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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Ner'zhul-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Traiitre SànctionNer'zhul-EU2012Not updated
2Maurfyne PhénixNer'zhul-EU1895Not updated
3Snâkeyes SKILL CAPNer'zhul-EU1884Not updated
4Arésius  Ner'zhul-EU1876Not updated
5Hæmosu  Ner'zhul-EU1859Not updated
6Zeyral Compte SuisseNer'zhul-EU1839Not updated
7Punkstar Road to HeavenNer'zhul-EU1792
8Dzmage  Ner'zhul-EU1715Not updated
9Gwernahy RécidiveNer'zhul-EU1714
10Shynra RécidiveNer'zhul-EU1672
11Gigaguigui SpotedNer'zhul-EU1652Not updated
12Sarês RécidiveNer'zhul-EU1634Not updated
13Kamøu  Ner'zhul-EU1630Not updated
14Rïku CélestialNer'zhul-EU1601Not updated
15Hiladonf Joe Bar TeamNer'zhul-EU1590Not updated
16Thorame RécidiveNer'zhul-EU1477Not updated
17Totowak GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU1445Not updated
18Zboûmm PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU1406
19Palouna GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU1391
20Grabouilla GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU1359
21Choco OriginsNer'zhul-EU1325Not updated
22Tadelle GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU1308Not updated
23Ninothor GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU1304Not updated
24Asclépîos GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU1302Not updated
25Houmpha GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU1301Not updated
26Wartist la MeuteNer'zhul-EU1151Not updated
26Jaakd Les SomnifugesNer'zhul-EU1151
28Nghiemle RécidiveNer'zhul-EU1145Not updated
29Xïnthia la derniere croisadeNer'zhul-EU1142Not updated
30Legotauren GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU1135Not updated
31Dbnforthewin Compte SuisseNer'zhul-EU960
32Sâge The Hand of DragonsNer'zhul-EU959Not updated
33Opusdei PhénixNer'zhul-EU955Not updated
34Lysina PhénixNer'zhul-EU952Not updated
35Rouhblard GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU948
36Calem PhénixNer'zhul-EU768Not updated
36Dnbforthewin Compte SuisseNer'zhul-EU768Not updated
36Ragnarr  Ner'zhul-EU768Not updated
39Fïll la derniere croisadeNer'zhul-EU767Not updated
39Eldawënn la derniere croisadeNer'zhul-EU767Not updated
39Leihon Murloc ImpactNer'zhul-EU767Not updated
42Andj The Hand of DragonsNer'zhul-EU766Not updated
43Pocketman PhénixNer'zhul-EU576Not updated
43Philimat InvictusNer'zhul-EU576Not updated
43Zhakkal GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU576Not updated
43Zandarcain PhénixNer'zhul-EU576Not updated
43Pinkpanter PhénixNer'zhul-EU576Not updated
43Paladinet InvictusNer'zhul-EU576Not updated
43Xhot  Ner'zhul-EU576Not updated
43Drekan RécidiveNer'zhul-EU576
43Médüse la derniere croisadeNer'zhul-EU576Not updated
43Saccapuces GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU576
43Thesayen  Ner'zhul-EU576Not updated
43Haliwel  Ner'zhul-EU576Not updated
43Eo OriginsNer'zhul-EU576Not updated
56Tarane GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU575
57Darki SentenceNer'zhul-EU384
57Ludozer SentenceNer'zhul-EU384
57Tûco GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU384
57Mogis PhénixNer'zhul-EU384Not updated
57Kermit RécidiveNer'zhul-EU384
57Ludomicide SentenceNer'zhul-EU384Not updated
57Endarel PhénixNer'zhul-EU384Not updated
57Galv GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU384Not updated
57Wartygan InvictusNer'zhul-EU384Not updated
57Glaxo PhénixNer'zhul-EU384Not updated
57Graboutcha GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU384Not updated
68Patbol VirtuosoNer'zhul-EU192Not updated
68Mocovitch SentenceNer'zhul-EU192Not updated
68Dathécée GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU192Not updated
68Raïzak la derniere croisadeNer'zhul-EU192Not updated
68Sharkiz PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU192Not updated
68Ornélia RécidiveNer'zhul-EU192
68Diablei OriginsNer'zhul-EU192Not updated
68Ludorens SentenceNer'zhul-EU192Not updated
68Øtoos la derniere croisadeNer'zhul-EU192Not updated
68Zooki  Ner'zhul-EU192
68Vørass Le XV d OrgriNer'zhul-EU192Not updated
68Zboum GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU192
68Igal RécidiveNer'zhul-EU192Not updated
68Viivi  Ner'zhul-EU192Not updated
68Sweetsmok Compte SuisseNer'zhul-EU192
68Kamoza PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU192Not updated
68Schwips OriginsNer'zhul-EU192Not updated
68Bében Le XV d OrgriNer'zhul-EU192Not updated
68Maléfic Bridøu VengeurNer'zhul-EU192Not updated
87Akerof Les Gardiens CelestesNer'zhul-EU0
87Raou Les Gardiens CelestesNer'zhul-EU0
87Mizor PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU0
87Allastor SentenceNer'zhul-EU0
87Pøme GnomecrushersNer'zhul-EU0
87Élaïna PostTenebrasLuxNer'zhul-EU0
87Revenga MadnessNer'zhul-EU0Not updated
87Rompix  Ner'zhul-EU0Not updated
87Vantorvimort Les Gardiens CelestesNer'zhul-EU0
87Toolate NamelessNer'zhul-EU0Not updated
87Accatia RécidiveNer'zhul-EU0Not updated
87Séphidès RécidiveNer'zhul-EU0
87Narzyl TyrannieNer'zhul-EU0Not updated
87Helraser PurgatoryNer'zhul-EU0Not updated

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