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Nordrassil-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Päcmäñ CC is for NoobsNordrassil-US2214
2Nettles DistraughtNordrassil-US2116
3Sploobin DGAF Death SquadNordrassil-US2007
4Treeheals ONITALLNordrassil-US2001
5Bagrog Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US1959
6Redbarön Requìem of FateNordrassil-US1948
7Year DGAF Death SquadNordrassil-US1899
8Caballozongo BRB My cat is on fireNordrassil-US1893
9Holyblast Ours is the FuryNordrassil-US1873
10Azrielah CC is for NoobsNordrassil-US1867
11Shallowzar Knight of LordronNordrassil-US1846
12Britishnite Ashes of AzerothNordrassil-US1821
13Shinobia Requìem of FateNordrassil-US1819
14Naja VelocityNordrassil-US1818
15Dìoren Requìem of FateNordrassil-US1812
16Brutalsadist The Three YakiteersNordrassil-US1811
17Belladonnae Ashes of AzerothNordrassil-US1802
18Okakeri HyperionNordrassil-US1793
19Gangstazgrin  Nordrassil-US1792
20Huntbub The GameNordrassil-US1781
21Tysen Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US1777
22Hòlyblast Ours is the FuryNordrassil-US1769
23Caballo BRB My cat is on fireNordrassil-US1762
24Phigwit ObscuraNordrassil-US1755
24Accuros VelocityNordrassil-US1755
26Themok Knight of LordronNordrassil-US1753
27Idrum Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US1752
28Abeblinkin VindicatorsNordrassil-US1749
29Nightbladeo Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US1742
30Phaxay VelocityNordrassil-US1740
31Nakyra Requìem of FateNordrassil-US1739
31Kaylandria Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US1739
33Arrwe VelocityNordrassil-US1737
34Vindictina ONITALLNordrassil-US1728
35Tangbushi VelocityNordrassil-US1724
36Fordor Ours is the FuryNordrassil-US1714Not updated
37Deîty Dark AsylumNordrassil-US1711
37Beastial Ours is the FuryNordrassil-US1711
39Chupacabre Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US1704
40Xfrostfire Requìem of FateNordrassil-US1703
41Spacechicken Knight of LordronNordrassil-US1701
42Sacrosanct Ashes of AzerothNordrassil-US1698
43Sipp Hammer of NordrassilNordrassil-US1697
44Colian  Nordrassil-US1693
45Truckerzwarr Requìem of FateNordrassil-US1690
46Atrociti Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US1687
46Svetgotheals Ours is the FuryNordrassil-US1687
46Xundra  Nordrassil-US1687
49Boló Ours is the FuryNordrassil-US1684
50Cantmilkme Ours is the FuryNordrassil-US1679Not updated
51Viperheals Creepin DeathNordrassil-US1672
52Toastette TriadsNordrassil-US1671
53Vandragar Requìem of FateNordrassil-US1668
53Mctoaster TriadsNordrassil-US1668
55Anarxes Witty NameNordrassil-US1664
56Laalan VindicatorsNordrassil-US1656Not updated
57Blackblaze Ours is the FuryNordrassil-US1655
58Takenotes ONITALLNordrassil-US1654
59Pwnerrface Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US1650
60Sylaar Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US1644
61Detrav Ours is the FuryNordrassil-US1639Not updated
62Hexillence  Nordrassil-US1638
63Creslune Creepin DeathNordrassil-US1637
64Toaster TriadsNordrassil-US1634
65Pandanker Hammer of NordrassilNordrassil-US1628
66Bloodyblaze Requìem of FateNordrassil-US1623
67Ulfer  Nordrassil-US1622
68Macumale TriadsNordrassil-US1619
69Jspoon Ours is the FuryNordrassil-US1618
70Tramperella TriadsNordrassil-US1595
71Chronä ONITALLNordrassil-US1590
72Pussalia NocturnalNordrassil-US1586
73Enion Hammer of NordrassilNordrassil-US1574
74Mugetsuo ONITALLNordrassil-US1573
75Jòker Ours is the FuryNordrassil-US1565
76Stpoonstick  Nordrassil-US1563
77Yiing ONITALLNordrassil-US1547
78Waaniksuc Ours is the FuryNordrassil-US1543
79Daniels Ashes of AzerothNordrassil-US1529
80Suux The Three YakiteersNordrassil-US1506
81Judisslave Creepin DeathNordrassil-US1504
82Shamanshake Creepin DeathNordrassil-US1490
83Cosmcar Requìem of FateNordrassil-US1489
84Unholydeatha Ours is the FuryNordrassil-US1488
85Ipoopgold The Three YakiteersNordrassil-US1487
86Slayn Ashes of AzerothNordrassil-US1483
87Reload Hammer of NordrassilNordrassil-US1478
88Alarmclock Order of the Large FriesNordrassil-US1474Not updated
89Illídán ONITALLNordrassil-US1465
90Spinyjacob Dark CrusadersNordrassil-US1461
91Bostonbird SwagNordrassil-US1420
92Asshh Majestic FireNordrassil-US1334
92Amììra Requìem of FateNordrassil-US1334
94Holywallace Ashes of AzerothNordrassil-US1327
95Forestlump ONITALLNordrassil-US1313
96Iworgen Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US1307
97Üther Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US1297
98Akegobeer Ours is the FuryNordrassil-US1147
98Zanka  Nordrassil-US1147
98Johnnycarry Ours is the FuryNordrassil-US1147

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