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Ner'zhul-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Catchmelol DenìedNer'zhul-US2146
2Lektic DenìedNer'zhul-US2130
2Zionn NovaNer'zhul-US2130
4Skillclass Four Twenty FriendlyNer'zhul-US2120
5Peace DenìedNer'zhul-US2096
6Wratheron We Play NakedNer'zhul-US2070
7Kazooie  Ner'zhul-US2069
7Dabbo Project IcarusNer'zhul-US2069
9Pùssycat DenìedNer'zhul-US2056
10Faremir  Ner'zhul-US2050
11Pigger PiggersNer'zhul-US2042
12Fractals DenìedNer'zhul-US2039
13Yokoyama DenìedNer'zhul-US2037
14Hôggz We Play NakedNer'zhul-US2036
15Dotdie DenìedNer'zhul-US2035
16Xlawl We Play NakedNer'zhul-US2025
17Worldpvp DenìedNer'zhul-US2024
18Drakwlya Durus VeritasNer'zhul-US2022
19Holyradiance IncarnateNer'zhul-US2021
20Shinfo Last WordNer'zhul-US2018
20Christö Ghost KnifeNer'zhul-US2018
22Trappstarr Trap GodsNer'zhul-US2015
23Katvond  Ner'zhul-US2005
24Bubblemuffin MargaritavilleNer'zhul-US2004Not updated
25Rakyo Masters of XenocideNer'zhul-US2003
26Sulfur Last WordNer'zhul-US1999
27Refugio Trial by CombatNer'zhul-US1996Not updated
28Splerks  Ner'zhul-US1992
29Anyana IncarnateNer'zhul-US1989
30Manbearx  Ner'zhul-US1988
31Munchkan Local DefenseNer'zhul-US1980
32Demigodofwar Mayhem IncarnatedNer'zhul-US1978
33Eveill We Play NakedNer'zhul-US1971
33Xlol DenìedNer'zhul-US1971
35Xaroly GingavitusNer'zhul-US1970
36Saint DenìedNer'zhul-US1966
37Unholysin Last WordNer'zhul-US1965
37Abbador Last WordNer'zhul-US1965
37Bàttlè DenìedNer'zhul-US1965
37Canibehealz Last WordNer'zhul-US1965
41Dominator Durus VeritasNer'zhul-US1963
42Earthwormjim Last WordNer'zhul-US1960
42Korrdos Trap GodsNer'zhul-US1960
44Jobyn DenìedNer'zhul-US1959
45Jarve  Ner'zhul-US1955Not updated
46Lindorn Last WordNer'zhul-US1953
47Thechillsham Second NatureNer'zhul-US1952
48Thaos Durus VeritasNer'zhul-US1951
49Nonprøphet Last WordNer'zhul-US1949
49Ringoflolz DenìedNer'zhul-US1949
51Avaralia Taco Bridge Snowman LampNer'zhul-US1948
52Zodiarc Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US1947
53Allionin We Play NakedNer'zhul-US1945
54Heavymetal METALMETHNer'zhul-US1937
55Lindies Last WordNer'zhul-US1935
56Wizzlewozzle Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US1932
57Nutso Bone ThugsNer'zhul-US1931
58Leafybug Prelude to ChaosNer'zhul-US1930Not updated
59Thy MargaritavilleNer'zhul-US1924
60Komatic We Play NakedNer'zhul-US1923
61Kyyr We Play NakedNer'zhul-US1922
62Pithius  Ner'zhul-US1920
63Xsivic DenìedNer'zhul-US1913
64Veertman Second NatureNer'zhul-US1912
64Yajuunoou DenìedNer'zhul-US1912
66Dewdman BehemothNer'zhul-US1907
67Knowpain GingavitusNer'zhul-US1906
68Slapslapxx We Play NakedNer'zhul-US1900
68Zerlina Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US1900
70Häagendazs DenìedNer'zhul-US1899Not updated
71Bertyoo  Ner'zhul-US1897
72Brandra DO BetterNer'zhul-US1894Not updated
73Izuald Local DefenseNer'zhul-US1893
74Uppercut Last WordNer'zhul-US1890
74Zennek Masters of XenocideNer'zhul-US1890
76Ariese DenìedNer'zhul-US1887
77Beruwhitesun Local DefenseNer'zhul-US1880
77Shadowxqt HighlordsNer'zhul-US1880
79Kiha  Ner'zhul-US1878
80Solidmist Mayhem IncarnatedNer'zhul-US1873
81Savageass Local DefenseNer'zhul-US1872Not updated
82Arduru EmeraldNer'zhul-US1871
83Xsiv DenìedNer'zhul-US1864
83Sokillingyou Gravity Gets Us DownNer'zhul-US1864
83Karatekyd Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US1864
86Hunky  Ner'zhul-US1861
87Xlawlz We Play NakedNer'zhul-US1859
87Roulan ExNihiloNer'zhul-US1859Not updated
87Frostyng Clouded MindsNer'zhul-US1859
90Chrönos Exiles Of JusticeNer'zhul-US1857
91Bearton Local DefenseNer'zhul-US1855
92Chunnk Duh WinningNer'zhul-US1854
93Lïlïth Local DefenseNer'zhul-US1853
94Doomulus EpicdemicNer'zhul-US1851
95Mushcî Masters of XenocideNer'zhul-US1850
96Boonjii  Ner'zhul-US1848
97Arabesque Sword of the HordeNer'zhul-US1847
97Valeau Duh WinningNer'zhul-US1847
99Spartus EpicdemicNer'zhul-US1846
99Hino EpicdemicNer'zhul-US1846

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