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Moon Guard-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Petrâ The Bravo CompanyMoon Guard-US2319
2Yes Team DenmarkMoon Guard-US2302
3Notjidders The Bravo CompanyMoon Guard-US2266
4Ironsong RepentanceMoon Guard-US2234
5Takaveli Nights EdgeMoon Guard-US2201
6Latebloomer Eternal DreamsMoon Guard-US2165
7Rothurgan THIEFMoon Guard-US2083
8Ferotic The Blades of GreymaneMoon Guard-US2082
9Univearth First LightMoon Guard-US2074
10Eugene Honor Thy FallenMoon Guard-US2068
11Trillis  Moon Guard-US2062
12Laisren Honor Thy FallenMoon Guard-US2061
12Therealspìn Honor Thy FallenMoon Guard-US2061
14Bôrg Honor Thy FallenMoon Guard-US2059
15Ninjin The ShanorMoon Guard-US2056
16Asuryån Blood of LordaeronMoon Guard-US2055
17Vurkgol RepentanceMoon Guard-US2054
18Arrowshifter The Society of ShadowsMoon Guard-US2053
19Zulion The ShanorMoon Guard-US2051
20Terras The ShanorMoon Guard-US2050
20Zvonko The ShanorMoon Guard-US2050
22Elikea The FireborneMoon Guard-US2047
22Verdun Honor Thy FallenMoon Guard-US2047
24Ivibella Undercity NexusMoon Guard-US2046
25Mageren  Moon Guard-US2045
26Callon The ShanorMoon Guard-US2044
27Ludacrìtz Honor Thy FallenMoon Guard-US2035
28Tresam Blood of LordaeronMoon Guard-US2034
29Undisputed The SunguardMoon Guard-US2033
29Scaela Blood of LordaeronMoon Guard-US2033
31Apathe ArchangelMoon Guard-US2032
32Wallore Blood of LordaeronMoon Guard-US2030
33Euron  Moon Guard-US2022
34Jhaz  Moon Guard-US2021
35Pavélow Keleos SoranMoon Guard-US2020
36Silissa The ShanorMoon Guard-US2019
37Danyl Blood of LordaeronMoon Guard-US2017
37Viktor Blood of LordaeronMoon Guard-US2017
37Caliginous Blood of LordaeronMoon Guard-US2017
37Taimak Blood of LordaeronMoon Guard-US2017
37Tarinalla The ShanorMoon Guard-US2017
42Voxodus Too Old For ThisMoon Guard-US2015
43Brianna Blood of LordaeronMoon Guard-US2014
44Iron The ShanorMoon Guard-US2011
45Azalae Blood of LordaeronMoon Guard-US2007
46Battlemaster Honor Thy FallenMoon Guard-US2006
46Birdlady Honor Thy FallenMoon Guard-US2006
48Pig  Moon Guard-US2005
49Bogues The PurgeMoon Guard-US2003
49Lyni The ShanorMoon Guard-US2003
51Kërrigân Honor Thy FallenMoon Guard-US2002
52Clawlemick Game ChangersMoon Guard-US2000
53Eriaandi The ShanorMoon Guard-US1999
54Yudorix Blood of LordaeronMoon Guard-US1996
55Cordolmer  Moon Guard-US1989
56Doskko Honor Thy FallenMoon Guard-US1988
56Kungfoocious The PurgeMoon Guard-US1988
58Fálki Blood of LordaeronMoon Guard-US1981
59Moltrasio The Blades of GreymaneMoon Guard-US1978
60Yaeda Blood of LordaeronMoon Guard-US1977
61Hyperdruid WarforgedMoon Guard-US1968
62Cÿrëdär  Moon Guard-US1967
63Minyå  Moon Guard-US1964
64Larrendias First LightMoon Guard-US1959
65Teikoku RepentanceMoon Guard-US1958
66Leklock Honor Thy FallenMoon Guard-US1957
66Gathragg Sons of DoomhammerMoon Guard-US1957
66Bärfessional  Moon Guard-US1957Not updated
69Table Team DenmarkMoon Guard-US1956
70Telthe  Moon Guard-US1952Not updated
70Heâlz  Moon Guard-US1952
72Dwykfario SubsistenceMoon Guard-US1950
73Desrind  Moon Guard-US1949
74Thànon The Dusk GuardMoon Guard-US1948
75Zethrial The DevilclawMoon Guard-US1945
75Phoèbe RepentanceMoon Guard-US1945Not updated
77Raiyu Thunderous CallMoon Guard-US1943
78Gidgét WarforgedMoon Guard-US1942
79Bull Honor Thy FallenMoon Guard-US1941
79Àrelia Honor Thy FallenMoon Guard-US1941
81Totomato Hell PatrolMoon Guard-US1940
82Melithort Get WreckedMoon Guard-US1939
82Lekdrood  Moon Guard-US1939
84Estillia DawnraisersMoon Guard-US1938
85Minispinni RepentanceMoon Guard-US1936
86Moonfairy The PurgeMoon Guard-US1935
87Morrtiis East African GamingMoon Guard-US1934
87Lekpoppin Honor Thy FallenMoon Guard-US1934
89Kogara First LightMoon Guard-US1933
90Elmonk RepentanceMoon Guard-US1931
91Veracondie BlightfangMoon Guard-US1930
92Raajaah RepentanceMoon Guard-US1929
92Ghostly Honor Thy FallenMoon Guard-US1929
92Gutfinger SindragosaMoon Guard-US1929
95Justice Might of the AllianceMoon Guard-US1928
95Athlar AgonMoon Guard-US1928
97Scumlordx Team DenmarkMoon Guard-US1926
98Phatheals BiohazardMoon Guard-US1921
98Sickfingers RepentanceMoon Guard-US1921
100Zyrania The ShanorMoon Guard-US1920

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