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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nemesis-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Murkmindz GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2400Not updated
2Seraquetanko Recalque Stole My RatingNemesis-US2395Not updated
3Murkmíndz Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2390Not updated
4Cocojambo PvP Like A BossNemesis-US2387Not updated
5Xandon INCONNUNemesis-US2375Not updated
6Psyyprime WoWcólicosNemesis-US2374Not updated
7Bitelä WoWcólicosNemesis-US2371Not updated
8Gioxoxo xoxoNemesis-US2361Not updated
9Deadbane Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2333Not updated
10Kalyope Recalque Stole My RatingNemesis-US2328Not updated
10Taladis Hots Dots n KidneyshotzNemesis-US2328Not updated
12Whisa Hots Dots n KidneyshotzNemesis-US2320Not updated
13Taladi Hots Dots n KidneyshotzNemesis-US2316Not updated
14Xandom INCONNUNemesis-US2312Not updated
14Dbn GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2312Not updated
16Lilgaymurk Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2292Not updated
17Revolks WoWcólicosNemesis-US2291Not updated
18Calenhil Cuz im ProNemesis-US2288Not updated
19Bolfxz INCONNUNemesis-US2285Not updated
20Sidewínder GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2284Not updated
20Kempses Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2284Not updated
22Gordoö WoWcólicosNemesis-US2274Not updated
23Ulcera Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2270Not updated
24Lothlorienqt Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2269Not updated
25Androoidd WoWcólicosNemesis-US2263Not updated
26Impassível WoWcólicosNemesis-US2259Not updated
27Arkanlol GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2254Not updated
28Nullity Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2248Not updated
29Neverfearx xoxoNemesis-US2246Not updated
29Necroswag  Nemesis-US2246Not updated
31Okawa Cuz im ProNemesis-US2243Not updated
31Khimmÿ INCONNUNemesis-US2243Not updated
33Línä Dispel my CycloneNemesis-US2242Not updated
34Priestry WoWcólicosNemesis-US2238Not updated
35Sägata Dispel my CycloneNemesis-US2234Not updated
36Souledge Hots Dots n KidneyshotzNemesis-US2233Not updated
37Mirämöx INCONNUNemesis-US2229Not updated
38Neves WoWcólicosNemesis-US2227Not updated
38Comeatmebroo GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2227Not updated
40Bähamüt Dispel my CycloneNemesis-US2219Not updated
41Tyedrys BloodbathNemesis-US2214Not updated
42Valrath Dispel my CycloneNemesis-US2212Not updated
43Dayller WoWcólicosNemesis-US2211Not updated
44Ïnfamous GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2210Not updated
44Willywonkajr Hots Dots n KidneyshotzNemesis-US2210Not updated
46Zaian Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2209Not updated
46Visagen BlackrockNemesis-US2209Not updated
48Panoramìx WoWcólicosNemesis-US2208Not updated
49Zorrk Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2206Not updated
49Kallyope WoWcólicosNemesis-US2206Not updated
49Romeuu CenturiõesNemesis-US2206Not updated
52Xandön INCONNUNemesis-US2205Not updated
52Valrathx Dispel my CycloneNemesis-US2205Not updated
54Naervec Dispel my CycloneNemesis-US2202Not updated
55Capulletø REVØLUTIØNNemesis-US2201Not updated
55Lanï GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2201Not updated
57Vëdder WoWcólicosNemesis-US2199Not updated
58Megalodon  Nemesis-US2197Not updated
59Uorlordi Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2192Not updated
60Reeky TrÿHardNemesis-US2191Not updated
61Kallÿope Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2188Not updated
61Argosz INCONNUNemesis-US2188Not updated
63Erweth Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2187Not updated
64Fusketa Los PampazNemesis-US2185Not updated
64Blizy BlackrockNemesis-US2185Not updated
66Psyylocke Haters Gonna HateNemesis-US2181Not updated
66Lãv GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2181Not updated
68Tsag Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2180Not updated
69Xoxa  Nemesis-US2173Not updated
70Mïssïng EMBAIXADA FEARNemesis-US2168Not updated
70Fatalaty WoWcólicosNemesis-US2168Not updated
72Analogxz MinistryNemesis-US2166Not updated
72Nerønz EvecraideR GamingNemesis-US2166Not updated
74Remorseless Cuz im ProNemesis-US2165Not updated
74Zän Wyrm KnightsNemesis-US2165Not updated
76Djyolohardrx  Nemesis-US2163Not updated
76Mägnums GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2163Not updated
78Imperadör PvP Like A BossNemesis-US2162Not updated
79Bejin Lock plz make gateNemesis-US2161Not updated
79Jackchän Dispel my CycloneNemesis-US2161Not updated
81Ateuzao PvP Like A BossNemesis-US2159Not updated
82Cÿgnuss PvP Like A BossNemesis-US2156Not updated
83Orbanzitz Villains Øf HønørNemesis-US2155Not updated
84Qtica FaithNemesis-US2154Not updated
85Minsplan BlackrockNemesis-US2152Not updated
86Maokki GG WP jk ascendanceNemesis-US2151Not updated
87Gäoth Dispel my CycloneNemesis-US2149Not updated
88Waterpls MaximusNemesis-US2147Not updated
89Chemøsh WoWcólicosNemesis-US2145Not updated
89Galahax Dispel my CycloneNemesis-US2145Not updated
89Keeptalking Cuz im ProNemesis-US2145Not updated
92Iminentlol WoWcólicosNemesis-US2144Not updated
92Chuchuaua INCONNUNemesis-US2144Not updated
94Affmess GondorNemesis-US2142Not updated
94Sagas WoWcólicosNemesis-US2142Not updated
96Magnums WoWcólicosNemesis-US2141Not updated
97Titombo Cheguei no PistãoNemesis-US2140Not updated
98Minhamãe PvP Like A BossNemesis-US2138Not updated
99Shadowall Dispel my CycloneNemesis-US2137Not updated
100Watyla  Nemesis-US2135Not updated

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