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Quel'Thalas-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Burstheals Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2400
2Healthi gladiadores de la sombraQuel'Thalas-US2250
3Liebestraum Im SuperiorQuel'Thalas-US2248
4Aerøwarrior Watch Me BurstQuel'Thalas-US2224
5Jáz Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2223
6Mørgein SkyflareQuel'Thalas-US2212
7Goraluk  Quel'Thalas-US2211
7Blackdrak Watch Me BurstQuel'Thalas-US2211
9Raidan Watch Me BurstQuel'Thalas-US2210
9Balmúng Watch Me BurstQuel'Thalas-US2210
9Brehh Watch Me BurstQuel'Thalas-US2210
12Crystalqt Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2207
12Warrgast gladiadores de la sombraQuel'Thalas-US2207
14Alejandrö  Quel'Thalas-US2206
15Killerbrujo Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2205
16Tímida Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2200
17Vìxen Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2188
18Atharis EmperorQuel'Thalas-US2184
19Lawuera ConcilioQuel'Thalas-US2183
20Nerotos Los Caminantes BlancosQuel'Thalas-US2181
21Kiiaraa Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2179
21Eldeen Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2179
23Norrismonje Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2176
24Muské Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2172
25Waruya We Kill NoobsQuel'Thalas-US2169
26Täilong Swedish House MafiaQuel'Thalas-US2165
27Ikissyou Burst IncomingQuel'Thalas-US2162
28Mcfrost SkillFactoryQuel'Thalas-US2152
29Webbonita PrimeQuel'Thalas-US2145
30Rýff Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2144
31Mandelbrot SumeriosQuel'Thalas-US2142
31Alyndrah Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2142
33Albäfica Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2141
34Marbelly Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2140
35Chísus Swedish House MafiaQuel'Thalas-US2139
35Rousser Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2139
37Maxiheaal Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2138
38Børos Burst IncomingQuel'Thalas-US2136
39Sryshnak Watch Me BurstQuel'Thalas-US2127
40Nucleos HysteríaQuel'Thalas-US2126
40Huntardftw Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2126
42Donmonk Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2124
43Lúgg Burst IncomingQuel'Thalas-US2120
43Marbeqt Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2120
45Kainz Shadow of DeathQuel'Thalas-US2119
46Mandrakë ContraxQuel'Thalas-US2116Not updated
46Maxifut SixtyNineWipesQuel'Thalas-US2116
48Nölly TRANKILITYQuel'Thalas-US2114
49Akirasage The BerserkersQuel'Thalas-US2113
50Spidaro ConcilioQuel'Thalas-US2112
50Darktrini Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2112
52Widewut LOLsQuel'Thalas-US2111
52Kelheit Like a ChampQuel'Thalas-US2111
54Meíf Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2110
55Pibrrow Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2109
56Akzatlan ARMENIAQuel'Thalas-US2108
56Natza Centinelas de AzerothQuel'Thalas-US2108
58Essennce Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2107
59Ârmstrong Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2106
59Psychofeör Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2106
61Yhann Los Caminantes BlancosQuel'Thalas-US2105
62Samídk Watch Me BurstQuel'Thalas-US2104
63Florisacer Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2101
64Elpelmazo LOK TARQuel'Thalas-US2100
64Lukáss Like a ChampQuel'Thalas-US2100
66Sorzqt Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2099
67Rastapunk HysteríaQuel'Thalas-US2097
68Bøl Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2095
69Guilion ImperiumQuel'Thalas-US2094
69Latoques ConcilioQuel'Thalas-US2094
71Focûsmepls HysteríaQuel'Thalas-US2093
72Beelzebüb Fratres BellumQuel'Thalas-US2092
72Chisitospls Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2092
74Estefanis The Spartans Never DieQuel'Thalas-US2091
74Bigsoul Kings Of RealmQuel'Thalas-US2091
74Dântte Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2091
77Pezkeira Like a ChampQuel'Thalas-US2090
78Ironheard Like a ChampQuel'Thalas-US2089
78Lýs Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2089
80Grimak UnstoppableQuel'Thalas-US2088
80Jhonnss Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2088
82Zagûm Burst IncomingQuel'Thalas-US2087
82Plomins Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2087
82Héra Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2087
82Vryhan Shadow of DeathQuel'Thalas-US2087
86Allexa ARMENIAQuel'Thalas-US2086
87Lücca Dragon KnightsQuel'Thalas-US2085Not updated
87César  Quel'Thalas-US2085
87Roin Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2085
90Aerøhunter Watch Me BurstQuel'Thalas-US2084
91Arciel HysteríaQuel'Thalas-US2083
92Neydrus Los Caminantes BlancosQuel'Thalas-US2081
93Armentitös ARMENIAQuel'Thalas-US2080
93Florimonk Like a ChampQuel'Thalas-US2080
95Ousïa Stuck in DeadminesQuel'Thalas-US2078
96Basquiat Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2076
96Daaruuxx Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2076
96Elentäri Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2076
96Maxbull Swedish House MafiaQuel'Thalas-US2076
100Matrerá Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2072

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