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Nordrassil-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Abeblinkin VindicatorsNordrassil-US2405Not updated
2Kyntamo VillainsNordrassil-US2248Not updated
3Päcmäñ  Nordrassil-US2217Not updated
4Treeheals VillainsNordrassil-US2001Not updated
5Bagrog Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US1978Not updated
6Sipp Hammer of NordrassilNordrassil-US1975Not updated
6Holydivèr Pure TahlentNordrassil-US1975Not updated
8Azrielah CC is for NoobsNordrassil-US1969Not updated
9Julioigleias VindicatorsNordrassil-US1924Not updated
10Dsausage  Nordrassil-US1919Not updated
11Bád SwagNordrassil-US1881Not updated
12Brutalsadist Majestic FireNordrassil-US1878Not updated
13Enion Hammer of NordrassilNordrassil-US1876Not updated
14Forestlump ONITALLNordrassil-US1866Not updated
15Posideus The Three YakiteersNordrassil-US1861Not updated
16Britishnite Ashes of AzerothNordrassil-US1821Not updated
17Xundra  Nordrassil-US1815Not updated
18Belladonnae Ashes of AzerothNordrassil-US1802Not updated
19Okakeri HyperionNordrassil-US1793Not updated
20Hassle TriadsNordrassil-US1792Not updated
21Nakyra Invoking DarknessNordrassil-US1781Not updated
22Xfrostfire Eternal Order of ChaosNordrassil-US1780Not updated
23Zugzugpow  Nordrassil-US1767Not updated
24Phigwit ObscuraNordrassil-US1765Not updated
25Accuros An Éan CorrNordrassil-US1755Not updated
26Themok Knight of LordronNordrassil-US1753Not updated
27Arrwe VelocityNordrassil-US1737Not updated
28Chupacabre Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US1731Not updated
29Vindictina ONITALLNordrassil-US1728Not updated
30Tangbushi  Nordrassil-US1724Not updated
31Obolisc  Nordrassil-US1719Not updated
32Nightbladeo Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US1717Not updated
33Deîty Dark AsylumNordrassil-US1711Not updated
33Lilcag S a l v ä t i o nNordrassil-US1711Not updated
35Spacechicken Knight of LordronNordrassil-US1701Not updated
36Colian  Nordrassil-US1693Not updated
37Pichushkin SwagNordrassil-US1690Not updated
38Vandragar Requìem of FateNordrassil-US1689Not updated
39Pandanker Hammer of NordrassilNordrassil-US1679Not updated
40Viperheals Creepin DeathNordrassil-US1672Not updated
41Takenotes ONITALLNordrassil-US1667Not updated
42Anarxes Witty NameNordrassil-US1664Not updated
43Laalan VindicatorsNordrassil-US1656Not updated
44Pwnerrface Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US1639Not updated
45Creslune Creepin DeathNordrassil-US1637Not updated
46Vesthilea Looks Like RainNordrassil-US1612Not updated
47Chronä ONITALLNordrassil-US1590Not updated
48Monieshot NocturnalNordrassil-US1586Not updated
49Mugetsuo ONITALLNordrassil-US1573Not updated
50Panduhbear Dark CrusadersNordrassil-US1569Not updated
51Yiing ONITALLNordrassil-US1547Not updated
52Snakedoc Ashes of AzerothNordrassil-US1529Not updated
52Daniels Ashes of AzerothNordrassil-US1529Not updated
54Toodemonic Dark AsylumNordrassil-US1507Not updated
55Judisslave Creepin DeathNordrassil-US1504Not updated
56ßløød  Nordrassil-US1489Not updated
57Slayn Ashes of AzerothNordrassil-US1483Not updated
58Reload Hammer of NordrassilNordrassil-US1478Not updated
59Alarmclock Order of the Large FriesNordrassil-US1474Not updated
60Spinyjacob Dark CrusadersNordrassil-US1461Not updated
61Chupame  Nordrassil-US1450Not updated
62Rrickk Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US1338Not updated
63Balteroes Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US1335Not updated
64Kurgann Hammer of NordrassilNordrassil-US1334Not updated
65Shåmwöw Wreckless TitansNordrassil-US1333Not updated
66Creepishaman Requìem of FateNordrassil-US1329Not updated
67Holywallace Ashes of AzerothNordrassil-US1327Not updated
68Bearacuda Dark CrusadersNordrassil-US1314Not updated
69Iworgen Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US1307Not updated
70Üther Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US1297Not updated
71Stealthunter SwagNordrassil-US1151Not updated
72Årbiter Hammer of NordrassilNordrassil-US960Not updated
73Bellanoct ONITALLNordrassil-US959Not updated
73Nolaic Hammer of NordrassilNordrassil-US959Not updated
75Willogann The Three YakiteersNordrassil-US958Not updated
75Frðst The Three YakiteersNordrassil-US958Not updated
77Maluko  Nordrassil-US957Not updated
77Bigpîmpn Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US957Not updated
79Fistsofury  Nordrassil-US949Not updated
80Nonserviam The Praetorian GuardNordrassil-US768Not updated
80Bigbeefyd The Three YakiteersNordrassil-US768Not updated
80Makmorph Hammer of NordrassilNordrassil-US768Not updated
83Szmatters Knight of LordronNordrassil-US767Not updated
83Beastmodé NocturnalNordrassil-US767Not updated
85Thevolt Hostile EnvironmentNordrassil-US765Not updated
86Noroguehere ONITALLNordrassil-US762Not updated
87Cqcbosscqc Ashes of AzerothNordrassil-US576Not updated
87Spreewell S a l v ä t i o nNordrassil-US576Not updated
87Erickshido Requìem of FateNordrassil-US576Not updated
87Naylinyou VindicatorsNordrassil-US576Not updated
87Keresravana Hammer of NordrassilNordrassil-US576Not updated
87Andrsonsilva Japanese Whoopin SticksNordrassil-US576Not updated
87Mictian SwagNordrassil-US576Not updated
87Moneyshôt Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US576Not updated
87Swampdonkey Dark IntentNordrassil-US576Not updated
87Aviaras SwagNordrassil-US576Not updated
87Sulgor Witty NameNordrassil-US576Not updated
87Methadonë  Nordrassil-US576Not updated
87Aedén Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US576Not updated
87Yaang ONITALLNordrassil-US576Not updated

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