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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nathrezim-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Snowrlyqt set sail for failNathrezim-EU2211Not updated
2Ladrian Alt F FearNathrezim-EU2207Not updated
3Frautrude EliteNathrezim-EU2167Not updated
4Carefree EliteNathrezim-EU2164Not updated
5Ravenna infaustusNathrezim-EU2138Not updated
6Roronoa  Nathrezim-EU2050Not updated
7Whítechapel Bastion der HordeNathrezim-EU2037Not updated
8Brísingr Die EinherierNathrezim-EU2027Not updated
9Longsilvér Unleashed UnicornNathrezim-EU2009Not updated
10Jezzlyroq EliteNathrezim-EU1994Not updated
11Bashnakh Bastion der HordeNathrezim-EU1985Not updated
12Zaturu SingularisNathrezim-EU1983Not updated
12Xeek set sail for failNathrezim-EU1983Not updated
14Nerode  Nathrezim-EU1953Not updated
15Poseida Trade Pwnys for SkillNathrezim-EU1944Not updated
16Exarby AvoidNathrezim-EU1940Not updated
17Odz AvoidNathrezim-EU1937Not updated
18Raijax HørdCøreNathrezim-EU1931Not updated
19Bennabu AvoidNathrezim-EU1927Not updated
20Thorosar EliteNathrezim-EU1926Not updated
21Elisse UnoNathrezim-EU1922Not updated
22Mylíttlepwny Bastion der HordeNathrezim-EU1921Not updated
23Xanthias EliteNathrezim-EU1910Not updated
24Fayk Trade Pwnys for SkillNathrezim-EU1909Not updated
25Fiqsi EliteNathrezim-EU1904Not updated
26Zart EliteNathrezim-EU1885Not updated
27Svafa HørdCøreNathrezim-EU1865Not updated
28Necrøtic RebornNathrezim-EU1863Not updated
29Fârrodîn Unleashed UnicornNathrezim-EU1861Not updated
30Nurtas SingularisNathrezim-EU1859Not updated
30Sorron SingularisNathrezim-EU1859Not updated
32Naskur AvoidNathrezim-EU1852Not updated
33Hêavy FirstTargetNathrezim-EU1851Not updated
34Kronoz AvoidNathrezim-EU1840Not updated
35Znusnaj EliteNathrezim-EU1836Not updated
36Ellenay RebornNathrezim-EU1833Not updated
37Tòorop AvoidNathrezim-EU1821Not updated
38Rothado  Nathrezim-EU1817Not updated
39Lycheeritter AvoidNathrezim-EU1815Not updated
40Gibüstelle FightdragonNathrezim-EU1808Not updated
41Shørtlife DiscordiaNathrezim-EU1806Not updated
42Ygritte Die EinherierNathrezim-EU1805Not updated
43Bârris Last HøpeNathrezim-EU1780Not updated
44Fearabend AbsinthNathrezim-EU1775Not updated
45Scrin Trade Pwnys for SkillNathrezim-EU1774Not updated
46Yinjo AvoidNathrezim-EU1762Not updated
47Bertax FeuerherzordenNathrezim-EU1760Not updated
48Lynchêr Say GoodnightNathrezim-EU1753Not updated
49Greifnbomber UnoNathrezim-EU1750Not updated
50Papusbär Söhne der WüsteNathrezim-EU1740Not updated
51Kohlrübe SingularisNathrezim-EU1736Not updated
52Daggio UnleashedNathrezim-EU1709Not updated
53Ruzzlefazzle set sail for failNathrezim-EU1708Not updated
54Arnûlf scarabNathrezim-EU1698Not updated
55Stancy HørdCøreNathrezim-EU1682Not updated
56Kenttot Söhne der WüsteNathrezim-EU1681Not updated
57Sikozu AvoidNathrezim-EU1672Not updated
58Muji Arathi HighlanderNathrezim-EU1615Not updated
59Purzelchen SingularisNathrezim-EU1577Not updated
60Cytosin SingularisNathrezim-EU1557Not updated
61Erunia radical BananasNathrezim-EU1531Not updated
62Brewnhilda Die EinherierNathrezim-EU1520Not updated
63Siegberd SingularisNathrezim-EU1515Not updated
64Pepi HørdCøreNathrezim-EU1497Not updated
65Doneulfried SingularisNathrezim-EU1479Not updated
66Mygot verwirrtNathrezim-EU1465Not updated
67Xarby AvoidNathrezim-EU1453Not updated
68Seiky From Dusk Till DownNathrezim-EU1413Not updated
69Kazragorolus SingularisNathrezim-EU1338Not updated
70Clôúd Say GoodnightNathrezim-EU1330Not updated
71Celys EliteNathrezim-EU1300Not updated
72Belzebuddha jetzt auch in DosenNathrezim-EU1147Not updated
73Jezzly EliteNathrezim-EU1146Not updated
74Muchaluchá WantedNathrezim-EU1144Not updated
75Esthesiax EliteNathrezim-EU1137Not updated
76Atomfriedl SingularisNathrezim-EU1132Not updated
77Mynutzlol EliteNathrezim-EU1125Not updated
78Dragonfly Trade Pwnys for SkillNathrezim-EU958Not updated
79Mcnabb West Azeroth MaskulinNathrezim-EU954Not updated
80Victorîa Schalter des LichtsNathrezim-EU768Not updated
80Kalifa TadellosNathrezim-EU768Not updated
80Invisîble HørdCøreNathrezim-EU768Not updated
80Fidulaa Epic FailNathrezim-EU768Not updated
84Brooxx Say GoodnightNathrezim-EU767Not updated
85Chillbreak Crusade RevolutionNathrezim-EU766Not updated
86Serus Say GoodnightNathrezim-EU576Not updated
86Coldsôul WantedNathrezim-EU576Not updated
86Míetron verwirrtNathrezim-EU576Not updated
86Okoto AvoidNathrezim-EU576Not updated
86Radax Alt F FearNathrezim-EU576Not updated
86Apathetic set sail for failNathrezim-EU576Not updated
86Justluck SingularisNathrezim-EU576Not updated
86Zärtlicher EliteNathrezim-EU576Not updated
86Ranex Alt F FearNathrezim-EU576Not updated
86Greyná AvoidNathrezim-EU576Not updated
86Asraí SingularisNathrezim-EU576Not updated
86Nelladêl AvoidNathrezim-EU576Not updated
86Wilnona Unleashed UnicornNathrezim-EU576Not updated
86Wampi Crusade RevolutionNathrezim-EU576Not updated
100Spooner EliteNathrezim-EU575Not updated

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