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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Nera'thor-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Sebie itamíNera'thor-EU2139Not updated
2Laíf Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU2113
3Pàin Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU2101
4Ridai Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU2056
5Sàsuke itamíNera'thor-EU1984Not updated
6Zeroheal itamíNera'thor-EU1952Not updated
7Ignifius itamíNera'thor-EU1911Not updated
8Hyperxia Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU1893
9Zèrò itamíNera'thor-EU1892Not updated
9Alexjipjip Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU1892
11Übel MurlocsNera'thor-EU1858Not updated
12Yuuko BlutracheNera'thor-EU1818
13Batal Regiment des SchattensNera'thor-EU1774
14Trauti MurlocsNera'thor-EU1697
15Pranke itamíNera'thor-EU1520Not updated
16Murderdoll EntropYNera'thor-EU1509Not updated
17Hodo itamíNera'thor-EU1340Not updated
18Respektive MurlocsNera'thor-EU1330Not updated
19Lyndi Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU956
20Ryos MurlocsNera'thor-EU768Not updated
20Cortezblue  Nera'thor-EU768Not updated
20Stahlfresse The Sinister RevolutionNera'thor-EU768Not updated
20Miniwinniqt TwentyEight Fails LaterNera'thor-EU768
24Malfurionyx MurlocsNera'thor-EU766
25Razuye Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU576
25Amaclya XombiumNera'thor-EU576
25Unbelieveble MurlocsNera'thor-EU576Not updated
25Crúx Regiment des SchattensNera'thor-EU576
25Hexdead itamíNera'thor-EU576Not updated
30Bakara Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU384
30Nôekk MurlocsNera'thor-EU384Not updated
30Sydíana Inferno SquadNera'thor-EU384Not updated
30Sarinall Nox ObscuraNera'thor-EU384Not updated
30Liftec The Sinister RevolutionNera'thor-EU384Not updated
30Sisaria DIe BÖSzenNera'thor-EU384Not updated
30Menuxz Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU384
30Bäruschki MurlocsNera'thor-EU384
30Batsu Sun TzuNera'thor-EU384Not updated
39Timangi  Nera'thor-EU192
39Naturalpower MurlocsNera'thor-EU192Not updated
39Kâkâshi MurlocsNera'thor-EU192Not updated
39Atrôxi Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU192
39Methelock Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU192
39Taddie The Sinister RevolutionNera'thor-EU192
39Watchmeshock Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU192
39Haradim itamíNera'thor-EU192Not updated
47Blutteufel  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Notsure El Pollo DiabloNera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Knochenasche Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU0
47Albkrieger  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Waitandbleed Exordium SinistrumNera'thor-EU0
47Alandar morituri te salutantNera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Megrim Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU0
47Dúnadan Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Venera El Pollo DiabloNera'thor-EU0
47Gonzo CritfactoryNera'thor-EU0
47Richelieux Selbstgerechtes PackNera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Isildùr CritfactoryNera'thor-EU0
47Gokuhaircut Pony SlaystationNera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Bx DewdsNera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Gouki  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Critconny  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Anja  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Haste CritfactoryNera'thor-EU0
47Feuergold itamíNera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Sâratea  Nera'thor-EU0
47Gamzak Ultima RatioNera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Bestíê Regiment des SchattensNera'thor-EU0
47Arsat Pony SlaystationNera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Butzthor  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Menoya El Pollo DiabloNera'thor-EU0
47Zippó  Nera'thor-EU0
47Erbán  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Vegari Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU0
47Cast NaturgewaltenNera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Tyo Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU0
47Lannisters Blutlegion KalimdorsNera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Allotafagina Regiment des SchattensNera'thor-EU0
47Asael Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU0
47Whitewoman El Pollo DiabloNera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Gromgil Curtain fallsNera'thor-EU0
47Wendelin CritfactoryNera'thor-EU0
47Hansjörg Mortuus manusNera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Imoen Cuba LibreNera'thor-EU0
47Dramatic CritfactoryNera'thor-EU0
47Aikyo BlutracheNera'thor-EU0
47Ymnìr MurlocsNera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Masticor Mortuus manusNera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Yxy CritfactoryNera'thor-EU0
47Nárlek Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU0
47Elcativo Regiment des SchattensNera'thor-EU0
47Kemoa itamíNera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Metherock Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU0
47Khel Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU0
47Mariketa Umbra MilitesNera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Frosthammer KesselgemeindeNera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Monkly Hyper HyperNera'thor-EU0
47Swore Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU0
47Tadolin  Nera'thor-EU0Not updated
47Smilodon Regiment des SchattensNera'thor-EU0

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