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Mug'thol-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Detrimental DelusionMug'thol-US2260
2Athlete AwakeningMug'thol-US2256
3Trixia T K TMug'thol-US2192
4Joenanez Explode Honor FaceMug'thol-US2094Not updated
5Neverfade MythosMug'thol-US2091
5Beldisastro Explode Honor FaceMug'thol-US2091
7Bootybpoppin VendettaMug'thol-US2071
8Elsticky SepultusMug'thol-US2055
9Despite  Mug'thol-US2051Not updated
10Isevendeucel SepultusMug'thol-US2048Not updated
11Shaddòws Bad JujuMug'thol-US2047
12Nipulls Me So HordeyMug'thol-US2045
13Röcko SepultusMug'thol-US2041
14Nhomcy sparkle kitten adventureMug'thol-US2039
15Nickhomcy sparkle kitten adventureMug'thol-US2034
16Darksnakeyy Gankin With FinesseMug'thol-US2033
17Jamesiz ruawareMug'thol-US2026
18Ånnabell  Mug'thol-US2024
19Greengostarr BlackguardsMug'thol-US2017
20Stickey SepultusMug'thol-US2012
20Sillyshammy SepultusMug'thol-US2012
22Osz Bad JujuMug'thol-US2011
23Norbon BlackguardsMug'thol-US2010
23Accelerant  Mug'thol-US2010
25Flyntflossy  Mug'thol-US2009
26Emerii Ulterior MotivesMug'thol-US2007
27Nägato SepultusMug'thol-US2006
27ßic  Mug'thol-US2006
27Madlion Me So HordeyMug'thol-US2006
30Horsekhak Me So HordeyMug'thol-US2004
31Ibomb  Mug'thol-US1997
31Böned sparkle kitten adventureMug'thol-US1997Not updated
33lúzifêr SepultusMug'thol-US1996
34Atsuumi sparkle kitten adventureMug'thol-US1988
35Theshøcker  Mug'thol-US1974
36Fragnance License and RegistrationMug'thol-US1968
36Dòm  Mug'thol-US1968
38Curenssy Made In QuébecMug'thol-US1967
39Vifcin Made In QuébecMug'thol-US1966
40Magerpayne BlackguardsMug'thol-US1963
41Gncc Original SinMug'thol-US1962
42Groove SepultusMug'thol-US1961
42Healhomcy sparkle kitten adventureMug'thol-US1961
44Bactolife sparkle kitten adventureMug'thol-US1958
45Physiq SepultusMug'thol-US1943
46Gòel It Burns Whën I PvPMug'thol-US1928
46Untrusted Man UpMug'thol-US1928
46Thorzz Bad JujuMug'thol-US1928
49Bookz AwakeningMug'thol-US1926
50Alysamoolano SepultusMug'thol-US1921
51Yaamu Horde Brewing CompanyMug'thol-US1920
52Aerøs BlackguardsMug'thol-US1918
53Louflex AwakeningMug'thol-US1917
54Slapmyfeet Diggers UnitedMug'thol-US1916
54Thaxlissia SepultusMug'thol-US1916
56Chuckknoris VisionsMug'thol-US1915
57Amtrack MythosMug'thol-US1914
58Jsrkiller SepultusMug'thol-US1913
59Vör Murlocs Gone WildMug'thol-US1912
59Dindrez AwakeningMug'thol-US1912
61Robidouche Made In QuébecMug'thol-US1908
62Watchyobak Bad JujuMug'thol-US1906
63Brospec Diggers UnitedMug'thol-US1905
64Sumayajan  Mug'thol-US1904Not updated
64Dethrö  Mug'thol-US1904
64Berky UroborusMug'thol-US1904
67Holiecrap SepultusMug'thol-US1903
67Razarina UroborusMug'thol-US1903
69Custommade Made In QuébecMug'thol-US1902
69Yammoo Horde Brewing CompanyMug'thol-US1902
71Darkbeotch Gankin With FinesseMug'thol-US1900
72Jacco  Mug'thol-US1889
73Tisarian License and RegistrationMug'thol-US1882
74Xevz Original SinMug'thol-US1875
75Monkarooni Made In QuébecMug'thol-US1873
76Ogthug SepultusMug'thol-US1872
77Skaadoouche DivinityMug'thol-US1869
78Intolerance It Burns Whën I PvPMug'thol-US1868Not updated
78Beanancheese T K TMug'thol-US1868
78Zoycite One Last StandMug'thol-US1868Not updated
81Dedruid Ulterior MotivesMug'thol-US1865
82Shaosang  Mug'thol-US1862
83Vzv sparkle kitten adventureMug'thol-US1861
84Trinket SepultusMug'thol-US1860
85Meepø SepultusMug'thol-US1859
86Boomsun One Last StandMug'thol-US1854
87Henius T K TMug'thol-US1852
88Coldhardt SepultusMug'thol-US1851Not updated
89Bajcletus The Lolipop GuildMug'thol-US1850
90Ddeadly  Mug'thol-US1848Not updated
90Minibodys  Mug'thol-US1848Not updated
90Õpheals ShadowStalkersMug'thol-US1848
93Magicbowqc Made In QuébecMug'thol-US1845
94Fadëd It Burns Whën I PvPMug'thol-US1842
95Luddadar UroborusMug'thol-US1840Not updated
95Mërkz  Mug'thol-US1840
97Zombië It Burns Whën I PvPMug'thol-US1839
98Toocuteforu  Mug'thol-US1837Not updated
99Eric AwakeningMug'thol-US1831Not updated
99Zargabath  Mug'thol-US1831

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