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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Norgannon-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Xayabusa Attack Me I Luv WorldPvPNorgannon-EU2328Not updated
2Gatefour Attack Me I Luv WorldPvPNorgannon-EU2247Not updated
3Barbuti IncendiumNorgannon-EU2236
4Drunbo Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU2166
5Tealx Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU2072
6Quantúm hey im mvpNorgannon-EU2050
7Schenti RouquinNorgannon-EU2013
8Amrellá SchattenKriegerNorgannon-EU1989Not updated
9Mwolf Die goldenen NachtelfenNorgannon-EU1984Not updated
10Apisan Bund der EhreNorgannon-EU1958Not updated
11Api Bund der EhreNorgannon-EU1938
12Schalartan Ace of ShadowNorgannon-EU1914
13Biancka  Norgannon-EU1902Not updated
13Woodman Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU1902
15Lonix Bund der EhreNorgannon-EU1888Not updated
16Tìtan Die goldenen NachtelfenNorgannon-EU1865Not updated
17Jlori DignitasNorgannon-EU1851
18Typex Bund der EhreNorgannon-EU1850Not updated
19Félin Circle of LightNorgannon-EU1849
20Underground DignitasNorgannon-EU1841
20Cherostian DignitasNorgannon-EU1841
22Wisdo DignitasNorgannon-EU1839
23Pirat DignitasNorgannon-EU1825
24Warkîn DignitasNorgannon-EU1823
25Malphas DignitasNorgannon-EU1814
26Physix Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU1793
27Mêttwurst DignitasNorgannon-EU1790
28Phîppu Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU1786
29Amorian Rising PhoenixNorgannon-EU1785
30Teddymonster Ace of ShadowNorgannon-EU1772
31Xouria The CircleNorgannon-EU1771
32Lutzler DignitasNorgannon-EU1758
33Mentanor Circle of LightNorgannon-EU1756
34Argannon AncientNorgannon-EU1751
35Annutka Hammer of DarknessNorgannon-EU1741Not updated
36Pssicho N O B O D YNorgannon-EU1730
37Synos Die goldenen NachtelfenNorgannon-EU1717Not updated
38Keena The Eternal MemoriesNorgannon-EU1710Not updated
39Tertos Straight to HellNorgannon-EU1687Not updated
39Merx Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU1687
41Dresbart Circle of LightNorgannon-EU1683
42Namäkri RouquinNorgannon-EU1677
43Lilithy DeathwingNorgannon-EU1647
44Wartomato DignitasNorgannon-EU1605
45Zmay Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU1593
46Eliná DignitasNorgannon-EU1562
47Recover Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU1547
48Gilbiom Bund der EhreNorgannon-EU1546Not updated
49Møønshine WTF is ArthasNorgannon-EU1513
50Collapsê DignitasNorgannon-EU1490
51Glaédr Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU1483
52Osprey Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU1456
53Téals  Norgannon-EU1341
54Zmäj Guardians of AllianzNorgannon-EU1320Not updated
55Dorix After Kill We ChillNorgannon-EU1150
56Clõud The Eternal MemoriesNorgannon-EU1112
57Zyoz Circle of LightNorgannon-EU959
57Utgar DignitasNorgannon-EU959
57Sure Circle of LightNorgannon-EU959
60Erbrow Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU954Not updated
61Haudlauf SilencNorgannon-EU768Not updated
61Candy  Norgannon-EU768
63Sixtyseven Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU766
63Feygon Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU766
65Helgeswelt InfinityNorgannon-EU576
65Gunndalf Circle of LightNorgannon-EU576Not updated
65Vaselinê Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU576
68Deadspell Fun FigthersNorgannon-EU546
69Nitilas Circle of LightNorgannon-EU384
69Qullock Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU384
69Bushidoralf Circle of LightNorgannon-EU384
69Gräber Circle of LightNorgannon-EU384Not updated
69Punitor DignitasNorgannon-EU384
69Brìareos Circle of LightNorgannon-EU384
69Jimtom Ace of ShadowNorgannon-EU384
69Juuhi Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU384
69Bloomkin Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU384
78Kjetil The CircleNorgannon-EU192
78Oscardrei Avalons WächterNorgannon-EU192
78Ðøømløl Arthas Heilige GardeNorgannon-EU192
78Armalu Der Clan der BlutfalkenNorgannon-EU192
78Taurôn Der Clan der BlutfalkenNorgannon-EU192Not updated
78Andokaï Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU192
78Ceoy Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU192
78Hegon Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU192
78Fallarone The Eternal MemoriesNorgannon-EU192
87Mulkin Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU10
88Blackbanshee Arthas Heilige GardeNorgannon-EU0
88Wormfood BloodskullsNorgannon-EU0Not updated
88Anakata BloodskullsNorgannon-EU0Not updated
88Selypa  Norgannon-EU0Not updated
88Deviltrip  Norgannon-EU0Not updated
88Elenora NachtschwärmerNorgannon-EU0Not updated
88Millknight The Free FightersNorgannon-EU0Not updated
88Raydric DarklegionNorgannon-EU0
88Basted Pirates of the AllianceNorgannon-EU0Not updated
88Selex Arctic HawksNorgannon-EU0
88Tirulala DarklegionNorgannon-EU0
88Mirisade Circle of LightNorgannon-EU0
88Anubisl Twisted FateNorgannon-EU0Not updated

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