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Nera'thor-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Pàin Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU2103
2Ayâno MurlocsNera'thor-EU2052
3Ridai Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU1960
4Laíf Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU1935
5Vigilance Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU1930
6Narynia Leave or DieNera'thor-EU1909Not updated
7Magestix Leave or DieNera'thor-EU1907Not updated
7Chillimett Insane PowerNera'thor-EU1907
9Arias Leave or DieNera'thor-EU1894Not updated
10Hyperxia Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU1893
11Theheal EuløgyNera'thor-EU1872
12Erbrechen Leave or DieNera'thor-EU1867Not updated
13Akiga Leave or DieNera'thor-EU1866Not updated
14Festral Leave or DieNera'thor-EU1865Not updated
14Schamara Leave or DieNera'thor-EU1865Not updated
16Salaa Leave or DieNera'thor-EU1864Not updated
17Flédder Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU1851
18Neytirî Leave or DieNera'thor-EU1847Not updated
19Flu Leave or DieNera'thor-EU1844Not updated
20Nichtsicher Dark EternityNera'thor-EU1836
21Famepolíce Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU1821
22Fldr Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU1813
23Hotandrun Dark EternityNera'thor-EU1807
24Azzulol EuløgyNera'thor-EU1776
25Batal Regiment des SchattensNera'thor-EU1774
26Arías Leave or DieNera'thor-EU1756Not updated
27Aliasipo Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU1702Not updated
28Trauti MurlocsNera'thor-EU1697
29Eroo AKTIENera'thor-EU1692
30Ayro Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU1684Not updated
31Andariîel Imbalanced SquadNera'thor-EU1678
32Stacker Kraft und EhreNera'thor-EU1668
33Házel  Nera'thor-EU1666
34Zèrò itamíNera'thor-EU1649
35Zqqr Kraft und EhreNera'thor-EU1640
36Asalam MurlocsNera'thor-EU1638
37Shinayâ Leave or DieNera'thor-EU1635Not updated
38Xono AKTIENera'thor-EU1629
39Beláh Kraft und EhreNera'thor-EU1626
40Belerofon dead or aliveNera'thor-EU1618
41Radoom Kraft und EhreNera'thor-EU1602
42Levio Until DeathNera'thor-EU1586Not updated
43Pranke itamíNera'thor-EU1520Not updated
44Fledderhunt Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU1512
45Seuchenherz The Sinister RevolutionNera'thor-EU1474
46Respektive MurlocsNera'thor-EU1330
47Ignifius itamíNera'thor-EU1150
48Smokes Insane PowerNera'thor-EU1149
49Ruswarrior Inferno SquadNera'thor-EU1142Not updated
50Stab Mortuus manusNera'thor-EU1136
50Terrorlol  Nera'thor-EU1136
52Freki Dark EternityNera'thor-EU958
53Alexjipjip itamíNera'thor-EU956
53Lorodre MurlocsNera'thor-EU956
53Lyndi itamíNera'thor-EU956
56Ryos MurlocsNera'thor-EU768
56Übel MurlocsNera'thor-EU768
56Shuffelin Leave or DieNera'thor-EU768Not updated
56Fledderqtpie Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU768Not updated
60Primees Inferno SquadNera'thor-EU767Not updated
61Malfurionyx MurlocsNera'thor-EU766
62Razuye Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU576
62Unbelieveble MurlocsNera'thor-EU576
62Winnidead Inferno SquadNera'thor-EU576Not updated
62Arkara Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU576
62Attntàát EntropYNera'thor-EU576
62Hexdead itamíNera'thor-EU576Not updated
68Bakara Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU384
68Guranda EuløgyNera'thor-EU384
68Lácoste DefianceNera'thor-EU384
68Bäruschki MurlocsNera'thor-EU384
68Fayy Kraft und EhreNera'thor-EU384
68Miniwinniqt Inferno SquadNera'thor-EU384
74Timangi Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU192
74Naturalpower MurlocsNera'thor-EU192
74Skýla DefianceNera'thor-EU192
74Ibatzá Regiment des SchattensNera'thor-EU192
74Yaschuk Dark EternityNera'thor-EU192
74Nakuso DefianceNera'thor-EU192
74Zeroheal itamíNera'thor-EU192
74Kâkâshi MurlocsNera'thor-EU192
74Heraklez dead or aliveNera'thor-EU192
74Atrôxi Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU192
74Sàsuke itamíNera'thor-EU192
74Khalija Inferno SquadNera'thor-EU192Not updated
74Flinkstar dead or aliveNera'thor-EU192
74Claas The Sinister RevolutionNera'thor-EU192
74Haradim itamíNera'thor-EU192
74Wrenias Kraft und EhreNera'thor-EU192
74Winnideadsqt Inferno SquadNera'thor-EU192
91Upgrayedd El Pollo DiabloNera'thor-EU0
91Knochenasche itamíNera'thor-EU0
91Albkrieger Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU0
91Mixcoatl DefianceNera'thor-EU0
91Netik Dark EternityNera'thor-EU0Not updated
91Megrim itamíNera'thor-EU0
91Gonzo Night AngelsNera'thor-EU0
91Hzl El Pollo DiabloNera'thor-EU0
91Luziane CABALNera'thor-EU0
91Ayron Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU0Not updated

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