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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Nagrand-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Triviúm The New StandNagrand-US2142Not updated
2Reanimation The Original BadassNagrand-US2101Not updated
2Slayerlordx Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US2101Not updated
4Killkiill RegiosNagrand-US2075Not updated
5Dizeaz Carpe DiemNagrand-US2074Not updated
6Elderwen Alliance in WonderlandNagrand-US2070Not updated
7Izãyoi The Original BadassNagrand-US2053Not updated
8Sèxy The Original BadassNagrand-US2049Not updated
9Xerxeth The Original BadassNagrand-US2043Not updated
10Crazyfists Carpe DiemNagrand-US2036Not updated
11Royfocker The Original BadassNagrand-US2035Not updated
12Ðesecrate The Original BadassNagrand-US2030Not updated
13Theodheal The Original BadassNagrand-US2027Not updated
14Lygo Last AttemptNagrand-US2025Not updated
15Skitzi EntityNagrand-US2022Not updated
16Phil The Original BadassNagrand-US2018Not updated
17Vespule The Original BadassNagrand-US2013Not updated
18Kathonas Alliance in WonderlandNagrand-US2011Not updated
19Attíla The Original BadassNagrand-US2010Not updated
20Gnobility The Original BadassNagrand-US2009Not updated
21Touchíng Chocobo KnightsNagrand-US2008Not updated
21Pyropocket The Original BadassNagrand-US2008Not updated
23Dyshunter The Original BadassNagrand-US2006Not updated
24Nosferatü The Original BadassNagrand-US2005Not updated
25Hurcles The Original BadassNagrand-US2004Not updated
25Takashichan The Original BadassNagrand-US2004Not updated
27Carjack Carpe DiemNagrand-US2000Not updated
27Foraxxi ExileNagrand-US2000Not updated
29Shyningclaw The Original BadassNagrand-US1991Not updated
30Angryscb  Nagrand-US1987Not updated
31Sidvicious The Original BadassNagrand-US1985Not updated
32Holyferk The Original BadassNagrand-US1980Not updated
33Bíteme Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US1966Not updated
34Raizel Pick Up GroupNagrand-US1953
34Loveheartz  Nagrand-US1953Not updated
36Herpanderp The Original BadassNagrand-US1947Not updated
37Stoneher FaithlessNagrand-US1944Not updated
38Rimsx  Nagrand-US1940Not updated
39Zenesthetic  Nagrand-US1939Not updated
40Decaed The Original BadassNagrand-US1937Not updated
40Valgrin The Original BadassNagrand-US1937Not updated
42Majestic  Nagrand-US1935Not updated
42Terror The Original BadassNagrand-US1935Not updated
44Gelini ReprieveNagrand-US1933
45Apodrecer The Original BadassNagrand-US1930Not updated
46Pinoyworgen The Original BadassNagrand-US1924Not updated
47Unbearablè The Original BadassNagrand-US1917Not updated
48Zoolol Carpe DiemNagrand-US1915Not updated
48Lolwutwut  Nagrand-US1915Not updated
50Acquittal Minority RapportNagrand-US1909Not updated
51Dphuuture The Original BadassNagrand-US1900Not updated
52Imbeqt Dropped The SoapNagrand-US1899Not updated
53Fupduck The Original BadassNagrand-US1895Not updated
54Tequoy Pick Up GroupNagrand-US1889Not updated
54Augustmoon The Original BadassNagrand-US1889Not updated
56Elfweed Chocobo KnightsNagrand-US1887Not updated
57Gouro The Original BadassNagrand-US1886Not updated
58Littlerex The Original BadassNagrand-US1885Not updated
59Stayawesome The Original BadassNagrand-US1883Not updated
60Lockipop Mana LeakNagrand-US1874Not updated
61Bourbonsour Equals ThreeNagrand-US1868Not updated
62Pabü The Original BadassNagrand-US1865Not updated
63Pyehealz ExileNagrand-US1864Not updated
64Aspheria The Original BadassNagrand-US1862Not updated
65Lethaldrd ZenNagrand-US1853Not updated
66Warrvx Chocobo KnightsNagrand-US1847Not updated
66Alluunia The Original BadassNagrand-US1847Not updated
66Bowjac Nuffin But FunninNagrand-US1847Not updated
69Vooðoo Gear DependentNagrand-US1842Not updated
70Xenos The Original BadassNagrand-US1837Not updated
71Happyhõurs The Original BadassNagrand-US1835Not updated
72Tiatha ReprieveNagrand-US1834
73Grimzz ZenNagrand-US1829Not updated
74Swansong Carpe DiemNagrand-US1817Not updated
75Xenosanctus Chocobo KnightsNagrand-US1810Not updated
76Bakedyeye FaithlessNagrand-US1804Not updated
77Keiirra Chocobo KnightsNagrand-US1802Not updated
78Totesup The Original BadassNagrand-US1801Not updated
79Laurem ill Mana Tap ThatNagrand-US1800Not updated
80Mantold Warcraft TitansNagrand-US1798Not updated
81Senisa TriageNagrand-US1792Not updated
82Illfearyøu Únder the InfluenceNagrand-US1785Not updated
83Doyoueven Chocobo KnightsNagrand-US1778Not updated
84Veilness Alliance in WonderlandNagrand-US1775
85Gundaha Infringement NoticeNagrand-US1768Not updated
85Moonglove The Original BadassNagrand-US1768Not updated
87Angyunit Gear DependentNagrand-US1765Not updated
88Angor OuroborosNagrand-US1764
89Totastic The Original BadassNagrand-US1762Not updated
90Subinnac Minority RapportNagrand-US1759Not updated
91Kaerin Mana LeakNagrand-US1757Not updated
92Tinypaladin The Original BadassNagrand-US1754Not updated
93Pèacebringer IMPERIALNagrand-US1746Not updated
94Deliciana TriageNagrand-US1742Not updated
95Truble The LegendaryNagrand-US1732Not updated
95Holybusta Crimson LegionNagrand-US1732Not updated
97Creepers Chocobo KnightsNagrand-US1728Not updated
98Kagê The Original BadassNagrand-US1722Not updated
98Yaguar ExileNagrand-US1722Not updated
100Pom  Nagrand-US1721Not updated

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