dorei-TW1052Not updated
81袖舞流年 少女 好契約不來一發嗎Quel'dorei-TW959Not updated
82戾刃  Quel'dorei-TW958Not updated
83吉木汁汁姑嘎 夜之神殿Quel'dorei-TW957Not updated
84安德魯冰 NO MANQuel'dorei-TW951Not updated
85劉秀 不正常人類研究中心Quel'dorei-TW765Not updated
86洛央夏 死騎Quel'dorei-TW761Not updated
87闇之影 龍飼料促進會Quel'dorei-TW759Not updated
88醉星雲 無與倫比Quel'dorei-TW578Not updated
89衛青 不正常人類研究中心Quel'dorei-TW576Not updated
90Samsara  Quel'dorei-TW575Not updated
90Lauchen 亡命之徒Quel'dorei-TW575Not updated
90麗娜因芭斯  Quel'dorei-TW575Not updated
90Poib 幫親不幫理的親友團Quel'dorei-TW575Not updated
90瓏芯 無與倫比Quel'dorei-TW575Not updated
95罡煞 DnDQuel'dorei-TW574Not updated
96一紅鬍子一  Quel'dorei-TW573Not updated
97可口奶滋 童話Quel'dorei-TW384Not updated
97戀情 趴趴家族Quel'dorei-TW384Not updated
97追夢赤子心 當我們同在一起Quel'dorei-TW384Not updated
97夢想之風  Quel'dorei-TW384Not updated

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