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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Proudmoore-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Ilovemel PathosProudmoore-US2265Not updated
2Skillbro You Must Be Critting MeProudmoore-US2223Not updated
3Cathedarity PerpetualProudmoore-US2215Not updated
4Jukskywalkr FirehawkProudmoore-US2208Not updated
5Hamsti PathosProudmoore-US2203Not updated
6Rheinlander Profits of DoomProudmoore-US2197Not updated
7Xèv PathosProudmoore-US2190Not updated
8Silentsdruid OuroborosProudmoore-US2179Not updated
9Slãshhèàl DreadProudmoore-US2165Not updated
10Slamdunkz Final FantasyProudmoore-US2140Not updated
11Delgarlol  Proudmoore-US2139Not updated
12Meliorah RiseProudmoore-US2136Not updated
13Lightheart RiseProudmoore-US2117Not updated
14Birdy NagasGaveMeHarpiesProudmoore-US2106Not updated
15Negan The BlackRoseProudmoore-US2102Not updated
16Janellebell RiseProudmoore-US2101Not updated
17Idkmyname NagasGaveMeHarpiesProudmoore-US2100Not updated
18Agynt IQProudmoore-US2094Not updated
18Manager FormalityProudmoore-US2094Not updated
20Djswegstorm Sixth ADProudmoore-US2090Not updated
21Kreempuff DreadProudmoore-US2086Not updated
22Teradan ParamountProudmoore-US2079Not updated
23Tatiana ParamountProudmoore-US2077Not updated
24Virutko Misfits of the AllianceProudmoore-US2068Not updated
25Typicalhunta aye gurl wats ur real idProudmoore-US2067Not updated
26Fleshthief Eternal KingdomProudmoore-US2062Not updated
27Sloppytaco RiseProudmoore-US2059Not updated
28Thidus Eternal KingdomProudmoore-US2054Not updated
29One Threat ManagementProudmoore-US2047Not updated
30Raiona  Proudmoore-US2039Not updated
31Nuksome  Proudmoore-US2038Not updated
32Isyl HeurekaProudmoore-US2032Not updated
33Evilig NagasGaveMeHarpiesProudmoore-US2027Not updated
34Poodle ParamountProudmoore-US2020Not updated
35Ravene Game OverProudmoore-US2014Not updated
35Sèxychick Flames Of EternityProudmoore-US2014Not updated
35Bdmanglr FirehawkProudmoore-US2014Not updated
38Kjaran RiseProudmoore-US2012Not updated
39Balmoo NagasGaveMeHarpiesProudmoore-US2011Not updated
39Harkine Game OverProudmoore-US2011Not updated
41Josheebro Sixth ADProudmoore-US2009Not updated
41Cricotnaka MattariProudmoore-US2009Not updated
43Morphant The BlackRoseProudmoore-US2007Not updated
44Oliestar MattariProudmoore-US2003Not updated
45Isinrea nike sponsoredProudmoore-US1999Not updated
46Lakaspinoy Templars KnightProudmoore-US1997Not updated
46Edilis ParamountProudmoore-US1997Not updated
48Winscar Age of AquariusProudmoore-US1995Not updated
48Bleuivy Glacial UprisingProudmoore-US1995Not updated
48Duèrgar Glacial UprisingProudmoore-US1995Not updated
51Soliah Aeon EternalProudmoore-US1994Not updated
52Lavaslinger Templars KnightProudmoore-US1992Not updated
53Brycekin DreadProudmoore-US1991Not updated
54Yipmanda RiseProudmoore-US1985Not updated
55Rngesus  Proudmoore-US1982Not updated
56Skullflames Raid NakedProudmoore-US1981Not updated
57Sinapsis SchïsmProudmoore-US1979Not updated
57Virginatör  Proudmoore-US1979Not updated
59Ohagichan BabystarProudmoore-US1978Not updated
60Atheistswin Templars KnightProudmoore-US1977Not updated
60Terryrandall  Proudmoore-US1977Not updated
62Nereide BabystarProudmoore-US1976Not updated
62Tanakasan MattariProudmoore-US1976Not updated
62Fcoh BabystarProudmoore-US1976Not updated
65Rotospin BabystarProudmoore-US1972Not updated
66Áriel NagasGaveMeHarpiesProudmoore-US1971Not updated
67Mongoloid Paperback HeroesProudmoore-US1967Not updated
67Arousing  Proudmoore-US1967Not updated
67Fearandsmear AvocadoProudmoore-US1967Not updated
70Hassani RiseProudmoore-US1964Not updated
71Voodookka BabystarProudmoore-US1963Not updated
72Oniblade CTMAProudmoore-US1960Not updated
72Tarial Glacial UprisingProudmoore-US1960Not updated
74Shnaynay Sparkle MagicProudmoore-US1957Not updated
75Fusimura BabystarProudmoore-US1956Not updated
76Grazzil DreadProudmoore-US1954Not updated
76Notdeadly Its Miller TimeProudmoore-US1954Not updated
76Dampz  Proudmoore-US1954Not updated
79Necomata BabystarProudmoore-US1953Not updated
80Revan ParamountProudmoore-US1949Not updated
81Peppercorn Enrage TimerProudmoore-US1948Not updated
82Crankd Horder PatrolProudmoore-US1945Not updated
82Slurpee One Night StandProudmoore-US1945Not updated
84Pwnytailz Arrested DevelopmentProudmoore-US1944Not updated
85Nijimura BabystarProudmoore-US1943Not updated
86Yakiprin BabystarProudmoore-US1941Not updated
86Blowhenhot FirehawkProudmoore-US1941Not updated
88Undapants Game OverProudmoore-US1934Not updated
89Gfmakesmepve aye gurl wats ur real idProudmoore-US1933Not updated
90Wuht Friendship BreadProudmoore-US1932Not updated
91Imsogai Sparkle MagicProudmoore-US1931Not updated
92Daduit  Proudmoore-US1918Not updated
92Resil  Proudmoore-US1918Not updated
94Casketcase RiseProudmoore-US1914Not updated
95Totemlystond Glacial UprisingProudmoore-US1912Not updated
96Drunkenclown RiseProudmoore-US1911Not updated
97Describe Game OverProudmoore-US1909Not updated
97Rekquiem RiseProudmoore-US1909Not updated
99Sanctide Game OverProudmoore-US1907Not updated
100Sogai Sparkle MagicProudmoore-US1905Not updated

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