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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Quel'Thalas-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Burstheals Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2400Not updated
2Liebestraum Im SuperiorQuel'Thalas-US2248Not updated
3Alejandrö Swedish House MafiaQuel'Thalas-US2211Not updated
4Balmúng Watch Me BurstQuel'Thalas-US2210Not updated
5Killerbrujo Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2205Not updated
6Lawuera Crimson ButterflyQuel'Thalas-US2183Not updated
7Kiiaraa Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2179Not updated
7Eldeen Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2179Not updated
9Norrismonje Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2176Not updated
10Muské Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2172Not updated
11Waruya We Kill NoobsQuel'Thalas-US2169Not updated
12Täilong Swedish House MafiaQuel'Thalas-US2165Not updated
13Ikissyou Burst IncomingQuel'Thalas-US2162Not updated
14Webbonita PrimeQuel'Thalas-US2145Not updated
15Rýff Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2144Not updated
16Alyndrah Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2142Not updated
17Albäfica Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2141Not updated
18Marbelly Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2140Not updated
19Rousser El AnilloQuel'Thalas-US2139Not updated
20Maxiheaal Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2138Not updated
21Mandelbrot SumeriosQuel'Thalas-US2130Not updated
22Nucleos HysteríaQuel'Thalas-US2126Not updated
22Huntardftw Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2126Not updated
24Donmonk Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2124Not updated
25Marbeqt Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2120Not updated
26Mandrakë  Quel'Thalas-US2116Not updated
26Maxifut SixtyNineWipesQuel'Thalas-US2116Not updated
28Chísus Swedish House MafiaQuel'Thalas-US2115Not updated
29Akirasage The BerserkersQuel'Thalas-US2113Not updated
30Darktrini Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2112Not updated
31Widewut LOLsQuel'Thalas-US2111Not updated
31Kelheit Like a ChampQuel'Thalas-US2111Not updated
33Pibrrow Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2109Not updated
34Natza Nightfury SoulsQuel'Thalas-US2108Not updated
35Psychofeör Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2106Not updated
36Yhann Los Caminantes BlancosQuel'Thalas-US2105Not updated
37Florisacer Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2101Not updated
37Steinargg ARMENIAQuel'Thalas-US2101Not updated
37Dairah Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2101Not updated
40Elpelmazo LOK TARQuel'Thalas-US2100Not updated
41Sorzqt Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2099Not updated
42Bøl Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2095Not updated
43Latoques ConcilioQuel'Thalas-US2094Not updated
44Beelzebüb Fratres BellumQuel'Thalas-US2092Not updated
45Bigsoul Kings Of RealmQuel'Thalas-US2091Not updated
45Dântte  Quel'Thalas-US2091Not updated
47Lýs  Quel'Thalas-US2089Not updated
48Jhonnss Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2088Not updated
49Plomins Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2087Not updated
49Héra Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2087Not updated
51César  Quel'Thalas-US2085Not updated
51Roin Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2085Not updated
53Arciel HysteríaQuel'Thalas-US2083Not updated
54Basquiat Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2076Not updated
54Daaruuxx Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2076Not updated
54Elentäri Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2076Not updated
54Maxbull Swedish House MafiaQuel'Thalas-US2076Not updated
58Dyroh Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2069Not updated
59Pèélida Fast CapQuel'Thalas-US2067Not updated
60Cóóperfield One StopQuel'Thalas-US2066Not updated
61Elwachiturro SumeriosQuel'Thalas-US2062Not updated
62Senk Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2061Not updated
62Ghostty SumeriosQuel'Thalas-US2061Not updated
64Cmolotov ÐOMINATIONQuel'Thalas-US2059Not updated
65Focûsmepls HysteríaQuel'Thalas-US2058Not updated
66Keoru SumeriosQuel'Thalas-US2055Not updated
67Alisà Stuck in DeadminesQuel'Thalas-US2053Not updated
68Akoko MuspelheimQuel'Thalas-US2043Not updated
69Sòrem Stuck in DeadminesQuel'Thalas-US2038Not updated
70Daionne LOK TARQuel'Thalas-US2037Not updated
71Mörgâna VértigoQuel'Thalas-US2033Not updated
71Mhipid The BerserkersQuel'Thalas-US2033Not updated
73Snarfs Los Caminantes BlancosQuel'Thalas-US2032Not updated
73Nazzgûl Swedish House MafiaQuel'Thalas-US2032Not updated
75Necrosmage Shadow of DeathQuel'Thalas-US2030Not updated
76Pøzëidøn Swedish House MafiaQuel'Thalas-US2029Not updated
76Oompa Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2029Not updated
78Liabilly Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2026Not updated
78Brahmaann Swedish House MafiaQuel'Thalas-US2026Not updated
80Titodarkdead Swedish House MafiaQuel'Thalas-US2025Not updated
80Buzzshock SkyflareQuel'Thalas-US2025Not updated
82Didri Stuck in DeadminesQuel'Thalas-US2024Not updated
82Frederik  Quel'Thalas-US2024Not updated
84Milnar TheCovenantQuel'Thalas-US2023Not updated
85Sisiphos SixtyNineWipesQuel'Thalas-US2021Not updated
86Furiosø Order of EcclesiaQuel'Thalas-US2020Not updated
87Skyli FrostmourneQuel'Thalas-US2019Not updated
88Profaneheart LEGION PAGANAQuel'Thalas-US2016Not updated
89Sikierotcuro Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US2013Not updated
89Drággnell Ylluminatum DraconesQuel'Thalas-US2013Not updated
91Malévolo Swedish House MafiaQuel'Thalas-US2012Not updated
92Ballsinfire ÐOMINATIONQuel'Thalas-US2011Not updated
93Gringuitow Shadow of DeathQuel'Thalas-US2010Not updated
93Älejandra OvernightQuel'Thalas-US2010Not updated
95Warrluck Hardcore RevolutionQuel'Thalas-US2009Not updated
96Bolitóp ImperiumQuel'Thalas-US2007Not updated
96Sodiumx Swedish House MafiaQuel'Thalas-US2007Not updated
96Tracyus MorningtideQuel'Thalas-US2007Not updated
96Miniphoo Los Caminantes BlancosQuel'Thalas-US2007Not updated
100Ionck Swedish House MafiaQuel'Thalas-US2006Not updated

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