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Misha-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Asapjoey SUP GURL IM FULL PURPSMisha-US1897Not updated
2Djupdabooty Bite The PillowMisha-US1857
3Ibetrolling UnhallowedMisha-US1727
4Juson Guild of ElitesMisha-US1596
5Mdead Killer BunniesMisha-US1585
6Tampaxx UnhallowedMisha-US1582
7Frozencolada Killer BunniesMisha-US1579Not updated
8Càrl Bite The PillowMisha-US1577
9Bloodyhellz SWAGGERMisha-US1557
9Manbearcat cronics assassinsMisha-US1557
11Skink EquinoxMisha-US1553
12Deodall Killer BunniesMisha-US1526
13Bananajuice UnhallowedMisha-US1502
14Hybro EquinoxMisha-US1468
15Coolranch OppressionMisha-US1459
16Mclovinman  Misha-US1407
17Huntermoon Pride of EluneMisha-US1401Not updated
18Buud SWAGGERMisha-US1390
19Parq Blades of the HordeMisha-US1386Not updated
20Daxny Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1325Not updated
20Arsolanda EquinoxMisha-US1325
22Iamiaso EquinoxMisha-US1304
23Fullyflaccid UnhallowedMisha-US1302
23Yamcha Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1302
25Glaedrax IshiMisha-US1281
26Patrenn Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1274
27Larigem IshiMisha-US1140
27Dominarm EquinoxMisha-US1140
29Chargeyoudie Killer BunniesMisha-US1138Not updated
29Exoduss IshiMisha-US1138
31Brucechi Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1136
32Skinnydruid Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1130Not updated
33Skrachit Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US1121Not updated
34Sylvarin Killer BunniesMisha-US1119
35Fastkillers Oath of FaithMisha-US956
36Helbros SWAGGERMisha-US768
36Zumiez Bite The PillowMisha-US768
38Tavar Killer BunniesMisha-US576
38Gnomesmasher Lords of EireMisha-US576Not updated
38Silverblade SWAGGERMisha-US576
41Turpinis Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US575Not updated
41Ripperskull Killer BunniesMisha-US575
41Gramorn Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US575Not updated
44Rickshow Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US572
45Revblackjack Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US571Not updated
46Eîskörper Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US570Not updated
47Prophesea Disease FreeMisha-US384Not updated
47Korru EquinoxMisha-US384
47Olemoley MythMisha-US384Not updated
47Xxownzz Guild of ElitesMisha-US384Not updated
47Adellwyn SWAGGERMisha-US384
47Kenyak Guild of ElitesMisha-US384
47Tann IshiMisha-US384
47Phaea Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US384
47Zachx DecertoMisha-US384
47Gunslingerr  Misha-US384Not updated
47Carlx  Misha-US384
47Raethu We Sloe KillasMisha-US384Not updated
47Unequivocal THE GREAT HORDE WARRIORSMisha-US384Not updated
47Sugarßaby Wicked SensationMisha-US384Not updated
47Kúngfú  Misha-US384
47Tattoos Protectors of HonorMisha-US384Not updated
47Ispamarrows  Misha-US384
47Sylvarei EquinoxMisha-US384
47Calarand Killer BunniesMisha-US384
66Madmine Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US382Not updated
66Dwane Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US382Not updated
66Saytanic Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US382Not updated
69Donpepe IshiMisha-US192
69Ladiec Herbal MaintenanceMisha-US192
69Beefinjector Disease FreeMisha-US192Not updated
69Mnemon IshiMisha-US192
69Worldfirst Killer BunniesMisha-US192
69Goldenarm Knights of LordaeronMisha-US192Not updated
69Hyorìnmaru Herbal MaintenanceMisha-US192
69Galvotron Knights of LordaeronMisha-US192
69Greatone SUP GURL IM FULL PURPSMisha-US192Not updated
69Yeshmin Misha heroesMisha-US192
69Harrypooter IshiMisha-US192
69Silulaya  Misha-US192Not updated
69Kotexultra UnhallowedMisha-US192
69Autoshot FlushMisha-US192Not updated
69Clänkz Is DisfunctionalMisha-US192
69Jordanian Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US192Not updated
69Codeofconduc Guild of ElitesMisha-US192
69Teckmonk Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US192
69Ænemazero VenomlustMisha-US192
69Hotnfluffy The FishermanMisha-US192Not updated
69Hydrö EquinoxMisha-US192
69Tricksterlol FlushMisha-US192Not updated
69Greatest total destructionMisha-US192Not updated
69Hellswarrior Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US192Not updated
69Fhang Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US192Not updated
69Klassy Wolfshirt brigadeMisha-US192
69Maim FlushMisha-US192Not updated
69Chots Herbal MaintenanceMisha-US192
69Ohshoot Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US192Not updated
69Deathbymosdk protectors of the hordeMisha-US192
69Zervvii FlushMisha-US192Not updated
69Deranatar Killer BunniesMisha-US192

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