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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Mug'thol-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Malebolia dream bigMug'thol-EU2252Not updated
2Boetar PantheônMug'thol-EU2249Not updated
3Rapunzzel  Mug'thol-EU2237Not updated
4Casto The PunishersMug'thol-EU2118Not updated
5Mindrust  Mug'thol-EU2062Not updated
6Nerack  Mug'thol-EU2053Not updated
7Jenva ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU1953Not updated
8Nerazones  Mug'thol-EU1944Not updated
9Hullnir ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU1857Not updated
10Brios Gangster ArroganzMug'thol-EU1843Not updated
10Taudru ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU1843Not updated
12Shaîtan KontraMug'thol-EU1839Not updated
13Drongostea ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU1760
14Makatil KontraMug'thol-EU1754Not updated
15Stylefruit Orden der VernichtungMug'thol-EU1744Not updated
16Feivandra  Mug'thol-EU1728Not updated
17Zyla KontraMug'thol-EU1722Not updated
18Schamilama ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU1665Not updated
19Cole ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU1656Not updated
20Kiehl ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU1625Not updated
21Lyese ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU1597
22Megatightya GTiMug'thol-EU1515Not updated
23Crêêpêr KontraMug'thol-EU1343Not updated
24Fausi ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU1328Not updated
25Avêrý Its time to say GoodbyeMug'thol-EU1148Not updated
25Seekie ShattereÐ iCeMug'thol-EU1148Not updated
25Linadrel no more heroesMug'thol-EU1148Not updated
28Azôg ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU1143
29Nocxia The PunishersMug'thol-EU1140Not updated
30Makara Gangster ArroganzMug'thol-EU1138Not updated
31Juzzy Mara LivanMug'thol-EU954
32Killerkura The PunishersMug'thol-EU768Not updated
33Ameischen ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU767Not updated
33Taeja AwesomeMug'thol-EU767Not updated
35Tramas The lonely ShepherdsMug'thol-EU766Not updated
36Feuerstern Orden der VernichtungMug'thol-EU576Not updated
36Nalson Praise the SunMug'thol-EU576Not updated
36Frostý  Mug'thol-EU576Not updated
39Honest ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU384
39Helena Schatten der NachtMug'thol-EU384Not updated
39Finced Raid on the StormMug'thol-EU384Not updated
39Drûnk Shâdows of TimeMug'thol-EU384
39Landôgar Schatten der NachtMug'thol-EU384Not updated
44Devilzdream ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU383
44Kazim ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU383Not updated
46Kaitoo ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU192Not updated
46Ðisco NecrosisMug'thol-EU192
46Axxø Schatten der NachtMug'thol-EU192Not updated
46Fendal NecrosisMug'thol-EU192Not updated
46Pepî ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU192Not updated
46Corea ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU192Not updated
46Eliané AwesomeMug'thol-EU192Not updated
46Timucin  Mug'thol-EU192Not updated
46Slavedspirit ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU192Not updated
46Kâmaji ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU192Not updated
46Drehwurm ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU192Not updated
57Pentarus  Mug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Lapaka KontraMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Takiwu  Mug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Drúnk Clan of the Chosen OnesMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Deagon Clan of the Chosen OnesMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Crazylord ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Tæñtåkëljåçk Von SturmwindMug'thol-EU0
57Exo  Mug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Wìllíam Jäger und SammlerMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Rhyx Gangster ArroganzMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Shakti Betreutes WohnenMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Nîmmêrsâtt MEISTER der HORDÈMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Tc und deine MudderMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Gauban SerenityMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Azoturius Jäger und SammlerMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Weepa Mara LivanMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Fäller VANQUISHMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Psilo Clan of the Chosen OnesMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Fulgora Betreutes WohnenMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Tyrena Irae AoDMug'thol-EU0
57Dnjep poerkedMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Serangos Clan of the Chosen OnesMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Spiro  Mug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Relictos Clan of the Chosen OnesMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Nisumi Irae AoDMug'thol-EU0
57Owhn XindLMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Yutani MEISTER der HORDÈMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Dyalus Mythical InfernoMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Mcroverxxi AbadiyaMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Nîmrôd Jäger und SammlerMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Theoderey Shâdows of TimeMug'thol-EU0
57Hortrisha Friends and FamilyMug'thol-EU0
57Râlâ Guards of AzerothMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Klumphuf MEISTER der HORDÈMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Mckillah Die SchlingendorncamperMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Çaçador Von SturmwindMug'thol-EU0
57Ètain I united IMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Sierana Betreutes WohnenMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Xtrasilencer Die SchlingendorncamperMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Geryno  Mug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Nahnja Venî Vîdî VîcîMug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Satyrîa ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU0
57Snypper  Mug'thol-EU0Not updated
57Yunalêsca Arthas RächerMug'thol-EU0Not updated

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