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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nazjatar-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Neeco SolutionNazjatar-EU2376Not updated
2Rãyzor IS GODLIKENazjatar-EU2202Not updated
3Rayzørxx IS GODLIKENazjatar-EU2186Not updated
4Eastfight AddictedNazjatar-EU1968Not updated
5Raykoon Unemployed and HappyNazjatar-EU1912Not updated
6Altruin Late NightNazjatar-EU1879Not updated
7Happyday Unemployed and HappyNazjatar-EU1824Not updated
8Michonne Unemployed and HappyNazjatar-EU1794Not updated
9Réon Unemployed and HappyNazjatar-EU1789Not updated
10Croix Unemployed and HappyNazjatar-EU1704Not updated
11Ilados Unemployed and HappyNazjatar-EU1699Not updated
12Soely Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU1664Not updated
13Stehlampe DuffeDNazjatar-EU1636Not updated
14Klyse The Hemp ConnectionNazjatar-EU1630Not updated
15Ilara Unemployed and HappyNazjatar-EU1621Not updated
16Mooya AddictedNazjatar-EU1586Not updated
17Katakiri Unemployed and HappyNazjatar-EU1553Not updated
18Zaradi  Nazjatar-EU1340Not updated
19Krplinc Move and BreakNazjatar-EU1151Not updated
20Vascodagamer  Nazjatar-EU1149Not updated
21Narfq Move and BreakNazjatar-EU959Not updated
21Rîsîng Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU959Not updated
23Nightpower SolutionNazjatar-EU956Not updated
24Zôrnröschen Broken AngelsNazjatar-EU951Not updated
25Niles The Hemp ConnectionNazjatar-EU768Not updated
26Zunija The Hemp ConnectionNazjatar-EU767Not updated
27Riles The Hemp ConnectionNazjatar-EU576Not updated
27Vindir PrototypNazjatar-EU576Not updated
29Khaya AddictedNazjatar-EU384Not updated
29Clavó Unemployed and HappyNazjatar-EU384Not updated
29Drizzor Coyote UglyNazjatar-EU384Not updated
29Athîna SolutionNazjatar-EU384Not updated
29Bsê Unemployed and HappyNazjatar-EU384Not updated
29Seansirius  Nazjatar-EU384Not updated
29Monkalicus Coyote UglyNazjatar-EU384Not updated
36Sheru DuffeDNazjatar-EU192Not updated
36Sequencer Unemployed and HappyNazjatar-EU192Not updated
36Presh  Nazjatar-EU192Not updated
36Sailenz Coyote UglyNazjatar-EU192Not updated
36Pecmaan Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU192Not updated
36Soda DuffeDNazjatar-EU192Not updated
36Tschinzu Unemployed and HappyNazjatar-EU192Not updated
36Nellyelly Gemeinsam StarkNazjatar-EU192Not updated
44Swayd AddictedNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Shinri Fire of DragonsNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Speckdotalot  Nazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Bixx Fire of DragonsNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Lunarîa  Nazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Hpsmoran DuffeDNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Jägernuss Forsaken HeroesNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Novina The Last DragonsNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Dima Inc un soNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Triblimon Orden der HordeNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Agram Magical DayNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Cyrùs EffectiveNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Planabc UncreativeNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Mèltdówn HomelessNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Hâzel Dark Tigers of AzerothNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Jindô Spirit of KalimdorNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Desmo Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Dekona EffectiveNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Kumbaja AddictedNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Saîjin EffectiveNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Pentace Unemployed and HappyNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Gândi Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Ishani legio francorumNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Cârtman Alea Iacta EstNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Nobódy Rächer der HordeNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Shakra Rächer der HordeNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Ito Fire of DragonsNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Hèllfíre HomelessNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Ariohn For the HordeNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Nodî Alea Iacta EstNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Killerpuse El ToupéNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Mylaia Le dernier CriNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Zerekthûl Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Teutoni Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Guul NerfedNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Simy Alea Iacta EstNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Clekipetra Dirty CircusNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Drgreenthumb Adipem MatresNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Eviltwoo  Nazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Shantia SolutionNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Epps EffectiveNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Happyhealer AddictedNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Xardama HomelessNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Elênya Garde der HoffnungNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Caelumrun SolutionNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Taipany SodaliNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Hekatê DaltonBrosNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Velicity Supreme JusticeNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Faak Move and BreakNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Darkguul NerfedNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Delasombra Coyote UglyNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Terran Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Owlol Miracel WipeNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Nayel SolutionNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Yakso green and meanNazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Jalisco  Nazjatar-EU0Not updated
44Shymqú EffectiveNazjatar-EU0Not updated

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