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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Outland-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Vortexro ExgeniusOutland-EU2704Not updated
2Realpalla eFAMOUSOutland-EU2592Not updated
3Meneoar Winters TaleOutland-EU2587Not updated
4Prästelix Public EnemiesOutland-EU2581Not updated
5Ascalõn bank gaming lolxqtOutland-EU2580Not updated
6ßen Ellie Goulding FanclubOutland-EU2570Not updated
7Prefoxfoxfox IHOPOutland-EU2567Not updated
8Cheddarboltx  Outland-EU2557Not updated
9Svetolga IHOPOutland-EU2551Not updated
10Nasseboi Project SlothOutland-EU2541Not updated
11Paqman  Outland-EU2534Not updated
12Thorim  Outland-EU2531Not updated
13Invade Winters TaleOutland-EU2530Not updated
14Lunatrace TRYHARDSOutland-EU2515Not updated
15Vordexzo ExgeniusOutland-EU2513Not updated
16ßrynnjar ßlacklisteÐOutland-EU2510Not updated
16Rhza eTARDIANSOutland-EU2510Not updated
18Nøtsoholy TRYHARDSOutland-EU2507Not updated
19Lymmel ßlacklisteÐOutland-EU2504Not updated
19Bäverfan  Outland-EU2504Not updated
21Solanaceaé TRYHARDSOutland-EU2503Not updated
22Carlcøx A p a t h yOutland-EU2502Not updated
23Legendarèn ßlacklisteÐOutland-EU2493Not updated
24Marheal Has your IPOutland-EU2488Not updated
25Ayrese AvinityOutland-EU2487Not updated
26Duffos TRYHARDSOutland-EU2485Not updated
27Ðefile  Outland-EU2481Not updated
28Cryogenian ßlacklisteÐOutland-EU2477Not updated
29Aoisensei ExgeniusOutland-EU2476Not updated
29Lazerdisease  Outland-EU2476Not updated
31Blìtch Dodge Snipe and Fake DCOutland-EU2473Not updated
32Solá  Outland-EU2471Not updated
33Samisa Guild of ClickzOutland-EU2470Not updated
34Simyolo Has your IPOutland-EU2469Not updated
34Àkròlolz Oùt of ControlOutland-EU2469Not updated
34Pewpewpewdot  Outland-EU2469Not updated
37Razaquu Eat Sleep Own RepeatOutland-EU2468Not updated
38Kòót hey im proccingOutland-EU2466Not updated
39Swacky  Outland-EU2462Not updated
40Pâfyllan  Outland-EU2460Not updated
41Prallestav  Outland-EU2459Not updated
41Radeonmvp Oùt of ControlOutland-EU2459Not updated
43Johannaswe  Outland-EU2457Not updated
44Replicus  Outland-EU2456Not updated
44Ewýn TRYHARDSOutland-EU2456Not updated
46Daawn Dodge Snipe and Fake DCOutland-EU2453Not updated
47Éwyn AnatidaephobiaOutland-EU2449Not updated
47Phatxzr MAJOROutland-EU2449Not updated
49Gaßßë ßlacklisteÐOutland-EU2447Not updated
50Arkasîa  Outland-EU2444Not updated
51Snóvi IHOPOutland-EU2437Not updated
52Dêsy  Outland-EU2436Not updated
52Djblàck  Outland-EU2436Not updated
52Phatxyo  Outland-EU2436Not updated
55Hotméup IHOPOutland-EU2432Not updated
56Brylie IHOPOutland-EU2418Not updated
57Brodqt Dodge Snipe and Fake DCOutland-EU2413Not updated
58Alilana eTARDIANSOutland-EU2409Not updated
59Lemonsplit  Outland-EU2405Not updated
60Hellplágue Nafig from the BeachOutland-EU2404Not updated
60Tazyblaze My Milk Is ColdOutland-EU2404Not updated
62Ben Has your IPOutland-EU2403Not updated
62Depted AbyssOutland-EU2403Not updated
64Amróth We kill scumOutland-EU2402Not updated
65Sosseri  Outland-EU2400Not updated
66ßabyßoyjoey Bringing the PainOutland-EU2396Not updated
66Iloveemelie Guild of ClickzOutland-EU2396Not updated
66Bimbodruid TRYHARDSOutland-EU2396Not updated
69Realpallaqt eFAMOUSOutland-EU2395Not updated
70Aoliges I WEAR A CAPE IRL LOLOutland-EU2391Not updated
70Yede LapioSquadOutland-EU2391Not updated
72Crue TRYHARDSOutland-EU2389Not updated
73Vaynegart eTARDIANSOutland-EU2387Not updated
74Vrii Dodge Snipe and Fake DCOutland-EU2384Not updated
75Discbaby Blind GuardianOutland-EU2382Not updated
76Waspx AbyssOutland-EU2381Not updated
76Kungsture  Outland-EU2381Not updated
78Dîbz AsagudarnaOutland-EU2379Not updated
79Lockíx TRYHARDSOutland-EU2377Not updated
80Weddseu EU MarshalsOutland-EU2375Not updated
81Wls Has your IPOutland-EU2374Not updated
82Brynnjawr ßlacklisteÐOutland-EU2371Not updated
83Darcy Public EnemiesOutland-EU2369Not updated
84Controlx ZØMßIESOutland-EU2368Not updated
84Jòakimyòx TRYHARDSOutland-EU2368Not updated
84Tarekzxyo eFAMOUSOutland-EU2368Not updated
87Craigy TRYHARDSOutland-EU2367Not updated
88Ivimila eINSIDIOUSOutland-EU2366Not updated
89Sivax clearly mvpOutland-EU2365Not updated
90Duffke TRYHARDSOutland-EU2363Not updated
91Ðoden MØNSTERZOutland-EU2361Not updated
92Doglockx GAMESENSEOutland-EU2360Not updated
93Akm  Outland-EU2359Not updated
93Skyjze Eat Sleep Own RepeatOutland-EU2359Not updated
95Compelled eSPORT CLANOutland-EU2358Not updated
95Khárin hey im proccingOutland-EU2358Not updated
97Slápzz AvinityOutland-EU2356Not updated
97Lolwp HURR DURR IM A BURROutland-EU2356Not updated
99Finacle SuPaRu LiittoOutland-EU2355Not updated
100Bbybabo eFAMOUSOutland-EU2354Not updated

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