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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Onyxia-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Senkai Orgel VereinOnyxia-EU2290
2Jacksy ImpactOnyxia-EU2249
3Frostfettlol I Ðøñtårmørÿmë IOnyxia-EU2234Not updated
4Hepheisto Etêrnal FlamesOnyxia-EU2230
5Sommers FourSeasonsOnyxia-EU2211Not updated
6Notmorbos Diamond ChampionsOnyxia-EU2192
7Mârdùk Etêrnal FlamesOnyxia-EU2190Not updated
8Reckan Divine revelationOnyxia-EU2183Not updated
9Gáladriêl Liquid DeathOnyxia-EU2167Not updated
10Taiz Das schwarze BataillonOnyxia-EU2151
11Tíra DarksidersOnyxia-EU2147Not updated
12Aesóp securitasOnyxia-EU2143
13Pekt Now YOU get a ProblemOnyxia-EU2142Not updated
14Antie The Order of AllianzOnyxia-EU2140Not updated
15Nihna CorvusOnyxia-EU2138Not updated
16Hadisx The Chosen OneOnyxia-EU2131Not updated
16Barkis Now YOU get a ProblemOnyxia-EU2131Not updated
18Siôux Creatures of DestinyOnyxia-EU2118Not updated
19Leranya Creatures of DestinyOnyxia-EU2114Not updated
20Duklol Creatures of DestinyOnyxia-EU2113Not updated
20Crunai Creatures of DestinyOnyxia-EU2113Not updated
22Leskano securitasOnyxia-EU2104Not updated
23Shâdøwçháøz I Ðøñtårmørÿmë IOnyxia-EU2103Not updated
23Aeris  Onyxia-EU2103
25Thyrie Highway to GeistheilerOnyxia-EU2102Not updated
26Ttrxqt The InfamousOnyxia-EU2099Not updated
27Qytlo securitasOnyxia-EU2097
28Nandø Liquid DeathOnyxia-EU2093
29Fissk Pointless PointOnyxia-EU2087
30Dievil InVíctusOnyxia-EU2062Not updated
31Honeybadger Divine revelationOnyxia-EU2059
32Elu ImpactOnyxia-EU2058
32Sunnyí  Onyxia-EU2058Not updated
34Skabb securitasOnyxia-EU2056Not updated
34Malixon  Onyxia-EU2056Not updated
36Killimansaro Pointless PointOnyxia-EU2054
37Exeraton Hero of the HordeOnyxia-EU2043
38Noxis Last HopeOnyxia-EU2029Not updated
39Caplin Creatures of DestinyOnyxia-EU2022Not updated
40Rockerinhell Creatures of DestinyOnyxia-EU2018Not updated
41Traìlblazer CorvusOnyxia-EU2015
42Herkûhles Etêrnal FlamesOnyxia-EU2010
43Kroxader chains of destinyOnyxia-EU2009Not updated
44Sentinô securitasOnyxia-EU2005Not updated
45Karash ImpactOnyxia-EU2003
46Darkeangel Steaks und RippchenOnyxia-EU1997
47Xollog no gear no girls ggOnyxia-EU1996
48Angunasa ll V I P llOnyxia-EU1994Not updated
49Tiras DarksidersOnyxia-EU1991Not updated
50Æsou Now YOU get a ProblemOnyxia-EU1990Not updated
50Cydio Now YOU get a ProblemOnyxia-EU1990Not updated
52Atek  Onyxia-EU1984Not updated
53Siler Last HopeOnyxia-EU1981Not updated
53Hêartbrêakêr unintendedOnyxia-EU1981Not updated
55Cruxi securitasOnyxia-EU1979
56Tirasoy DarksidersOnyxia-EU1973Not updated
57Waqs Liquid DeathOnyxia-EU1970
58Kheldoran securitasOnyxia-EU1968
58Chucknorísh DerBlutigePfadAzerothsOnyxia-EU1968Not updated
60Mendó HomiesOnyxia-EU1966
61Bloodbody Rest in Peace AllyOnyxia-EU1963Not updated
62Noyze Now YOU get a ProblemOnyxia-EU1962Not updated
63Amandâ Pointless PointOnyxia-EU1961
64Stormbeast Rhapsody Raid ClubOnyxia-EU1955
65Saraby Divine revelationOnyxia-EU1954
66Taure ImpactOnyxia-EU1952
67Nefrety KILLZONEOnyxia-EU1949Not updated
68Téyla Now YOU get a ProblemOnyxia-EU1941Not updated
69Ráte OptiXxOnyxia-EU1938
70Yizzie ReloadOnyxia-EU1932
71Deadlybullet dream bigOnyxia-EU1927
72Snoggy connectedOnyxia-EU1915Not updated
73Ávríl ImpactOnyxia-EU1904
74Tempy Creatures of DestinyOnyxia-EU1903Not updated
75Epiâ  Onyxia-EU1901Not updated
75Petrichor OutlawOnyxia-EU1901
77Cptoceqt Orgel VereinOnyxia-EU1899
78Punchliné  Onyxia-EU1898
79Icundia ImpactOnyxia-EU1897
80Alewl  Onyxia-EU1891
81Hunterboss Now YOU get a ProblemOnyxia-EU1888Not updated
81Náshnuu Now YOU get a ProblemOnyxia-EU1888Not updated
83Punkrockchic Liquid DeathOnyxia-EU1866
84Benediktina The Return of last KingsOnyxia-EU1863Not updated
84Blâckí ResoluteOnyxia-EU1863
86Nakantanka Sempêr TalisOnyxia-EU1855Not updated
87Luminaorange The Last AgeOnyxia-EU1851
88Nøpe Now YOU get a ProblemOnyxia-EU1850Not updated
89Sqper Now YOU get a ProblemOnyxia-EU1844Not updated
90Cortána securitasOnyxia-EU1840
91Prownz Creatures of DestinyOnyxia-EU1838
91Alari OutlawOnyxia-EU1838
93Baumwølle CorvusOnyxia-EU1832
94Jannzee FlawlessOnyxia-EU1830
95Ohjott Hero of the HordeOnyxia-EU1826
96Blutfrêsser dream bigOnyxia-EU1821
96Anare first aidOnyxia-EU1821
98Kibuna till we cryOnyxia-EU1820Not updated
99Necco DarksidersOnyxia-EU1813Not updated
100Malía DerBlutigePfadAzerothsOnyxia-EU1812Not updated

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