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Nagrand-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Izãyoi The Original BadassNagrand-US2034
2Shrubntug The Original BadassNagrand-US2025
3Ghostgum The Original BadassNagrand-US2006
4Crazyfists Carpe DiemNagrand-US2005
5Foraxxi ExileNagrand-US2000
6Angryscb Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US1987
7Zenesthetic Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US1973
8Bíteme Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US1966
9Stoneher FaithlessNagrand-US1944
10Rimsx Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US1940
11Herpanderp The Original BadassNagrand-US1936
12Gelini ReprieveNagrand-US1933
12Dizeaz Carpe DiemNagrand-US1933
14Spinekeeper The Original BadassNagrand-US1928
15Lygo Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US1919
16Dphuuture The Original BadassNagrand-US1906
17Lolwutwut Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US1900
18Xerxeth The Original BadassNagrand-US1894
19Phil The Original BadassNagrand-US1891
20Ðesecrate The Original BadassNagrand-US1890
21Takashichan The Original BadassNagrand-US1889
22Pyropocket The Original BadassNagrand-US1886
23Bourbonsour Equals ThreeNagrand-US1882
24Theodheal The Original BadassNagrand-US1877
25Sidvicious The Original BadassNagrand-US1876
26Lockipop Mana LeakNagrand-US1874
27Hordeache The Original BadassNagrand-US1873
28Rumguzzler The Original BadassNagrand-US1872
28Royfocker The Original BadassNagrand-US1872
30Pinoyworgen The Original BadassNagrand-US1870
31Attíla The Original BadassNagrand-US1869
32Keggles The Original BadassNagrand-US1866
33Carjack Carpe DiemNagrand-US1865
34Xenos The Original BadassNagrand-US1860
35Swansong Carpe DiemNagrand-US1845
35Loveheartz Pick Up GroupNagrand-US1845
37Bowjac The Original BadassNagrand-US1844
38Cerre RegiosNagrand-US1842
38Vooðoo League of AssasinsNagrand-US1842
40Augustmoon The Original BadassNagrand-US1840
40Screwgun The Original BadassNagrand-US1840
42Littlerex The Original BadassNagrand-US1835
43Tiatha ReprieveNagrand-US1834
44Acquittal Minority RapportNagrand-US1833
45Grimzz ZenNagrand-US1829
46Soulder The Original BadassNagrand-US1827
47Xenosanctus Chocobo KnightsNagrand-US1824
48Xsight The Original BadassNagrand-US1817
49Stayawesome The Original BadassNagrand-US1814
50Insanetrauma  Nagrand-US1812
51Kídneydqt Dropped The SoapNagrand-US1810Not updated
52Warrvx Chocobo KnightsNagrand-US1808
53Fupduck The Original BadassNagrand-US1806
54Bakedyeye FaithlessNagrand-US1804
55Reanimation VanguardNagrand-US1802
56Coldmagic The Original BadassNagrand-US1800
57Skitzi hey its nagrandNagrand-US1799
58Dyshunter The Original BadassNagrand-US1798
59Mayma Chocobo KnightsNagrand-US1795
60Jackimaple Minority RapportNagrand-US1777
60Totesup The Original BadassNagrand-US1777
62Rockinheals The Original BadassNagrand-US1775
62Shyningclaw The Original BadassNagrand-US1775
64Killkiill EbriosiNagrand-US1769
65Gundaha Infringement NoticeNagrand-US1768
65Moonglove The Original BadassNagrand-US1768
67Angyunit My PvPness Is MassiveNagrand-US1765
68Angor OuroborosNagrand-US1764
69Totastic The Original BadassNagrand-US1762
70Imbeqt Dropped The SoapNagrand-US1760
71Kaerin Mana LeakNagrand-US1757
72Tequoy Pick Up GroupNagrand-US1756
73Alluunia The Original BadassNagrand-US1750
74Subinnac Minority RapportNagrand-US1742
74Deliciana TriageNagrand-US1742
76Requielqt Carpe DiemNagrand-US1734
77Veilness FiNALNagrand-US1732
78Dotsqt Dropped The SoapNagrand-US1731Not updated
79Doskwatro  Nagrand-US1729
80Moconia The Original BadassNagrand-US1728
80Creepers Chocobo KnightsNagrand-US1728
82Yaguar ExileNagrand-US1722
83Nobbynobbs Equals ThreeNagrand-US1719
84Anarchic The Original BadassNagrand-US1718
85Yajirobè The Original BadassNagrand-US1717
86Tinkerz OuroborosNagrand-US1714
87Keiirra Chocobo KnightsNagrand-US1704
88Forraxis ExileNagrand-US1702
89Smeevil EldersNagrand-US1701
90Jintu ExileNagrand-US1698
91Pom MeltdownNagrand-US1697
91Friartukk ReprieveNagrand-US1697
93Pallybuff ZenNagrand-US1695
94Apodrecer The Original BadassNagrand-US1691
95Gnobility The Original BadassNagrand-US1689
96Laytexlama The Original BadassNagrand-US1680
97Liliarae  Nagrand-US1679
97Wizzardx Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US1679
99Rimslock Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US1674
100Uncenzored Chocobo KnightsNagrand-US1673

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