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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Neptulon-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Tabes BrainstormNeptulon-EU2284Not updated
2Voodzbro  Neptulon-EU2112Not updated
3Achimis Natural SelectionNeptulon-EU2105Not updated
4Karvelas CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU2063Not updated
5Djimoo The NephilimNeptulon-EU2044Not updated
6Aravet BrokenNeptulon-EU2028Not updated
7Hertta Natural SelectionNeptulon-EU2022Not updated
8Scarcraft BrainstormNeptulon-EU2013Not updated
9Dormant  Neptulon-EU2012Not updated
10Warnightmare Public EnemíesNeptulon-EU2006Not updated
11Debgo CluelessNeptulon-EU1989Not updated
11Wanhala Natural SelectionNeptulon-EU1989Not updated
13Mechkarova BrainstormNeptulon-EU1981Not updated
14Huida Crybaby RaidersNeptulon-EU1920Not updated
15Heimdal BrainstormNeptulon-EU1903Not updated
15Soultakerbg Phantom TroupeNeptulon-EU1903Not updated
17Vipér  Neptulon-EU1899Not updated
18Maharwe Twisted InsanityNeptulon-EU1893Not updated
19Leftone RoutaNeptulon-EU1888Not updated
20Thunderpunch  Neptulon-EU1886Not updated
21Valaha BrainstormNeptulon-EU1885Not updated
22Hinami The NephilimNeptulon-EU1866Not updated
23Skyberg Jolly CooperationNeptulon-EU1865Not updated
24Tehpawned Crybaby RaidersNeptulon-EU1864Not updated
25Xades BrainstormNeptulon-EU1853Not updated
26Raya The NephilimNeptulon-EU1852Not updated
27Samalmighty UncensoredNeptulon-EU1849Not updated
27Assessed Crybaby RaidersNeptulon-EU1849Not updated
29Anipres Death SkullsNeptulon-EU1846Not updated
30Stonedarrow Seriously CasualNeptulon-EU1841Not updated
31Littlsoldier LiquidNeptulon-EU1831Not updated
32Khanavitohol ManowarNeptulon-EU1829Not updated
33Emix KickApoONeptulon-EU1826Not updated
34Rage Loot Hunters IncNeptulon-EU1804Not updated
35Delly TDANeptulon-EU1791Not updated
36Badbugs Legion of LightNeptulon-EU1787Not updated
37Hellina TDANeptulon-EU1776Not updated
37Prepodobna Crybaby RaidersNeptulon-EU1776Not updated
39Maldrim LiquidNeptulon-EU1772Not updated
40Karlolee Crybaby RaidersNeptulon-EU1766Not updated
41Hishnikat  Neptulon-EU1762Not updated
42Sriegis D N DNeptulon-EU1750Not updated
43Aresus The NephilimNeptulon-EU1744Not updated
44Slavesoul Loot Hunters IncNeptulon-EU1737Not updated
45Caramfil InvadersNeptulon-EU1733Not updated
46Saracin Legion of LightNeptulon-EU1727Not updated
47Behrin Death SkullsNeptulon-EU1723Not updated
47Perincho The NephilimNeptulon-EU1723Not updated
49Elegoth Loot Hunters IncNeptulon-EU1719Not updated
50Venøm Loot Hunters IncNeptulon-EU1717Not updated
50Hotdude Crybaby RaidersNeptulon-EU1717Not updated
52Oleps Death SkullsNeptulon-EU1716Not updated
53Amørphis Loot Hunters IncNeptulon-EU1711Not updated
54Shooks BrainstormNeptulon-EU1698Not updated
55Justifyme LiquidNeptulon-EU1677Not updated
56Astral Loot Hunters IncNeptulon-EU1674Not updated
56Bggazar EverlastingNeptulon-EU1674Not updated
58Sashinka Twisted InsanityNeptulon-EU1663Not updated
59Ilheal Twisted InsanityNeptulon-EU1662Not updated
60Dorfman InvadersNeptulon-EU1659Not updated
61Sonq BrainstormNeptulon-EU1640Not updated
62Sunlight BGNeptulon-EU1633Not updated
63Lichbørn Loot Hunters IncNeptulon-EU1618Not updated
64Lei BrokenNeptulon-EU1602Not updated
65Bezsirdis KickApoONeptulon-EU1597Not updated
66Elchupanibré CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU1532Not updated
67Drrock Horde Secret ServicesNeptulon-EU1489Not updated
68Turbotryne Death SkullsNeptulon-EU1485Not updated
69Nighta Legion of LightNeptulon-EU1413Not updated
70Abladon LiquidNeptulon-EU1339Not updated
71Gado  Neptulon-EU1337Not updated
72Pupy InvadersNeptulon-EU1335Not updated
73Lokhi Perfect InsanityNeptulon-EU1330Not updated
73Opit Steel RatsNeptulon-EU1330Not updated
75Norkenis BrainstormNeptulon-EU1328Not updated
76Tejanoblue  Neptulon-EU1327Not updated
76Simiel Volcano LegionNeptulon-EU1327Not updated
78Evendur Volcano LegionNeptulon-EU1309Not updated
79Nattsvermer Death SkullsNeptulon-EU1149Not updated
80Nabzomi InfernusNeptulon-EU1147Not updated
81Ralucam CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU1144Not updated
82Urughai LiquidNeptulon-EU1139Not updated
83Fortasse KickApoONeptulon-EU959Not updated
83Crazyhead  Neptulon-EU959Not updated
83Visnja UprisingNeptulon-EU959Not updated
86Tinandra Angel MakersNeptulon-EU958Not updated
87Fyllesvinx Death SkullsNeptulon-EU956Not updated
88Glajm arbatronicleNeptulon-EU955Not updated
89Gyuni Legion of LightNeptulon-EU768Not updated
89Emylee BrainstormNeptulon-EU768Not updated
91Vims Death SkullsNeptulon-EU767Not updated
91Barista BrainstormNeptulon-EU767Not updated
91Wadez RoutaNeptulon-EU767Not updated
94Phonomania BrainstormNeptulon-EU766Not updated
95Moutsi InvadersNeptulon-EU765Not updated
96Sandhya BrainstormNeptulon-EU576Not updated
96Frejya UncensoredNeptulon-EU576Not updated
96Constrictor Legion of LightNeptulon-EU576Not updated
96Eleghost Loot Hunters IncNeptulon-EU576Not updated
96Setaiaa Guild OverNeptulon-EU576Not updated

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