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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Misha-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Makavelli  Misha-US2131Not updated
2Healmasterqt SUP GURL IM FULL PURPSMisha-US2103Not updated
3Onetale  Misha-US2051Not updated
3Orangex AnguishMisha-US2051Not updated
5Échø BANEMisha-US1955Not updated
6Ibetrolling UnhallowedMisha-US1946Not updated
7Lithdron Addicted To ChaosMisha-US1881Not updated
8Melfist NocturnâlMisha-US1878Not updated
9Worldfirst Lego My AggroMisha-US1877Not updated
9Finesse BANEMisha-US1877Not updated
11Palanormal Guild of ElitesMisha-US1857Not updated
12Dominarm EquinoxMisha-US1856Not updated
13Tampaxx UnhallowedMisha-US1855Not updated
14Mdead Killer BunniesMisha-US1837
15Fullyflaccid UnhallowedMisha-US1832Not updated
16Rockÿ  Misha-US1828Not updated
17Juson Guild of ElitesMisha-US1818Not updated
18Thór Guild of ElitesMisha-US1805Not updated
19Thawickedone Guild of ElitesMisha-US1795Not updated
20Baylore Guild of ElitesMisha-US1793Not updated
21Enráge Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1747Not updated
22Hybro EquinoxMisha-US1737Not updated
23Lèslie Titans of AzerothMisha-US1731Not updated
24Psifu BloodStrikeMisha-US1700Not updated
25Destyni Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1677Not updated
26Kotexultra UnhallowedMisha-US1667Not updated
26Chacotacop  Misha-US1667Not updated
28Chinared Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1663Not updated
29Elminister Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1653Not updated
30Wevlare Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1636Not updated
31Huntermoon Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1634Not updated
32Helbros SWAGGERMisha-US1631Not updated
33Mortusc Addicted To ChaosMisha-US1629Not updated
34Turpinis Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1621Not updated
35Skinnydruid Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1613Not updated
36Brucechi Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1609Not updated
37Gunslingerr army öf oneMisha-US1598Not updated
38Greatone  Misha-US1595Not updated
39Lovemuffins Guild of ElitesMisha-US1594Not updated
40Hellswarrior Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1593Not updated
41Midnitedoll Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1577Not updated
42Daxny Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1574Not updated
43Patrenn Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1557Not updated
44Autoshot FlushMisha-US1556Not updated
45Skink EquinoxMisha-US1553Not updated
46Beldarien  Misha-US1544Not updated
47Cyclrin FlushMisha-US1527Not updated
48Lukaus THE GREAT HORDE WARRIORSMisha-US1519Not updated
49Bloodyhellz SWAGGERMisha-US1514
50Nichan Guild of ElitesMisha-US1512Not updated
51Lemage Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1496Not updated
52Toksic Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1492Not updated
53Buud SWAGGERMisha-US1475
54Kublikhan Wolfshirt brigadeMisha-US1465Not updated
55Aloauria Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1462Not updated
56Gramorn Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1449Not updated
57Ohshoot Guild of ElitesMisha-US1448Not updated
58Skinnyshammy Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1443Not updated
59Acrôwley Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1440Not updated
60Mclovinman  Misha-US1421Not updated
61Elinora Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1416
62Coldsoul Wicked SensationMisha-US1405Not updated
63Eîskörper Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1394Not updated
64Judgémentlol FlushMisha-US1389Not updated
65Phaea Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1356Not updated
66Hruulock Dogs of WårMisha-US1337Not updated
67Arsolanda EquinoxMisha-US1325Not updated
68Mnemon Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1316Not updated
69Wyrmsson Wicked SensationMisha-US1315Not updated
69Dirtypanchez FlushMisha-US1315Not updated
71Schwarzeblut Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1271Not updated
72Carlx  Misha-US1150Not updated
73Piekowarlock PantheonMisha-US1149Not updated
73Roguedead Mercenaries Of The HordeMisha-US1149Not updated
75Ankhesenamun Ashes RebornMisha-US1146Not updated
76Woundx UnhallowedMisha-US1145Not updated
77Mabeline Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1144Not updated
77Janellen  Misha-US1144Not updated
79Terenin Wicked SensationMisha-US1142Not updated
80Koopaman Lego My AggroMisha-US960Not updated
81Slickjoker Draconic WarriorsMisha-US959Not updated
81Raghtshan Guild of ElitesMisha-US959Not updated
81Inoscopedjfk Guild of ElitesMisha-US959Not updated
81Drunkshootin  Misha-US959Not updated
81Monkggwp Zenith GamingMisha-US959
86Hémølol FlushMisha-US957Not updated
86Zenjutsu Lego My AggroMisha-US957Not updated
88Saattivva Guild of ElitesMisha-US768Not updated
88Jones  Misha-US768Not updated
88Halfawake UnhallowedMisha-US768Not updated
88Nutella  Misha-US768Not updated
88Canabullie Wicked SensationMisha-US768Not updated
88Tylerdruidz Lego My AggroMisha-US768Not updated
88Stammer  Misha-US768Not updated
95Apolluon Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US767Not updated
96Silulaya  Misha-US766Not updated
96Ripperskull  Misha-US766Not updated
96Maolin Lego My AggroMisha-US766Not updated
99Vonalucard Wicked SensationMisha-US765Not updated
100Ehlena FortitudeMisha-US576Not updated

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