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Nemesis-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Bananalord GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2376
2Murkmindz GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2371
3Murkmíndz GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2365
4Gioxoxo xoxoNemesis-US2355
5Jongx GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2345
6Taladi xoxoNemesis-US2331
7Xandon INCONNUNemesis-US2299
8Theosiz GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2296
9Jongz BlackrockNemesis-US2294
10Cursed Hots Dots n KidneyshotzNemesis-US2291
11Kalyope Recalque Stole My RatingNemesis-US2288
12Öma Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2285
13Valturi BlackrockNemesis-US2280
14Jamboquake GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2276
15Androoidd Hey I DDoSNemesis-US2274
16Uska INCONNUNemesis-US2256
17Arkanlol GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2254
17Deadbane  Nemesis-US2254
19Sidewínder GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2253
20Bolfxz INCONNUNemesis-US2249
21Impassível Recalque Stole My RatingNemesis-US2248
22Neverfearx xoxoNemesis-US2246
23Khimmÿ INCONNUNemesis-US2243
24Theosis FEARNemesis-US2239Not updated
25Priestry WoWcólicosNemesis-US2238
26ßerks xoxoNemesis-US2237
27Bitelä  Nemesis-US2232
28Megalodon Hots Dots n KidneyshotzNemesis-US2228
29Jongg Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2226
30Cursedz Hots Dots n KidneyshotzNemesis-US2223
31Sägata Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2210
32Zaian BlackrockNemesis-US2209
33Neves WoWcólicosNemesis-US2208
33Argosz INCONNUNemesis-US2208
33Djyolohardrx  Nemesis-US2208
33Xandön INCONNUNemesis-US2208
37Whisa Hots Dots n KidneyshotzNemesis-US2207
38Bruheal GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2204
39Seraquetanko Recalque Stole My RatingNemesis-US2202
40Murkmadz GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2198
41Lendha CenturiõesNemesis-US2191
42Remorseless Cuz im ProNemesis-US2190
43Brutallove BLOOD THIRSTYNemesis-US2189
44Blizy BlackrockNemesis-US2185
44Magnums WoWcólicosNemesis-US2185
46Okawa BlackrockNemesis-US2182
47Souledge Recalque Stole My RatingNemesis-US2179
48Lisanná Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2178
49Diblis xoxoNemesis-US2174
50Psyylocke  Nemesis-US2169
51Tsag Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2167
52Zän Wyrm KnightsNemesis-US2165
53Nullity Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2164
53Monnyk Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2164
55Imperadör PvP Like A BossNemesis-US2162
56Ateuzao PvP Like A BossNemesis-US2159
57Magnüms WoWcólicosNemesis-US2153
58Kempsis Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2151
58Gordoö INCONNUNemesis-US2151
58Visagen BlackrockNemesis-US2151
61Analogxz Hots Dots n KidneyshotzNemesis-US2150
62Waterpls  Nemesis-US2147
63Kallÿope  Nemesis-US2146
64Keeptalking BlackrockNemesis-US2145
65Maokki BlackrockNemesis-US2144
65Androoida PvP Like A BossNemesis-US2144
65Chuchuaua INCONNUNemesis-US2144
68Minhamãe PvP Like A BossNemesis-US2143
68Lothlorienqt Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2143
70Mestrpokemon GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2142
71Reméissionqt  Nemesis-US2138Not updated
72Zorrk Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2134
72Dayller Hots Dots n KidneyshotzNemesis-US2134
74Cobrack BlackrockNemesis-US2129
75Androiddy  Nemesis-US2128
76Vëdder BlackrockNemesis-US2127
77Adamantøs Elite ParanauêNemesis-US2126
78Hallz Cuz im ProNemesis-US2125
78Opismyname  Nemesis-US2125
80Mizz BlackrockNemesis-US2124
81Ïnfamous GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2123
82Qtica For The FaithNemesis-US2122
82Sarumãn EnemiesNemesis-US2122
84Metallika GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2119
85Nightsorrow GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2118
86Sagas BlackrockNemesis-US2117
86Lanï FairyTailNemesis-US2117
88Galahax Elite ParanauêNemesis-US2116
89Birosca Elite ParanauêNemesis-US2115
89Valrath Elite ParanauêNemesis-US2115
91Naervec Elite ParanauêNemesis-US2114
91Jango xoxoNemesis-US2114
91Snìpes Elite ParanauêNemesis-US2114
91Sheguevara Elite ParanauêNemesis-US2114
95Tsz Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2112
96Mägnums WoWcólicosNemesis-US2106
97Twínkosz  Nemesis-US2105
98Jackchän Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2104
98Pinguça WoWcólicosNemesis-US2104
98Shadowpope Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2104

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