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Nera'thor-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Ollowáín Nox ObscuraNera'thor-EU768
2Meisterjäger Rage of KingsNera'thor-EU767
3Schnidde Rage of KingsNera'thor-EU576
3Arkara  Nera'thor-EU576Not updated
5Lolly Rage of KingsNera'thor-EU384
5Bäruschki  Nera'thor-EU384Not updated
7Hackepetrá Rage of KingsNera'thor-EU192
8Dúnadan  Nera'thor-EU0
8Gti Ultima RatioNera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Sandz itamíNera'thor-EU0
8Domenik Rage of KingsNera'thor-EU0
8Dynamicoria Ultima RatioNera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Nursa Gia MasNera'thor-EU0
8Fani Evil InsideNera'thor-EU0
8Manapo  Nera'thor-EU0
8Djhêrbst  Nera'thor-EU0
8Tovarasul Ultima RatioNera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Zanî  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Klamsy  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Gismoo Evil InsideNera'thor-EU0
8Hyrok  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Drpymonte  Nera'thor-EU0
8Darkâ The Sinister RevolutionNera'thor-EU0
8Wylnor  Nera'thor-EU0
8Kelteras  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Tisdale Evil InsideNera'thor-EU0
8Katsin The Sinister RevolutionNera'thor-EU0
8Shikato The Sinister RevolutionNera'thor-EU0
8Fêlix  Nera'thor-EU0
8Elastona Ace Of SpadesNera'thor-EU0
8Makersmark Gia MasNera'thor-EU0
8Syrevi Rage of KingsNera'thor-EU0
8Pandória  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Yunis  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Bazookajoey  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Durias Evil InsideNera'thor-EU0
8Anhor  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Kinelia  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Josefiné Kopf meets TischplatteNera'thor-EU0
8Falschgeld  Nera'thor-EU0
8Bummss itamíNera'thor-EU0
8Artexon Evil InsideNera'thor-EU0
8Krangho  Nera'thor-EU0
8Lûcan The Ghost CompanyNera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Pentan Kopf meets TischplatteNera'thor-EU0
8Cultbringer  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Grishnaak Memento MorîNera'thor-EU0
8Solna Ultima RatioNera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Vainilla Memento MorîNera'thor-EU0
8Pacz Memento MorîNera'thor-EU0
8Cástiel ParasiteNera'thor-EU0
8Orec  Nera'thor-EU0
8Câtelyn  Nera'thor-EU0
8Robb Evil InsideNera'thor-EU0
8Slyrs FrostbringerNera'thor-EU0
8Davidian Evil InsideNera'thor-EU0
8Segaru Mortuus manusNera'thor-EU0
8Urias Evil InsideNera'thor-EU0
8Areus Evil InsideNera'thor-EU0
8Pozze  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Xorious Evil InsideNera'thor-EU0
8Askai Die Nebel der DämmerungNera'thor-EU0
8Albsn  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Alexmoran Evil InsideNera'thor-EU0
8Muyao Memento MorîNera'thor-EU0
8Askedion  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Stip Evil InsideNera'thor-EU0
8Sacredwar  Nera'thor-EU0
8Luve shinigamiNera'thor-EU0
8Eriu  Nera'thor-EU0
8Lêgølæs Kopf meets TischplatteNera'thor-EU0
8Fensidra Molkerei DonnerfelsNera'thor-EU0
8Malru Evil InsideNera'thor-EU0
8Geilimon  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Sacredword Memento MorîNera'thor-EU0
8Pandemonkium Memento MorîNera'thor-EU0
8Magelân  Nera'thor-EU0
8Kissmeimheal Memento MorîNera'thor-EU0
8Leijla  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Razuyea  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Ifriop Evil InsideNera'thor-EU0
8Goblindekuh Memento MorîNera'thor-EU0
8Impactthrow  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Wildstylez  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Schamdioida Memento MorîNera'thor-EU0
8Zores Evil InsideNera'thor-EU0
8Kishanu  Nera'thor-EU0
8Schaven  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
8Jamann Memento MorîNera'thor-EU0

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