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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nethersturm-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Adéline T i L TNethersturm-EU2266Not updated
2Hangôver BlackrockimporteNethersturm-EU2100Not updated
3Snóopy Drölf MinisNethersturm-EU2078Not updated
4Grarok The Hatefull ArtNethersturm-EU2045Not updated
5Mylu The Band of BrothersNethersturm-EU1992Not updated
6Nizzura vidiaNethersturm-EU1990Not updated
7Tiradon S P A R T ANethersturm-EU1976Not updated
8Jesanja The Band of BrothersNethersturm-EU1970Not updated
9Doppex No MercyNethersturm-EU1959Not updated
10Nyxo WuuzaNethersturm-EU1945Not updated
11Aszandox vidiaNethersturm-EU1943Not updated
12Highborn vidiaNethersturm-EU1924Not updated
13Déadangel vidiaNethersturm-EU1923Not updated
13Edot vidiaNethersturm-EU1923Not updated
15Licra S P A R T ANethersturm-EU1922Not updated
16Løki DrunkenMastazNethersturm-EU1917Not updated
17Florifera  Nethersturm-EU1912Not updated
17Ladeya vidiaNethersturm-EU1912Not updated
19Eternîty No MercyNethersturm-EU1911Not updated
20Bángoose vidiaNethersturm-EU1907Not updated
21Hodûr Flames of AllianceNethersturm-EU1901Not updated
22Putenschlund BlacklabelNethersturm-EU1896Not updated
23Ðayla vidiaNethersturm-EU1893Not updated
24Fullforce NoctuidaeNethersturm-EU1892Not updated
25Ihvâ S P A R T ANethersturm-EU1887Not updated
26Xhero No MercyNethersturm-EU1886Not updated
27Styxius vidiaNethersturm-EU1882Not updated
28Blòódy Intentionally EvilNethersturm-EU1881Not updated
29Saxas vidiaNethersturm-EU1878Not updated
30Mentran Nightmare WarriorsNethersturm-EU1876Not updated
31Flobago vidiaNethersturm-EU1857Not updated
32Schnupsi Nightmare WarriorsNethersturm-EU1850Not updated
33Shawø vidiaNethersturm-EU1843Not updated
34Ferwhir Royal FlushNethersturm-EU1841Not updated
35Odúr  Nethersturm-EU1840Not updated
36Medistralia vidiaNethersturm-EU1839Not updated
37Donár S P A R T ANethersturm-EU1831Not updated
38Lámbda NoctuidaeNethersturm-EU1828Not updated
39Lyân NoctuidaeNethersturm-EU1817Not updated
40Valuria Helden des MondesNethersturm-EU1805Not updated
41Artesh No MercyNethersturm-EU1804Not updated
42Belicitas NoctuidaeNethersturm-EU1800Not updated
43Arwenelf NoctuidaeNethersturm-EU1799Not updated
43Zusu NoctuidaeNethersturm-EU1799Not updated
45Saisa NoctuidaeNethersturm-EU1798Not updated
46Nui NoctuidaeNethersturm-EU1796Not updated
47Ðanizâ madnessNethersturm-EU1794Not updated
48Zwiebelsuppe Nightmare WarriorsNethersturm-EU1788Not updated
49Urumonk DrunkenMastazNethersturm-EU1787Not updated
50Longhair vidiaNethersturm-EU1785Not updated
51Mogda Royal FlushNethersturm-EU1756Not updated
52Schnubsi Nightmare WarriorsNethersturm-EU1745Not updated
53Dmglol GameOverNethersturm-EU1741Not updated
54Lîríí vidiaNethersturm-EU1735Not updated
54Liltrap silence I Kill yøuNethersturm-EU1735Not updated
56Johnniegunn WuuzaNethersturm-EU1732Not updated
57Steelwheelz WuuzaNethersturm-EU1720Not updated
58Tankispanki silence I Kill yøuNethersturm-EU1711Not updated
59Urudòrth DrunkenMastazNethersturm-EU1704Not updated
60Mcgop S P A R T ANethersturm-EU1669Not updated
61Shareyna vidiaNethersturm-EU1650Not updated
62Vâlázèrø GameOverNethersturm-EU1647Not updated
63Ironsf NoctuidaeNethersturm-EU1643Not updated
64Aeryon Flames of AllianceNethersturm-EU1606Not updated
65Joggi SentryNethersturm-EU1604Not updated
66Pharaa Nightmare WarriorsNethersturm-EU1561Not updated
67Executîe InfinityNethersturm-EU1536Not updated
68Vanthal The Band of BrothersNethersturm-EU1519Not updated
69Einherjar S P A R T ANethersturm-EU1504Not updated
70Fietze GameOverNethersturm-EU1461Not updated
71Kánti Flames of AllianceNethersturm-EU1368Not updated
72Demiliax Forbidden MergerNethersturm-EU1339Not updated
73Kiiara DOWNNethersturm-EU1337Not updated
74Xyrial vidiaNethersturm-EU1271Not updated
75Fasttot vidiaNethersturm-EU1149Not updated
76Shylii vidiaNethersturm-EU1146Not updated
76Kíáráa vidiaNethersturm-EU1146Not updated
78Raikujyha vidiaNethersturm-EU1142Not updated
79Schandoria vidiaNethersturm-EU1129Not updated
80Makkubi GameOverNethersturm-EU960Not updated
81Ryleê vidiaNethersturm-EU959Not updated
82Aléxes DOWNNethersturm-EU957Not updated
82Serrass NoctuidaeNethersturm-EU957Not updated
84Donttouchmé Flames of AllianceNethersturm-EU951Not updated
85Volodor No MercyNethersturm-EU768Not updated
85Breezle vidiaNethersturm-EU768Not updated
85Proxí vidiaNethersturm-EU768Not updated
85Mantelmagic vidiaNethersturm-EU768Not updated
85Rayquin vidiaNethersturm-EU768Not updated
90Amuran No MercyNethersturm-EU767Not updated
90Snowlove vidiaNethersturm-EU767Not updated
92Rayadz PredoxNethersturm-EU576Not updated
92Incubix Immortal FlamesNethersturm-EU576Not updated
92Greystash S P A R T ANethersturm-EU576Not updated
92Kastara Fun for everNethersturm-EU576Not updated
92Alkali HighNethersturm-EU576Not updated
97Riaha RAIDZNethersturm-EU575Not updated
98Thyraz  Nethersturm-EU385Not updated
99Kázin Der Chaos ClubNethersturm-EU384Not updated
99Hackler ClaymoreNethersturm-EU384Not updated

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