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Moon Guard-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Larrendias First LightMoon Guard-US2402
2Nutsz The Mayor of GoldshireMoon Guard-US2400
3Dree First LightMoon Guard-US2329
4Petrâ Might of the AllianceMoon Guard-US2311
5Guess каспер анд партнеровMoon Guard-US2302
6Bôrg Mom Get the CameraMoon Guard-US2283
7Myronus Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US2281
8Afb Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US2263
9Ivibella Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US2236
10Keewaytinqt Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US2235
11Univearth Cuffs and CollarsMoon Guard-US2230
12Slatebrow The Dwarven VanguardMoon Guard-US2222
13Latebloomer Eternal DreamsMoon Guard-US2214Not updated
14Phenomina The HeroesMoon Guard-US2212Not updated
15Jhaz Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US2208
16Chinegro Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US2207
17Orbeez Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US2206
18Gargatuloth Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US2205
19Beaconator Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US2204
20Clawlemick Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US2203
21Cÿrëdär Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US2200
21Kathorist Mom Get the CameraMoon Guard-US2200
23Kashiro Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US2197
24Erìka House MalvineMoon Guard-US2193
25Deadprayer Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US2187
26Detrasx Mom Get the CameraMoon Guard-US2178
27Dwykfario Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US2169
28Prideful Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US2160
29Nine Shadowtalon CompanyMoon Guard-US2144
29Zvonko The ShanorMoon Guard-US2144
31Stylz Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US2140
32Zaux Soulbound BrotherhoodMoon Guard-US2138
33Pashionfruit First LightMoon Guard-US2137
34Swaglord Mom Get the CameraMoon Guard-US2135
35Skawtie Mom Get the CameraMoon Guard-US2132
36Zahlen Wildly InappropriateMoon Guard-US2131
37Minispinni The HallowedMoon Guard-US2125
38Reeshi Bookertea and the LadiesMoon Guard-US2123
39Artashir Habitat for HumanityMoon Guard-US2118
40Neckbeard Mom Get the CameraMoon Guard-US2114
41Ãlexei Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US2111
41Ghostly House MalvineMoon Guard-US2111
43Calidían Might of the AllianceMoon Guard-US2110
44Salsaqt Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US2109
45Anaxis House MalvineMoon Guard-US2107
46Fúrbàll  Moon Guard-US2102
46Jediguy Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US2102
48 Noctis SolMoon Guard-US2100
49Lfpinky Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US2099Not updated
50Çria Mom Get the CameraMoon Guard-US2096
50Trillis The ShanorMoon Guard-US2096
52Zulion The ShanorMoon Guard-US2095
53Kafir Casually AddictedMoon Guard-US2094
53Ninjin The ShanorMoon Guard-US2094
55Moõmoõ Mom Get the CameraMoon Guard-US2093
56Arrowshifter The Society of ShadowsMoon Guard-US2092
57Arradwen The BlackwindMoon Guard-US2091
57Connor  Moon Guard-US2091
59Àrelia Mom Get the CameraMoon Guard-US2085
59Paidx Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US2085
59Galad House MalvineMoon Guard-US2085
62Dètras Mom Get the CameraMoon Guard-US2079
63Justice Might of the AllianceMoon Guard-US2078
63Eugene Mom Get the CameraMoon Guard-US2078
63Lithiaris Dor SerrarMoon Guard-US2078
66Skillshock Mom Get the CameraMoon Guard-US2076
67Totsuka The SepulcherMoon Guard-US2072
68Caurno The FireborneMoon Guard-US2071
69Terras The ShanorMoon Guard-US2070
70Rahkal Thunderous CallMoon Guard-US2068Not updated
71Dextros House MalvineMoon Guard-US2067
72Laisren Mom Get the CameraMoon Guard-US2065
72Estillia DawnraisersMoon Guard-US2065
74Omglvlüp Mom Get the CameraMoon Guard-US2062
75Rothurgan THIEFMoon Guard-US2061
76Valynde House MalvineMoon Guard-US2060
77Kërrigân Merc OutMoon Guard-US2059
78Demos Thunderous CallMoon Guard-US2058
78Cordolmer  Moon Guard-US2058
80Anvaere House MalvineMoon Guard-US2057
81Ghostlol House MalvineMoon Guard-US2056
81Played  Moon Guard-US2056
83Asuryån Blood of LordaeronMoon Guard-US2055
83Pumpedpally Mom Get the CameraMoon Guard-US2055
83Kalihana House MalvineMoon Guard-US2055
83Ruthers Kaldorei AdventurerMoon Guard-US2055
87Tendael The FireborneMoon Guard-US2054
87Bargram The Dwarven VanguardMoon Guard-US2054
89Athàr BattleswornMoon Guard-US2051
89Ryin The Eastern OffensiveMoon Guard-US2051
91Iol Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US2048
91Euron  Moon Guard-US2048
93Drongo the impresive fihgtersMoon Guard-US2047
94Dalaylan WarforgedMoon Guard-US2046
94Hikaru I Feel PrettyMoon Guard-US2046
94Vykien  Moon Guard-US2046
97Khryos JestersMoon Guard-US2044Not updated
97Callon The ShanorMoon Guard-US2044
99Raiyu Thunderous CallMoon Guard-US2042
100Atreal The IronbourneMoon Guard-US2041

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