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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nagrand-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Slayerlordx Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US2101Not updated
2Dizeaz Carpe DiemNagrand-US2074Not updated
3Crazyfists Carpe DiemNagrand-US2036Not updated
4Gnobility The Original BadassNagrand-US2009Not updated
5Carjack Carpe DiemNagrand-US2000Not updated
6Sidvicious The Original BadassNagrand-US1985Not updated
7Bíteme Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US1966Not updated
8Raizel Pick Up GroupNagrand-US1953Not updated
9Gelini ReprieveNagrand-US1933Not updated
10Zoolol Carpe DiemNagrand-US1915Not updated
11Tequoy Pick Up GroupNagrand-US1889Not updated
12Lockipop Mana LeakNagrand-US1874Not updated
13Happyhõurs The Original BadassNagrand-US1835Not updated
14Tiatha ReprieveNagrand-US1834Not updated
15Grimzz ZenNagrand-US1829Not updated
16Veilness Alliance in WonderlandNagrand-US1775Not updated
17Angor OuroborosNagrand-US1764Not updated
18Totastic The Original BadassNagrand-US1762Not updated
19Kaerin Mana LeakNagrand-US1757Not updated
20Tinypaladin The Original BadassNagrand-US1754Not updated
21Pèacebringer IMPERIALNagrand-US1746Not updated
22Truble The LegendaryNagrand-US1732Not updated
23Yaguar ExileNagrand-US1722Not updated
24Tinkerz OuroborosNagrand-US1714Not updated
25Forraxis ExileNagrand-US1702Not updated
26Friartukk ReprieveNagrand-US1697Not updated
27Pallybuff ZenNagrand-US1695Not updated
28Wizzardx Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US1679Not updated
29Rimslock Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US1674Not updated
30Fazzadk AscensionNagrand-US1642Not updated
31Xygun FatigueNagrand-US1625Not updated
32Gomo NusantaraNagrand-US1606Not updated
33Etone NusantaraNagrand-US1604Not updated
34Stormstrider RegiosNagrand-US1603Not updated
35Talun Vaguely HostileNagrand-US1586Not updated
36Jámès Legion of Fallen AngelsNagrand-US1533Not updated
37Tyloranath Mana LeakNagrand-US1522Not updated
38Argusmoon The Original BadassNagrand-US1511Not updated
39Rimsxz Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US1340Not updated
40Meloqt Carpe DiemNagrand-US1336Not updated
41Kainen Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US1333Not updated
42Leandora RegiosNagrand-US1327Not updated
43Slowplague IMPERIALNagrand-US1315Not updated
44Yuxx Carpe DiemNagrand-US1305Not updated
45Sidistic The Original BadassNagrand-US1150Not updated
45Taketokes Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US1150Not updated
47Kaalyn ExileNagrand-US1148Not updated
48Ownëd  Nagrand-US1147Not updated
49Hashie  Nagrand-US1142Not updated
50Bigfighterx Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US960Not updated
51Spinningbird The Original BadassNagrand-US959Not updated
51Totemtom ExileNagrand-US959Not updated
51Chaosing IMPERIALNagrand-US959Not updated
54Jahanam NusantaraNagrand-US957Not updated
55Voetre Legion of Fallen AngelsNagrand-US956Not updated
56Lànàdelrey Orcanized CriminalsNagrand-US954Not updated
57Stãbby ReprieveNagrand-US768Not updated
57Jackalstein The Original BadassNagrand-US768Not updated
57Netterick Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US768Not updated
57Brokenwrist Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US768Not updated
61Destinatus Carpe DiemNagrand-US766Not updated
61Timding Carpe DiemNagrand-US766Not updated
63Redracoon Carpe DiemNagrand-US576Not updated
63Dolorum Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US576Not updated
63Lilygeorge The Dark KingdomNagrand-US576Not updated
63Holyhel The Original BadassNagrand-US576Not updated
63Sunderfury The Original BadassNagrand-US576Not updated
63Extraneus Carpe DiemNagrand-US576Not updated
63Upthebuff Alliance in WonderlandNagrand-US576Not updated
63Wîz AsuraNagrand-US576Not updated
63Death ReprieveNagrand-US576Not updated
63Tinyrivix DilemmaNagrand-US576Not updated
63Airsmonk Celestial VanguardNagrand-US576Not updated
63Bonerthugs Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US576Not updated
63Shazie AsuraNagrand-US576Not updated
76Agóny AsuraNagrand-US384Not updated
76Åsäru AsuraNagrand-US384Not updated
76Druul Pick Up GroupNagrand-US384Not updated
76Onyxander  Nagrand-US384Not updated
76Cinna Alliance in WonderlandNagrand-US384Not updated
76Navaarian DilemmaNagrand-US384Not updated
76Voltáge Random EffectNagrand-US384Not updated
76Onehitaquita Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US384Not updated
76Jördyn The Original BadassNagrand-US384Not updated
76Knomn The Original BadassNagrand-US384Not updated
76Choppable Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US384Not updated
76Exo Alliance in WonderlandNagrand-US384Not updated
76Prankstah IMPERIALNagrand-US384Not updated
89Fatigue Carpe DiemNagrand-US192Not updated
89Furiousx Epic HordeNagrand-US192Not updated
89Nîne EbriosiNagrand-US192Not updated
89Laybax Gear DependentNagrand-US192Not updated
89Miikz Carpe DiemNagrand-US192Not updated
89Greystar FatigueNagrand-US192Not updated
89Leiaa The Original BadassNagrand-US192Not updated
89Leaful Carpe DiemNagrand-US192Not updated
89Grimshöt The Broken Bone BoysNagrand-US192Not updated
89Ulamraja NusantaraNagrand-US192Not updated
89Kered Equals ThreeNagrand-US192Not updated
89Moxer Legion of Fallen AngelsNagrand-US192Not updated

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